FREE–NOT TO BE SOLDCOMPILED BY WATSON GOODMANWingsoverZion3And I will give unto thee, and tothy seed after thee, the land ...
9that was desolate: I the LORDhave spoken it, and I will do it.Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will yetfor this be enquired of ...
LORD will be the hope of his peo-ple, and the strength of the chil-dren of Israel. So shall ye knowthat I am the LORD your...
Know therefore and understand,that from the going forth of thecommandment to restore and tobuild Jerusalem unto the Messia...
And Yeshua, when he was bap-tized, went up straightway out ofthe water: and, lo, the heavenswere opened unto him, and he s...
And the disciples went, and didas Yeshua commanded them, andbrought the ass, and the colt, and puton them their clothes, a...
But let us, who are of the day, besober, putting on the breastplate offaith and love; and for an helmet,the hope of salvat...
unto the world. Then said they untohim, Lord, evermore give us thisbread. And Yeshua said unto them, Iam the bread of life...
will I put within you: and I will takeaway the stony heart out of yourflesh, and I will give you an heart offlesh. And I w...
against it. In that day, saith theLORD, I will smite every horse withastonishment, and his rider withmadness. Ñ Zechariah ...
In that day, saith the LORD, will Iassemble her that halteth, and Iwill gather her that is driven out,and her that I have ...
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Wings over zion english


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Wings over zion english

  1. 1. FREE–NOT TO BE SOLDCOMPILED BY WATSON GOODMANWingsoverZion3And I will give unto thee, and tothy seed after thee, the land where-in thou art a stranger, all the landof Canaan, for an everlasting pos-session; and I will be their God.Ñ Genesis 17:8And said unto me, Behold, I willmake thee fruitful, and multiplythee, and I will make of thee a mul-titude of people; and will give thisland to thy seed after thee for aneverlasting possession.Ñ Genesis 48:4Now the LORD had said untoAbram, Get thee out of thy coun-try, and from thy kindred, andfrom thy fatherÕs house, unto aland that I will shew thee: and Iwill make of thee a great nation,and I will bless thee, and make thyname great; and thou shalt be ablessing: and I will bless them thatbless thee, and curse him thatII. THE CHOSEN NATIONTHE LAND IS AN EVERLASTING POSSESSIONABRAHAM HEADS THE CHOSEN NATIONAnd God said unto Abraham,Let it not be grievous in thy sightbecause of the lad, and because ofthy bondwoman; in all that Sarahhath said unto thee, hearken untoher voice; for in Isaac shall thyseed be called. Ñ Genesis 21:12And Isaac called Jacob, andblessed him. And God Almightybless thee, and make thee fruitful,and multiply thee, that thou may-est be a multitude of people; andgive thee the blessing of Abraham,to thee, and to thy seed with thee;that thou mayest inherit the landwherein thou art a stranger, whichGod gave unto Abraham.Ñ Genesis 28:1a, 3, 4And he said unto him, What isthy name? And he said, Jacob. Andhe said, Thy name shall be calledno more Jacob, but Israel: for as aprince hast thou power with Godand with men, and hast prevailed.Ñ Genesis 32:27, 28In the same day the LORD madea covenant with Abram, saying,Unto thy seed have I given thisland, from the river of Egypt untothe great river, the river Eu-phrates. Ñ Genesis 15:18THE EXTENT OF THE PROMISE LAND2I. THE CHOSEN LANDNow the LORD had said untoAbram, Get thee out of thy coun-try, and from thy kindred, andfrom thy fatherÕs house, unto aland that I will shew thee: And theLORD appeared unto Abram, andsaid, Unto thy seed will I give thisland. Ñ Genesis 12:1, 7aAnd God said, Sarah thy wifeshall bear thee a son indeed; andthou shalt call his name Isaac:and I will establish my covenantwith him for an everlasting cov-enant, and with his seed after him.Ñ Genesis 17:19ISRAEL IS GODÕS LANDTHE LORD GIVES HIS LAND TO ABRAHAM AND HIS SEEDTHE LAND IS FOR ISRAELThe land shall not be sold forever: for the land is mine; for yeare strangers and sojourners withme. Ñ Leviticus 25:231God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that heshould repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, andshall he not make it good? Behold, I have received commandment to bless:and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it. Ñ Numbers 23:19, 20The nation Israel, reborn after numerous centuries, has a significantplace in the future of this world all out of proportion to its size and numberof people. This little booklet tells why and how, according to the HolyScriptures.This booklet is divided into 7 parts as follows:I. THE CHOSEN LANDII. THE CHOSEN NATIONIII. THE CHOSEN ROYAL CITYIV. THE CHOSEN ROYAL LINEV. THE CHOSEN KINGÑPERFECT MESSIAHVI. THE CHOSEN METHOD OF SALVATIONVII. THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF SALVATIONIn all of these choices, God did the choosing.
