World book reference books


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The best reference books by World Book! Great reference resources for students, kids and all education levels. Visit for more details.

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World book reference books

  1. 1. World Book Reference Books Last updated: 08/15/2012
  2. 2. About World BookSince 1917, World Book, Inc., has set the standard for providingaccuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials for both childrenand adults. Based in Chicago, Illinois, World Book is an industry leader inthe production of award-winning encyclopedias, reference sources, anddigital products for the home and schools.
  3. 3. Why Do We Need Reference BooksFor almost 90 years, World Book has been committed to publishing encyclopedias and otherreference products that meet the highest standards of editorial excellence while keeping pace withthe technological developments that define the computer age.
  4. 4. World Book Encyclopedia Set - This outstanding reference source engages more than 4,000 scholars and experts as contributors, reviewers, and consultant - More than 25,000 rich photographs and illustrations combine with the text to deliver additional information and promote visual learning for studentsVolumes: 22Pages: 14,000+ - The 22-volume World Book Encyclopedia set includesInterest Level: Grades K-12 thousands articles cover all fields of learning
  5. 5. Encyclopedia 2010 Universe Binding • Highlighting this classic encyclopedia are new and expanded articles on binge eating, biofuel, Castro, computer security, Michelle Obama, rock music, Superman, swine flu, professional wrestling, among many other topics. • Thousands of new and revised articles provide reliable and current information updaed in Encyclopedia 2010. Revisions are made throughout the set, across all topics and all types of dataVolumes: 22Pages: 14,000+ • More than 27,500 rich photographs and illustrationInterest Level: All education levels
  6. 6. Childrens Discovery Encyclopedia The Discovery Encyclopedia print encyclopedia has been developed with the assistance of teachers, school librarians, readability specialists, and other educators. The entries chosen for this children’s encyclopedia engage all learners, including those in adult education and ESL programs. of colorful illustrations enrich articles and special featuresVolumes: 13 relevant to the curriculum. Maps, tables, charts, and diagramsPages: 2000+ are clear and easy to understand. The kids encyclopedia setInterest Level: Grade K through 5+, also also includes a cumulative index and an atlas of world maps.for special ed, ESL, adult literacy
  7. 7. French Kids Encyclopedia World Book’s LEncyclopédie Découverte is a French- language reference work that includes thousands of articles on hundreds of subjects—from people and places to inventions, animals, and holidays, as well as eye-catching and information-rich special features. This encyclopedia set also contains many of the elements found in adult reference works, such as cross-references, guide words, pronunciation guides, and an index. Used in aVolumes: 15 French children’s encyclopedia, these elements help studentsPages: 2,792 develop necessary research skills.Interest Level: Grade K through 5+, alsofor special ed, ESL, adult literacy
  8. 8. Student Discovery Science Encyclopedia The Student Discovery Science Encyclopedia is designed to meet the science information needs of both young learners and visual learners. This 13-volume set features easy-to-understand language, fun facts, and thousands of colorful illustrations and diagrams. Special features and engaging articles make science for young learners accessible and fun. Volumes: 13 Key features of the set include more than 2,100 entries, Pages: 1,904 3,300 illustrations, and over 60 experiments and activities. Interest Level: Grade K- 6+
  9. 9. Year Book Published since 1921, the World Book Year Book is known as the authoritative reference in the field. In addition to the 2012 Year Book and the annual encyclopedia set, World Book also offers valuable reference books for your home library collection. The Year Book 2012, handsomely bound for a lifetime of use,Volumes: 1 is your record of the year’s current events and trends.Pages: 512Interest Level: Grade K through 12
  10. 10. Atlas of the World The World Book Atlas of the World details the earth with dramatic maps, diagrams, and other visually stunning artwork. Newly redesigned, expanded, and updated, this comprehensive, engaging world atlas book features full-color physical and political atlas maps of the world to capture students’ attention.Volumes: 1 It is a collection of different continent, regional and ocean maps in an easy-to-reference and easy-to-understand format.Pages: 432 Also each region and continent is arranged by different colorsInterest Level: Grade 4 through 12 to help you identify the world atlas.
  11. 11. Illustrated Atlas From the editors of the World Book Encyclopedia, colorful maps and illustrations make this the ideal atlas for young students acquiring their map-reading and other geography- related skills. This 288 pages illustrated atlas map includes detailed maps of seven continents. Hundreds of pictures make it a colorful and fun atlas book for kids to learn the world.Volumes: 1Pages: 288Interest Level: Grade 2-8
  12. 12. World Book Dictionary This dictionary, from the editors of The World Book Encyclopedia, combines all the features of a traditional dictionary with the readability of World Book. Words likely to be used by students are defined in a simple manner for better comprehension. The Dictionary also presents informative illustrative sentences that help clarify word meanings.Volumes: 2 But this is by no means an abridged reference work. It featuresPages: 2,560 more than 225,000 entries, 3000 illustrations, notes on how toInterest Level: Grade 4 and above use prefixes, suffixes, capitalization and punctuation, pronunciation guides, and more. Its the final word in state-of- the-art dictionaries.
  13. 13. World Book Student Dictionary Everything about the World Book Student Dictionary is geared to helping the students learn. The first 20 pages of the dictionary contain in-depth explanations as to how a dictionary is used and how the Student Dictionary is organized. The word entries included in the dictionary were chosen for their usefulness to younger students. Word definitions are written to be simple and clear. The StudentVolumes: 1 Dictionary uses a simplified system of pronunciations that has only a few symbols with phonetic spellings to make learningPages: 944 how to say a word simpler.Interest Level: Grade 2-8
  14. 14. Childcraft Books Young students need first-class reference material and books that build language and research skills while still providing a fascinating experience. The World Book Childcraft set provides educationally Childcraft How and Why Library sound information in an engaging and enjoyable format that will appeal to young readers, parents, and educators alike. Great for Kids from Grade K - 5Childcraft How and Why Book Shelf
  15. 15. Visit World Book TodayWorld Book Store:http://www.worldbook.comWorld Book Online Encyclopedia