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World Book Encyclopedia Books 2012


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First published in 1971, World Book Encyclopedia is the best selling print Encyclopedia set in the world. The World Book Encyclopedia presents information in an accessible, usable form that promotes learning. World Book Encyclopedia 2012 is designed to meet the reference needs of students from elementary school through high school. The encyclopedia book set can be used by college students for review and reinforcement and also serves as a family reference source.

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World Book Encyclopedia Books 2012

  1. 1. Introducing the 2012 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia
  2. 2. Coming up on 95 years and still going strong! World Book was first published in 1917.
  3. 3. We’re the only encyclopedia still publishing a yearlyedition! We’ve outlasted most of the competition.Print encyclopedias arestill important. A“technology gap” limitsaccess to reliable,understandableinformation in manyplaces in this country andelsewhere in the world.Our annual edition helpsto bridge that gap.
  4. 4. What one reviewer said:While many among us are in thrall of the latest whiz-bang electronic information-retrieval technology, there is still a place in the reference pantheon for a staid butreliable general subject encyclopedia. World Book meets that definition with itsvariety of venerable facets. Youth to young adults are the target demographic, butthis should not be construed as dumbed down—it is simplified without beingsimpleminded.... Bottom Line: World Book’s eminent history and [its] features …make this a best bet ....Bemis, Michael F., “Encyclopedia Reconsidered,” Library Journal. June 15, 2011. 120. Print.
  5. 5. The foundation of our authority is our 4,000 expert contributors. Howard Bluestein Jack Hanna Professor of Meteorology Director, Columbus Zoo University of Oklahoma Contributor of “Zoo” Contributor of “Tornado”
  6. 6. After the contributors write their articles, our talented editors get to work. The editors of the science team The editors of the The editors regions team of the humanities team
  7. 7. Highlights of the 2012 edition
  8. 8. The 2012 edition at a glance• More than 4,400 pages revised (over 30%)• At least 3,000 revised articles• More than 100 new articles• About 230 new or revised maps• More than 250 new or revised photos or illustrations
  9. 9. Among the long articles revised for 2012: • Bible • Canada • Clothing • Immune system • Internet • Map • Nuclear energy • Snake • Tornado • Zoo
  10. 10. Bible
  11. 11. B
  12. 12. Tornado
  13. 13. Canada the Beautiful
  14. 14. Canada’s scenic wonders
  15. 15. Its striking architecture
  16. 16. Internet
  17. 17. New articles (and a fewrevised articles) from the 2012 edition
  18. 18. Crimestoppers textbook• DNA fingerprinting (revised)• Fingerprinting (revised)• Forensic pathology (new)• Medical examiner (revised)
  19. 19. M i c arti cl es us• Beyoncé• Céline Dion• Robert Johnson• Nirvana• Disco music• Gospel music• Punk rock
  20. 20. Sports and general interest • Lucha libre • Quinceañera • Rafael • Catherine, Duchess of Nadal Cambridge
  21. 21. Children’s authors• Avi• Stephenie Meyer• Christopher Paolini
  22. 22. Shark attack! • Basking shark • Blue shark • Bull shark • Lemon shark • Mako shark • Nurse shark
  23. 23. Other marine animals• Anglerfish• Beluga whale• Ichthyosaur• Leopard seal
  24. 24. Reptiles and amphibians• Bearded dragon• Coqui• Leopard frog
  25. 25. Still more animals • Clouded leopard • King penguin • Naked mole-rat • Snow monkey
  26. 26. From the world of high-tech• Facebook• Portable media player• Software• Text messaging• Web browser• Mark Zuckerberg
  27. 27. Health and medicine• Dementia• Hoarding• Lactose intolerance• Oxycodone• Seasonal affective disorder
  28. 28. Military articles• Improvised explosive device• Navy SEALs
  29. 29. Something from the oven • Pie• Cake
  30. 30. Environmental science • Carbon cycle (new) • Carbon footprint (new) • Greenhouse effect (revised) • Ice storm (new) • Oil spill (new)
  31. 31. The world’s newest country• South Sudan• Juba
  32. 32. The 2010 U.S. Census• Complete results from the 2010 United States census appear in the 2012 edition.• We made approximately 1,000 revisions to population figures throughout World Book.
  33. 33. The 2010 U.S. censusFor all censuses since 1970,the Census Bureau hasmailed out lists of questionsand asked the public tocomplete them and mailthem back.
  34. 34. As in the past, census enumerators visited the addresses for which no questionnaire had been returned. 1930 20101890