  2. 2. 9that was desolate: I the LORDhave spoken it, and I will do it.Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will yetfor this be enquired of by the houseof Israel, to do it for them; I willincrease them with men like aflock. As the holy flock, as the flockof Jerusalem in her solemn feasts;so shall the waste cities be filledwith flocks of men; and they shallknow that I am the LORD.Ñ Ezekiel 36:33-38 (See verse 8)THE UNITY OF THE RE-ESTABLISHED NATION IN GODÕS HANDSay unto them, Thus saith theLord GOD; Behold, I will take thestick of Joseph, which is in thehand of Ephraim, and the tribes ofIsrael his fellows, and will put themwith him, even with the stick ofJudah, and make them one stick,and they shall be one in mine hand.Ñ Ezekiel 37:19And say unto them, Thus saiththe Lord GOD; Behold, I will takethe children of Israel from amongthe heathen, whither they be gone,and will gather them on every side,and bring them into their ownland: And I will make them onenation in the land upon the moun-tains of Israel; and one king shall7Again he said unto me, Prophesyupon these bones, and say untothem, O ye dry bones, hear the wordof the LORD. Thus saith the LordGOD unto these bones; Behold, I willcause breath to enter into you, andye shall live: and I will lay sinewsupon you, and will bring up fleshupon you, and cover you with skin,and put breath in you, and ye shalllive; and ye shall know that I am theLORD. Then he said unto me, Son ofman, these bones are the wholehouse of Israel: behold, they say,Our bones are dried, and our hopeis lost: we are cut off for our parts.Therefore prophesy and say untothem, Thus saith the Lord GOD;Behold, O my people, I will openyour graves, and cause you to comeup out of your graves, and bring youinto the land of Israel. And ye shallknow that I am the LORD, when Ihave opened your graves, O my peo-ple, and brought you up out of yourgraves, and shall put my spirit inyou, and ye shall live, and I shallplace you in your own land: thenshall ye know that I the LORD havespoken it, and performed it, saiththe LORD. Ñ Ezekiel 37:4-6, 11-14And it shall come to pass in thatday, that the Lord shall set his hand6And if ye will not for all thishearken unto me, but walk con-trary unto me; then I will walkcontrary unto you also in fury. AndI will scatter you among the hea-then, and will draw out a swordafter you: and your land shall bedesolate, and your cities waste.ÑLeviticus 26:27, 28a, 33Therefore fear thou not, O myservant Jacob, saith the LORD; nei-ther be dismayed, O Israel: for, lo,I will save thee from afar, and thyseed from the land of their captivi-ty; and Jacob shall return, andshall be in rest, and be quiet, andnone shall make him afraid. For Iam with thee, saith the LORD, tosave thee: though I make a full endof all nations whither I have scat-tered thee, yet I will not make a fullend of thee: but I will correct theein measure, and will not leave theealtogether unpunished.ÑJeremiah 30:10, 11THE CHOSEN NATION TO OBEY THE LORD OR BE DISPERSEDRE-BIRTH OF THE CHOSEN NATION FORETOLD5and mightier than thou art, tobring thee in, to give thee theirland for an inheritance, as it is thisday. Know therefore this day, andconsider it in thine heart, that theLORD he is God in heaven above,and upon the earth beneath: thereis none else.Ñ Deuteronomy 4:37-39Thus saith the LORD, whichgiveth the sun for a light by day,and the ordinances of the moonand of the stars for a light by night,which divideth the sea when thewaves thereof roar; The LORD ofhosts is his name: If those ordi-nances depart from before me,saith the LORD, then the seed ofIsrael also shall cease from being anation before me for ever. Thussaith the LORD; If heaven abovecan be measured, and the founda-tions of the earth searched outbeneath, I will also cast off all theseed of Israel for all that they havedone, saith the LORD.Ñ Jeremiah 31:35-37THE ENDURANCE OF THE CHOSEN NATION4curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.Ñ Genesis 12:1-3For thou art an holy people untothe LORD thy God: the LORD thyGod hath chosen thee to be a spe-cial people unto himself, above allpeople that are upon the face of theearth. Ñ Deuteronomy 7:6For the LORD will not forsake hispeople for his great nameÕs sake:because it hath pleased the LORDto make you his people.Ñ I Samuel 12:22GOD LOVED ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOBTHE NATION TO BE A SPECIAL PEOPLE UNTO GODTHE CHOICE HAS PLEASED THE LORD(See also Genesis 17:1-8 and Genesis 22:16-18.)And because he loved thyfathers, therefore he chose theirseed after them, and brought theeout in his sight with his mightypower out of Eygpt; to drive outnations from before thee greater8again the second time to recover theremnant of his people, which shallbe left, from Assyria, and fromEygpt, and from Pathros, and fromCush, and from Elam, and fromShinar, and from Hamath, and fromthe islands of the sea. And he shallset up an ensign for the nations, andshall assemble the outcasts of Israel,and gather together the dispersed ofJudah from the four corners of theearth. Ñ Isaiah 11:11, 12THE LORD PROMISES TO RESTORE THE DESOLATE LANDAND RUINED CITIESThus saith the Lord GOD; In theday that I shall have cleansed youfrom all your iniquities I will alsocause you to dwell in the cities, andthe wastes shall be builded. Andthe desolate land shall be tilled,whereas it lay desolate in the sightof all that passed by. And they shallsay, This land that was desolate isbecome like the garden of Eden;and the waste and desolate andruined cities are become fenced,and are inhabited. Then the hea-then that are left round about youshall know that I the LORD buildthe ruined places, and plant that
