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Employee Engagement at the Ministry of Justice (UK) - Successfully(?) Herding Cats


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A look at how the Employee Engagement Project at the Ministry of Justice managed to create change for 80,000 staff that was \'By the People\', \'For the People\', and will hopefully never perish. This was first used as a workshop with Australian Public Sector executives in Canberra Feb 2011.

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Employee Engagement at the Ministry of Justice (UK) - Successfully(?) Herding Cats

  1. 1. Successfully? Herding Cats The Ministry of Justice Story
  2. 2. a little about me v5 years in London as interim to UK CS, director, & school governor. v5 years APS exec. v10 years in business & management. vMasters, postgrad stuff, & an undying thirst for knowledge. vCurrently creating books, resources, & podcasts.
  3. 3. a little about the team Ainsley Allen Peter Carl Rob Neil ‘The Don’ ‘The Brains’ ‘The Fixer’Kept us & the PMO & comms Kneworg leaders on lead. Knows everyone & track & on the news everything message. before it about them. happens.
  4. 4. the suppliersCLAIRE & SALLY PHIL
  5. 5. the strategic outcomes working for a just and democratic society
  6. 6. the organisation 3rd largest 80,000 £10 Billion 9 million + 900 +Government people budget customers locations Depart
  7. 7. scalable success
  8. 8. the framework
  9. 9. herding cats Cats never behave how you hope… Humans are even worse!
  10. 10. Might as well work on the cat’s level.
  11. 11. Mixing Metaphors
  12. 12. out of the box solutions Over 100 tribunals staff attend ‘Peak Performance’ theatre workshops.
  13. 13. Involved largenumbers of managers to write ‘how toengage’ guides across MoJ.
  14. 14. what wasn’t done… Use social media. Share the process. Staff Life Cycle.
  15. 15. PAWS #1
  16. 16. work around solutions 100% transparency of all results, action plans, and activities.No media or union backlash.Competition between areas. A buzz at every level.Activity became visible to all. ONLY THE START OF THE DISCUSSION
  17. 17. PAWS #2
  18. 18. instant experts 150 Local Facilitators
  19. 19. So, tell me again, how does this ‘Engagement’ work?
  20. 20. instant experts 600+Results Into Actionworkshops
  21. 21. instant experts
  22. 22. work around solutions Truly flattened the operational structure.Not about cutting a few middle management positions, butabout engaging all positions in better sculpting the organisation.
  23. 23. what wasn’t done… Connect centrally. Transparent action plans.
  24. 24. PAWS #3
  25. 25. embedded outcomes Embed a new language, expectation, and process. £1bil cost cutting hack and slash initiative was launched as a reaction to economic fears. We managed to get PEP on board.
  26. 26. Silos started breakingdown – offices in the same region started talking & working together.
  27. 27. Engagement outcomes were included in Senior Executiveperformance reviews… and by extension bonus payments!!
  28. 28. what wasn’t done… Future Resourcing. Machinery of Gov. Measurement.
  29. 29. PAWS #4
  30. 30. What are the challenges 3 years on?• Massive downsizing and more restructuring!• Need to manage champion and leader turnover.• Holistic vision still missing.• Really need to embed ‘You Said, We Did’.• No solid measures of connected planning.
  31. 31. What are the results 3 years on?• Champions Day #6 just finished – on a zero budget!!•Stream lined logistics.•Telling the “You Said, We Did” story more.•Increased Senior Leadership responsibility.•Engagement is up!
  32. 32. So what have we learnt?