  3. 3. LORD will be the hope of his peo-ple, and the strength of the chil-dren of Israel. So shall ye knowthat I am the LORD your Goddwelling in Zion, my holy moun-tain: then shall Jerusalem be holy,and there shall no strangers passthrough her any more. And it shallcome to pass in that day, that themountains shall drop down newwine, and the hills shall flow withmilk, and all the rivers of Judahshall flow with waters, and a foun-tain shall come forth of the houseof the LORD, and shall water thevalley of Shittim. Egypt shall be adesolation, and Edom shall be adesolate wilderness, for the vio-lence against the children of Judah,because they have shed innocentblood in their land. But Judah shalldwell for ever, and Jerusalem fromgeneration to generation. For I willcleanse their blood that I have notcleansed: for the LORD dwelleth inZion. Ñ Joel 3:16-21THE MESSIAH WILL COME TO RULE IN JERUSALEM WITH ASTRONG HANDO Zion, that bringest good tidings, get thee up into the high mountain;15great name, like unto the name ofthe great men that are in the earth.Moreover I will appoint a place formy people Israel, and will plantthem, that they may dwell in aplace of their own, and move nomore; neither shall the children ofwickedness afflict them any more,as beforetime, and as since the timePray for the peace of Jerusalem:they shall prosper that love thee.Ñ Psalm 122:6And when ye shall see Jerusalemcompassed with armies, then knowthat the desolation thereof is nigh.Ñ Luke 21:20PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEMIV. THE CHOSEN ROYAL LINENow therefore so shalt thou sayunto my servant David, Thus saiththe LORD of hosts, I took thee fromthe sheepcote, from following thesheep, to be ruler over my people,over Israel: and I was with theewhithersoever thou wentest, andhave cut off all thine enemies out ofthy sight, and have made thee aDAVIDÕS THRONE AND KINGDOM IS EVERLASTING13That they might bring up the arkof the covenant of the LORD out ofthe city of David, which is Zion.Ñ I Kings 8:1bFor the LORD hath chosen Zion;he hath desired it for his habitation.Ñ Psalm 132:13Out of Zion, the perfection of beau-ty, God hath shined. Ñ Psalm 50:2His foundation is in the holymountains. The LORD loveth thegates of Zion more than all thedwellings of Jacob. Glorious thingsare spoken of thee, O city of God.Selah. Ñ Psalm 87:1-3As the dew of Hermon, and as thedew that descended upon the moun-tains of Zion: for there the LORDcommanded the blessing, even lifefor evermore. Ñ Psalm 133:3And they brought him on horses:and he was buried at Jerusalemwith his fathers in the city of David.Ñ II Kings 14:20ZION IS TO PRAISE GODPraise the LORD, O Jerusalem;praise thy God, O Zion.Ñ Psalm 147:12Praise waiteth for thee, O God, inSion: and unto thee shall the vow beperformed. Ñ Psalm 65:112looked on Amalek, he took up hisparable, and said, Amalek was thefirst of the nations; but his latterend shall be that he perish for ever.And he looked on the Kenites, andtook up his parable, and said, Strongis thy dwellingplace, and thou put-test thy nest in a rock. Neverthelessthe Kenite shall be wasted, untilAsshur shall carry thee away cap-tive. And he took up his parable,and said, Alas, who shall live whenGod doeth this! And ships shallcome from the coast of Chittim,and shall afflict Asshur, and shallafflict Eber, and he also shall perishfor ever.Ñ Numbers 24:14b-24III. THE CHOSEN ROYAL CITYJERUSALEM IS ZION, THE CAPITAL OF GODÕS LANDNevertheless David took thestrong hold of Zion: the same is thecity of David. ÑII Samuel 5:7Great is the LORD, and greatly tobe praised in the city of our God,in the mountain of his holiness.Beautiful for situation, the joy ofthe whole earth, is mount Zion, onthe sides of the north, the city ofthe great King. Ñ Psalm 48:1, 21110be king to them all: and they shallbe no more two nations, neithershall they be divided into two king-doms any more at all.Ñ Ezekiel 37:21, 22Come therefore, and I will adver-tise thee what this people shall do tothy people in the latter days. And hetook up his parable, and said,Balaam the son of Beor hath said,and the man whose eyes are openhath said: He hath said, whichheard the words of God, and knewthe knowledge of the most High,which saw the vision of the Al-mighty, falling into a trance, buthaving his eyes open: I shall see him,but not now: I shall behold him, butnot nigh: there shall come a Star outof Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise outof Israel, and shall smite the cornersof Moab, and destroy all the chil-dren of Sheth. And Edom shall be apossession, Seir also shall be a pos-session for his enemies; and Israelshall do valiantly. Out of Jacob shallcome he that shall have dominion,and shall destroy him that re-maineth of the city. And when heTHE CHOSEN NATION IN THE LATTER DAYS14that I commanded judges to be overmy people Israel, and have causedthee to rest from all thine enemies.Also the LORD telleth thee that hewill make thee an house. And whenthy days be fulfilled, and thou shaltsleep with thy fathers, I will set upthy seed after thee, which shall pro-ceed out of thy bowels, and I willestablish his kingdom. He shall buildan house for my name, and I will sta-blish the throne of his kingdom forever. I will be his father, and he shallbe my son. If he commit iniquity, Iwill chasten him with the rod of men,and with the stripes of the children ofmen: but my mercy shall not departaway from him, as I took it fromSaul, whom I put away before thee.And thine house and thy kingdomshall be established for ever beforethee: thy throne shall be establishedfor ever.Ñ II Samuel 7:8-16The LORD also shall roar out ofZion, and utter his voice fromJerusalem; and the heavens andthe earth shall shake: but theV. THE CHOSEN KING — THE PERFECT MESSIAHGOD HIMSELF WILL DWELL IN ZION
  4. 4. Know therefore and understand,that from the going forth of thecommandment to restore and tobuild Jerusalem unto the Messiahmy statutes, and do them. Andthey shall dwell in the land that Ihave given unto Jacob my servant,wherein your fathers have dwelt;and they shall dwell therein, eventhey, and their children, and theirchildrenÕs children for ever: andmy servant David shall be theirprince for ever. Moreover I willmake a covenant of peace withthem; it shall be an everlastingcovenant with them: and I willplace them, and multiply them, andwill set my sanctuary in the midstof them for evermore. My taberna-cle also shall be with them: yea, Iwill be their God, and they shall bemy people. And the heathen shallknow that I the LORD do sanctifyIsrael, when my sanctuary shall bein the midst of them for evermore.Ñ Ezekiel 37:24-2821THE MESSIAH WAS TO COME, AND TO DIE FOR OTHERS BEFORETHE DESTRUCTION OF THE SECOND TEMPLE AT JERUSALEMmany people shall go and say, Comeye, and let us go up to the mountainof the LORD, to the house of theGod of Jacob; and he will teach usof his ways, and we will walk in hispaths: for out of Zion shall go forththe law, and the word of the LORDfrom Jerusalem. And he shalljudge among the nations, and shallrebuke many people: and theyshall beat their swords into plow-shares, and their spears into prun-inghooks: nation shall not lift upsword against nation, neither shallthey learn war any more.Ñ Isaiah 2:2-4MOSES SAID THE MESSIAH WILL BE A PROPHETThe LORD thy God will raise upunto thee a Prophet from themidst of thee, of thy brethren, likeunto me; unto him ye shall hear-ken . I will raise them up a Proph-et from among their brethren, likeunto thee, and will put my wordsin his mouth; and he shall speakunto them all that I shall com-mand him. And it shall come topass, that whosoever will nothearken unto my words whichhe shall speak in my name, I willrequire it of him.Ñ Deuteronomy 18:15, 18, 1919THE MESSIAHÕS EVERLASTING KINGDOM WILL CONSUMEALL OTHER KINGDOMSAnd in the days of these kingsshall the God of heaven set up akingdom, which shall never bedestroyed: and the kingdom shallnot be left to other people, but itshall break in pieces and consumeall these kingdoms, and it shallstand for ever. Ñ Daniel 2:44THE MESSIAHÕS REIGN IN ZION BRINGS UNIVERSAL PEACEAnd it shall come to pass in thelast days, that the mountain of theLORDÕS house shall be establishedin the top of the mountains, andshall be exalted above the hills; andall nations shall flow unto it. Andand they brought him near beforehim. And there was given himdominion, and glory, and a king-dom, that all people, nations, andlanguages, should serve him: hisdominion is an everlasting domin-ion, which shall not pass away, andhis kingdom that which shall notbe destroyed.Ñ Daniel 7:13, 1418upon the throne of David, andupon his kingdom, to order it, andto establish it with judgment andwith justice from henceforth evenfor ever. The zeal of the LORD ofhosts will perform this.Ñ Isaiah 9:6, 7THE MESSIAH SHALL REIGN OVER ALL THE EARTHTHE MESSIAH, THE SON OF MAN, RECEIVES THEEVERLASTING DOMINIONBehold, the days come, saith theLORD, that I will raise unto David arighteous Branch, and a King shallreign and prosper, and shall exe-cute judgment and justice in theearth. In his days Judah shall besaved, and Israel shall dwell safely:and this is his name whereby heshall be called, THE LORD OURRIGHTEOUSNESS.Ñ Jeremiah 23:5, 6I saw in the night visions, and,behold, one like the Son of mancame with the clouds of heaven,and came to the Ancient of days,17O Jerusalem, that bringest goodtidings, lift up thy voice withstrength; lift it up, be not afraid;say unto the cities of Judah, Beholdyour God! Behold, the Lord GODwill come with strong hand, andhis arm shall rule for him: behold,his reward is with him, and hiswork before him. He shall feed hisflock like a shepherd: he shallgather the lambs with his arm, andcarry them in his bosom, and shallgently lead those that are withyoung. Ñ Isaiah 40:9-11THE MESSIAH TO BE DIVINE AND OF DAVIDÕS SEEDThe LORD hath sworn in truthunto David; he will not turn fromit; Of the fruit of thy body will I setupon thy throne. Ñ Psalm 132:11THE MESSIAH WILL BE KING FOREVER ON DAVIDÕS THRONEFor unto us a child is born, unto usa son is given: and the governmentshall be upon his shoulder: and hisname shall be called Wonderful,Counsellor, The mighty God, Theeverlasting Father, The Prince ofPeace. Of the increase of his govern-ment and peace there shall be no end,16THE MESSIAH IS A PRIESTThus speaketh the LORD of hosts,saying, Behold the man whosename is The BRANCH; and heshall grow up out of his place, andhe shall build the temple of theLORD: even he shall build the tem-ple of the LORD; and he shall bearthe glory, and shall sit and ruleupon his throne; and he shall be apriest upon his throne: and thecounsel of peace shall be betweenthem both.Ñ Zechariah 6:12b, 13THE MESSIAH IS ZIONÕS KINGRejoice greatly, O daughter ofZion; shout, O daughter of Jeru-salem: behold, thy King comethunto thee: he is just, and havingsalvation; lowly, and riding uponan ass, and upon a colt the foal ofan ass.Ñ Zechariah 9:9THE MESSIAH TO BE THE SECOND DAVIDAnd David my servant shall beking over them; and they all shallhave one shepherd: they shall alsowalk in my judgments, and observe20
  5. 5. And Yeshua, when he was bap-tized, went up straightway out ofthe water: and, lo, the heavenswere opened unto him, and he sawthe Spirit of God descending like adove, and lighting upon him: andlo a voice from heaven, saying, Thisis my beloved Son, in whom I amwell pleased.Ñ Matthew 3:16, 1727the Lamb of God, which takethaway the sin of the world. This ishe of whom I said, After me cometha man which is preferred beforeme: for he was before me. And Iknew him not: but that he shouldbe made manifest to Israel, there-fore am I come baptizing withwater. And John bare record, say-ing, I saw the Spirit descendingfrom heaven like a dove, and itabode upon him. And I knew himnot: but he that sent me to baptizewith water, the same said unto me,Upon whom thou shalt see theSpirit descending, and remainingon him, the same is he which bap-tizeth with the Holy Ghost. And Isaw, and bare record that this isthe Son of God. Ñ John 1:29-34GOD THE FATHER WITNESSED OF YESHUA, THE MESSIAH25ited and redeemed his people, andhath raised up an horn of salvationfor us in the house of his servantDavid; as he spake by the mouth ofhis holy prophets, which have beensince the world began: that weshould be saved from our enemies,and from the hand of all that hateus; to perform the mercy promisedto our fathers, and to remember hisholy covenant; the oath which hesware to our father Abraham, thathe would grant unto us, that webeing delivered out of the hand ofour enemies might serve him with-out fear, in holiness and righteous-ness before him, all the days of ourlife. And thou, child, shalt be calledthe prophet of the Highest: for thoushalt go before the face of the Lordto prepare his ways; to give knowl-edge of salvation unto his people bythe remission of their sins, throughthe tender mercy of our God; where-by the dayspring from on high hathvisited us, to give light to them thatsit in darkness and in the shadow ofdeath, to guide our feet into the wayof peace. Ñ Luke 1:67-79(See Isaiah 40:3.)And the Lord, whom ye seek, shallsuddenly come to his temple, eventhe messenger of the covenant, whomye delight in.... Ñ Malachi 3:1bdream, saying, Joseph, thou son ofDavid, fear not to take unto theeMary thy wife: for that which isconceived in her is of the HolyGhost. And she shall bring forth ason, and thou shalt call his nameYESHUA: for he shall save hispeople from their sins. Now all thiswas done, that it might be fulfilledwhich was spoken of the Lord bythe prophet, saying, Behold, a vir-gin shall be with child, and shallbring forth a son, and they shallcall his name Emmanuel, whichbeing interpreted is, God with us.Then Joseph being raised fromsleep did as the angel of the Lordhad bidden him, and took unto himhis wife: and knew her not till shehad brought forth her firstbornson: and he called his name YE-SHUA. Ñ Matthew 1:18-25And his father Zacharias wasfilled with the Holy Ghost, andprophesied, saying, Blessed be theLord God of Israel; for he hath vis-ZACHARIAS, A JEWISH PRIEST, WITNESSED OF THE ARRIVALOF THE MESSIAHÑA HORN OF SALVATION IN THE HOUSE OFDAVID24THE REVELATION TO JOSEPHNow the birth of Yeshua the Mes-siah was on this wise: When as hismother Mary was espoused toJoseph, before they came together,she was found with child of theHoly Ghost. Then Joseph her hus-band, being a just man, and notwilling to make her a public ex-ample, was minded to put her awayprivily. But while he thought onthese things, behold, the angel ofthe Lord appeared unto him in ahighly favoured, the Lord is withthee: blessed art thou among wo-men. And when she saw him, shewas troubled at his saying, and castin her mind what manner of saluta-tion this should be. And the angelsaid unto her, Fear not, Mary: forthou hast found favour with God.And, behold, thou shalt conceive inthy womb, and bring forth a son,and shalt call his name YESHUA.He shall be great, and shall be calledthe Son of the Highest: and the LordGod shall give unto him the throneof his father David: and he shallreign over the house of Jacob forever; and of his kingdom there shallbe no end. Ñ Luke 1:26-3323the Prince shall be seven weeks,and threescore and two weeks: thestreet shall be built again, and thewall, even in troublous times. Andafter threescore and two weeksshall the Messiah be cut off, but notfor himself: and the people of theprince that shall come shall destroythe city and the sanctuary.Ñ Daniel 9:25, 26aTHE LORD TO GIVE THE MESSIAH A PERSONAL NAMEAT BIRTH TO BE KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE WORLDListen, O isles, unto me; andhearken, ye people, from far; TheLORD hath called me from thewomb; from the bowels of mymother hath he made mention ofmy name. Ñ Isaiah 49:1THE REVELATION TO MARYAnd in the sixth month the angelGabriel was sent from God unto acity of Galilee, named Nazareth, toa virgin espoused to a man whosename was Joseph, of the house ofDavid; and the virginÕs name wasMary. And the angel came in untoher, and said, Hail, thou that art22SIMEON, A DEVOUT JEW, WITNESSED OF THE ARRIVAL OF THEMESSIAHAnd, behold, there was a man inJerusalem, whose name was Sim-eon; and the same man was justand devout, waiting for the conso-lation of Israel: and the Holy Ghostwas upon him. And it was revealedunto him by the Holy Ghost, thathe should not see death, before hehad seen the LordÕs Messiah. Andhe came by the Spirit into the tem-ple: and when the parents broughtin the child Yeshua, to do for himafter the custom of the law, thentook he him up in his arms, andblessed God, and said, Lord, nowlettest thou thy servant depart inpeace, according to thy word: formine eyes have seen thy salvation,which thou hast prepared beforethe face of all people; a light tolighten the Gentiles, and the glory ofthy people Israel. Ñ Luke 2:25-32JOHN THE BAPTIST BORE WITNESS OF THE MESSIAH, GODÕSLAMB OF SACRIFICEcoming unto him, and saith, BeholdThe next day John seeth Yeshua26
  6. 6. And the disciples went, and didas Yeshua commanded them, andbrought the ass, and the colt, and puton them their clothes, and they set himthereon. And a very great multitudespread their garments in the way; oth-ers cut down branches from the trees,and strawed them in the way. And themultitudes that went before, and thatfollowed, cried, saying, Hosanna to theson of David: Blessed is he that comethin the name of the Lord; Hosanna inthe highest. And when he was comeinto Jerusalem, all the city was moved,saying, Who is this?And the multitudesaid, This is Yeshua the prophet ofNazareth of Galilee.Ñ Matthew 21:6-11Who hath believed our report?and to whom is the arm of theLORD revealed? He is despised andrejected of men; a man of sorrows,and acquainted with grief: and wehid as it were our faces from him;he was despised, and we esteemedhim not. Ñ Isaiah 53:1, 3The stone which the builders re-fused is become the head stone ofthe corner. Ñ Psalm 118:22THE MESSIAH WAS TO BE REJECTED BY HIS OWN PEOPLE33THE MESSIAH WAS TO BE BORN OF A VIRGINA Few Samples Of ManyProphecies Yeshua the MessiahFulfilledTherefore the Lord himself shallgive you a sign; Behold, a virginshall conceive, and bear a son, andshall call his name Immanuel.Ñ Isaiah 7:14Now the birth of Yeshua theMessiah was on this wise: When ashis mother Mary was espoused toJoseph, before they came together,she was found with child of theHoly Ghost. Ñ Matthew 1:18THE MESSIAH WAS TO BE BORN IN BETHLEHEMBut thou, Bethlehem Ephratah,though thou be little among thethousands of Judah, yet out of theeshall he come forth unto me that is31YESHUA THE MESSIAHÕS SINLESS LIFE BEARS WITNESS HECAME FROM THE FATHERFor we have not an high priestwhich cannot be touched with thefeeling of our infirmities; but wasin all points tempted like as we are,yet without sin. Ñ Hebrews 4:15Which of you convinceth me ofsin? And if I say the truth, why doye not believe me? Ñ John 8:46For he hath made him to be sinfor us, who knew no sin; that wemight be made the righteousness ofGod in him. Ñ II Corinthians 5:2130THE MESSIAHÕS WORKS BEAR WITNESSBut I have greater witness thanthat of John: for the works whichthe Father hath given me to finish,the same works that I do, bear wit-ness of me, that the Father hathsent me. Ñ John 5:36answered and said unto him,Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona:for flesh and blood hath notrevealed it unto thee, but my Fatherwhich is in heaven.Ñ Matthew 16:13-1729And shalt call his name YE-SHUA. He shall be great, and shallbe called the Son of the Highest.ÑLuke 1:31b, 32aJoseph, thou son of David, fearnot to take unto thee Mary thywife: for that which is conceived inher is of the Holy Ghost.Ñ Matthew 1:20bYeshua said unto them, If Godwere your Father, ye would loveme: for I proceeded forth and camefrom God; neither came I of myself,but he sent me. Ñ John 8:42THOSE JEWS CLOSEST TO YESHUA CONFESSED THAT HE ISTHE MESSIAHWhen Yeshua came into thecoasts of C¾sarea Philippi, heasked his disciples, saying, Whomdo men say that I the Son of manam? And they said, Some say thatthou art John the Baptist: some,Elias; and others, Jeremias, or oneof the prophets. He saith untothem, But whom say ye that I am?And Simon Peter answered andsaid, Thou art the Messiah, the Sonof the living God. And YeshuaYESHUA THE MESSIAH DESCENDED FROM GOD, THE FATHER28THE ANGEL OF THE LORD ANNOUNCED THE BIRTH OFTHE MESSIAH TO SHEPHERD JEWSFor unto you is born this day inthe city of David a Saviour, which isthe Messiah the Lord.Ñ Luke 2:11GOD THE FATHER WITNESSED OF THE AUTHORITY OFYESHUA THE MESSIAHÕS WORDSWhile he yet spake, behold, abright cloud overshadowed them:and behold a voice out of the cloud,which said, This is my beloved Son,in whom I am well pleased; hear yehim. Ñ Matthew 17:5The book of the generation ofYeshua the Messiah, the son of David,the son of Abraham. So all the gener-ations from Abraham to David arefourteen generations; and from Daviduntil the carrying away into Babylonare fourteen generations; and fromthe carrying away into Babylon untothe Messiah are fourteen generations.Ñ Matthew 1:1, 17YESHUA THE MESSIAH DESCENDED FROM ABRAHAM AND DAVIDto be ruler in Israel; whose goingsforth have been from of old, fromeverlasting. Ñ Micah 5:2And Joseph also went up fromGalilee, out of the city of Nazareth,into Jud¾a, unto the city of David,which is called Bethlehem; (be-cause he was of the house and lin-eage of David:) to be taxed withMary his espoused wife, beinggreat with child. And so it was,that, while they were there, thedays were accomplished that sheshould be delivered. And shebrought forth her firstborn son,and wrapped him in swaddlingclothes, and laid him in a manger;because there was no room forthem in the inn. Ñ Luke 2:4-7THE MESSIAH WAS TO ENTER JERUSALEM IN TRIUMPHRejoice greatly, O daughter ofZion; shout, O daughter of Jeru-salem: behold, thy King comethunto thee: he is just, and havingsalvation; lowly, and riding uponan ass, and upon a colt the foal ofan ass.Ñ Zechariah 9:932
  7. 7. THE MAN OF SIN WILL SIT IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD INJERUSALEM AS DIVINE BUT GOD WILL DESTROY HIMthe Lord shall consume with thespirit of his mouth, and shall des-troy with the brightness of his com-ing: even him, whose coming is afterthe working of Satan with all powerand signs and lying wonders, andwith all deceivableness of unrigh-teousness in them that perish; be-cause they received not the love ofthe truth, that they might be saved.Ñ II Thessalonians 2:3, 4, 8-10Let no man deceive you by anymeans: for that day shall not come,except there come a falling awayfirst, and that man of sin be re-vealed, the son of perdition; who op-poseth and exalteth himself aboveall that is called God, or that isworshipped; so that he as God sit-teth in the temple of God, shewinghimself that he is God. And thenshall that Wicked be revealed, whomGOD RESURRECTED AND EXALTED YESHUA THE MESSIAHBut Peter, standing up with theeleven, lifted up his voice, and saidunto them, Ye men of Israel, hearthese words; Yeshua of Nazareth,a man approved of God among youby miracles and wonders and signs,39heard a great voice out of heavensaying, Behold, the tabernacle ofGod is with men, and he will dwellwith them, and they shall be hispeople, and God himself shall bewith them, and be their God.Ñ Revelation 21:1-3And I saw a new heaven and anew earth: for the first heaven andthe first earth were passed away;and there was no more sea. And IJohn saw the holy city, new Jeru-salem, coming down from God outof heaven, prepared as a brideadorned for her husband. And ITHE MESSIAHÕS CONDITIONS OF RULE OVER ISRAELAnd he said unto me, Son ofman, the place of my throne, andthe place of the soles of my feet,where I will dwell in the midst ofthe children of Israel for ever, andmy holy name, shall the house ofIsrael no more defile, neither they,nor their kings, by their whore-dom, nor by the carcases of theirkings in their high places. In theirsetting of their threshold by mythresholds, and their post by myNEW JERUSALEM Ñ THE MESSIAHÕS EVERLASTING TRIUMPH37THE MESSIAHÕS LAMENTO Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou thatkillest the prophets, and stonestthem which are sent unto thee,how often would I have gathered thychildren together, even as a hen ga-thereth her chickens under her wings,and ye would not! Behold, yourhouse is left unto you desolate. ForI say unto you, Ye shall not see mehenceforth, till ye shall say, Blessedis he that cometh in the name of theLord. Ñ Matthew 23:37-39THE MESSIAHÕS TRIUMPH IN JERUSALEM ON EARTHEven so, Amen. I am Alpha andOmega, the beginning and the end-ing, saith the Lord, which is, andwhich was, and which is to come,the Almighty. Ñ Revelation 1:7, 8Behold, he (Yeshua the Messiah)cometh with clouds; and every eyeshall see him, and they also whichpierced him: and all kindreds of theearth shall wail because of him.multitude, saying, I am innocent ofthe blood of this just person: see yeto it. Then answered all the people,and said, His blood be on us, andon our children.Ñ Matthew 27:24, 2536ISRAELÕS NATIONAL LEADERS CHOSE THE CURSE WHEN THEMESSIAH APPEAREDBehold, I set before you this daya blessing and a curse; a blessing,if ye obey the commandments ofthe LORD your God, which I com-mand you this day: and a curse, ifye will not obey the command-ments of the LORD your God.ÑDeuteronomy 11:26-28aFor I have not spoken of myself;but the Father which sent me, hegave me a commandment, what Ishould say, and what I shouldspeak. And I know that his com-mandment is life everlasting: what-soever I speak therefore, even asthe Father said unto me, so I speak.Ñ John 12:49, 50And he said unto them, Ye arefrom beneath; I am from above: yeare of this world; I am not of thisworld. I said therefore unto you,that ye shall die in your sins: for ifye believe not that I am he, ye shalldie in your sins. Ñ John 8:23, 24When Pilate saw that he couldprevail nothing, but that rather atumult was made, he took water,and washed his hands before the3534He came unto his own, and hisown received him not. But as manyas received him, to them gave hepower to become the sons of God,even to them that believe on hisname. Ñ John 1:11, 12But though he had done so manymiracles before them, yet they be-lieved not on him: that the saying ofEsaias the prophet might be ful-filled, which he spake, Lord, whohath believed our report? and towhom hath the arm of the Lordbeen revealed? Therefore they couldnot believe, because that Esaias saidagain, He hath blinded their eyes,and hardened their heart; that theyshould not see with their eyes, norunderstand with their heart, and beconverted, and I should heal them.These things said Esaias, when hesaw his glory, and spake of him.Nevertheless among the chief rulersalso many believed on him; butbecause of the Pharisees they did notconfess him, lest they should be putout of the synagogue: for they lovedthe praise of men more than thepraise of God. Ñ John 12:37-43If we suffer, we shall also reignwith him: if we deny him, he alsowill deny us. Ñ II Timothy 2:12posts, and the wall between me andthem, they have even defiled myholy name by their abominationsthat they have committed: where-fore I have consumed them in mineanger. Now let them put away theirwhoredom, and the carcases of theirkings, far from me, and I will dwellin the midst of them for ever.Ñ Ezekiel 43:7-9THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE FORETOLDAnd Yeshua went out, and de-parted from the temple: and hisdisciples came to him for to shewhim the buildings of the temple.And Yeshua said unto them, See yenot all these things? Verily I sayunto you, There shall not be lefthere one stone upon another, thatshall not be thrown down.Ñ Matthew 24:1, 2THE FALSE ÒMESSIAHÓ WILL COME IN HIS OWN NAMEshall come in his own name, him yewill receive. Ñ John 5:43I am come in my FatherÕs name,and ye receive me not: if another38
  8. 8. But let us, who are of the day, besober, putting on the breastplate offaith and love; and for an helmet,the hope of salvation. For God hathnot appointed us to wrath, but toobtain salvation by our Lord Ye-shua the Messiah. Who died for us,that, whether we wake or sleep, weshould live together with him.Ñ I Thessalonians 5:8-10Life In The Messiah, The SubstanceAnd Reality Of SalvationLIFE IN YESHUA THE MESSIAHTHE WAY IN1. Let Him Find YouFor the Son of man is come toseek and to save that which waslost.Ñ Luke 19:102. Seek Him With All Your Heart, ForHe Is LordYe call me Master and Lord: andye say well; for so I am.Ñ John 13:1345Yeshua the Messiah his Son cleans-eth us from all sin. Ñ I John 1:7These are they which came out ofgreat tribulation, and have washedtheir robes, and made them whitein the blood of the Lamb.Ñ Revelation 7:14bHow much more shall the bloodof the Messiah, who through theeternal Spirit offered himself with-out spot to God, purge your con-science from dead works to servethe living God? Ñ Hebrews 9:14And from Yeshua the Messiah,who is the faithful witness, and thefirst begotten of the dead, and theprince of the kings of the earth.Unto him that loved us, and washedus from our sins in his own blood.Ñ Revelation 1:5Herein is love, not that we lovedGod, but that he loved us, and senthis Son to be the propitiation forour sins. Ñ I John 4:10For the grace of God that bringethsalvation hath appeared to all men.Ñ Titus 2:11The next day John seeth Yeshua43THE MESSIAH IS GODÕS LAMB, ATONING FOR THE SINS OFALL THE WORLDFor the life of the flesh is in theblood: and I have given it to youupon the altar to make an atone-ment for your souls: for it is theblood that maketh an atonementfor the soul. Ñ Leviticus 17:11VI. THE CHOSEN METHOD OF SALVATIONATONEMENT FOR THE SOUL IS MADE ONLY BYLIFE-BEARING BLOODTHE MESSIAH GAVE HIS DIVINE LIFE-BEARING BLOODTO ATONE FOR ALL SINFor this is my blood of the newtestament, which is shed for manyfor the remission of sins.Ñ Matthew 26:28Forasmuch as ye know that yewere not redeemed with corrupt-ible things, as silver and gold, fromyour vain conversation received bytradition from your fathers; butwith the precious blood of the Mes-siah, as of a lamb without blemishand without spot.Ñ I Peter 1:18, 19But if we walk in the light, as heis in the light, we have fellowshipone with another, and the blood of42This Yeshua hath God raised up,whereof we all are witnesses. There-fore being by the right hand of Godexalted, and having received of theFather the promise of the Holy Ghost,he hath shed forth this, which ye nowsee and hear. For David is not ascend-ed into the heavens: but he saith him-self, The LORD said unto my Lord, Sitthou on my right hand, until I makethy foes thy footstool. Therefore let allthe house of Israel know assuredly,that God hath made that sameYeshua,whom ye have crucified, both Lordand the Messiah. Now when theyheard this, they were pricked in theirheart, and said unto Peter and to therest of the apostles, Men and brethren,what shall we do? Then Peter saidunto them, Repent, and be baptizedevery one of you in the name ofYeshuathe Messiah for the remission of sins,and ye shall receive the gift of the HolyGhost. For the promise is unto you,and to your children, and to all thatare afar off, even as many as the Lordour God shall call.Ñ Acts 2:14a, 22-39Which he wrought in the Messiah,when he raised him from the dead,and set him at his own right hand inthe heavenly places, far above allprincipality, and power.Ñ Ephesians 1:20, 21a41which God did by him in the midst ofyou, as ye yourselves also know:Him, being delivered by the determi-nate counsel and foreknowledge ofGod, ye have taken, and by wickedhands have crucified and slain:whom God hath raised up, havingloosed the pains of death: beacuse itwas not possible that he should beholden of it. For David speaketh con-cerning him, I foresaw the Lordalways before my face, for he is onmy right hand, that I should not bemoved: therefore did my heartrejoice, and my tongue was glad;moreover also my flesh shall rest inhope: because thou wilt not leave mysoul in hell, neither wilt thou sufferthine Holy One to see corruption.Thou hast made known to me the waysof life; thou shalt make me full of joywith thy countenance. Men andbrethren, let me freely speak unto youof the patriarch David, that he is bothdead and buried, and his sepulchre iswith us unto this day. Therefore beinga prophet, and knowing that God hadsworn with an oath to him, that of thefruit of his loins, according to theflesh, he would raise up the Messiah tosit on his throne; he seeing this beforespake of the resurrection of the Mes-siah, that his soul was not left in hell,neither his flesh did see corruption.40coming unto him, and saith, Beholdthe Lamb of God, which taketh awaythe sin of the world. Ñ John 1:29And not only so, but we also joyin God through our Lord Yeshuathe Messiah, by whom we have nowreceived the atonement.Ñ Romans 5:11And the Spirit and the bride say,Come. And let him that heareth say,Come. And let him that is athirstcome. And whosoever will, let himtake the water of life freely.Ñ Revelation 22:17And he said unto them, Go ye intoall the world, and preach the gospelto every creature. He that believethand is baptized shall be saved; buthe that believeth not shall bedamned. Ñ Mark 16:15, 1644YESHUA THE MESSIAH, DIED TO SAVE OTHERSAnd from Yeshua the Messiah,who is the faithful witness, and thefirst begotten of the dead, and theprince of the kings of the earth.Unto him that loved us, and washedus from our sins in his own blood.Ñ Revelation 1:5For when we were yet withoutstrength, in due time the Messiahdied for the ungodly. Ñ Romans 5:6
  9. 9. unto the world. Then said they untohim, Lord, evermore give us thisbread. And Yeshua said unto them, Iam the bread of life: he that comethto me shall never hunger; and hethat believeth on me shall neverthirst. Ñ John 6:32-35I am that bread of life. Your fa-thers did eat manna in the wilder-ness, and are dead. This is the breadwhich cometh down from heaven,that a man may eat thereof, and notdie. I am the living bread whichcame down from heaven: if any maneat of this bread, he shall live forever: and the bread that I will give ismy flesh, which I will give for the lifeof the world. The Jews thereforestrove among themselves, saying,How can this man give us his flesh toeat? Then Yeshua said unto them,Verily, verily, I say unto you, Exceptye eat the flesh of the Son of man,and drink his blood, ye have no lifein you. Whoso eateth my flesh, anddrinketh my blood, hath eternal life;and I will raise him up at the lastday. For my flesh is meat indeed,and my blood is drink indeed. Hethat eateth my flesh, and drinkethmy blood, dwelleth in me, and I inhim. As the living Father hath sentme, and I live by the Father: so hethat eateth me, even he shall live by51THE WAY ON491. Commune With The MessiahDailyBehold, I stand at the door, andknock: if any man hear my voice,and open the door, I will come in tohim, and will sup with him, and hewith me. Ñ Revelation 3:20God is faithful, by whom ye werecalled unto the fellowship of hisSon Yeshua the Messiah our Lord.Ñ I Corinthians 1:9Evening, and morning, and atnoon, will I pray, and cry aloud:and he shall hear my voice.Ñ Psalm 55:172. Confess Him Before MenWhosoever shall confess thatYeshua is the Son of God, Goddwelleth in him, and he in God.Ñ I John 4:15Whosoever denieth the Son, thesame hath not the Father.ÑI John 2:23aWhosoever therefore shall con-fess me before men, him will I con-fess also before my Father which isin heaven. Ñ Matthew 10:323. Walk In The Light Of The MessiahThen spake Yeshua again untothem, saying, I am the light of theand make our abode with him.Ñ John 14:236. Make RestitutionTherefore if thou bring thy giftto the altar, and there rememberestthat thy brother hath ought againstthee; leave there thy gift before thealtar, and go thy way; first be rec-onciled to thy brother, and thencome and offer thy gift.Ñ Matthew 5:23, 24And Zacch¾us stood, and saidunto the Lord; Behold, Lord, thehalf of my goods I give to the poor;and if I have taken any thing fromany man by false accusation, I re-store him fourfold. And Yeshuasaid unto him, This day is salvationcome to this house, forsomuch ashe also is a son of Abraham.Ñ Luke 19:8, 97. Forgive Your FellowmanAnd when ye stand praying, for-give, if ye have ought against any:that your Father also which is inheaven may forgive you your tres-passes. Ñ Mark 11:25And be ye kind one to another,tenderhearted, forgiving one an-other, even as God for the Mes-siahÕs sake hath forgiven you.Ñ Ephesians 4:32484. Believe Upon Yeshua The Mes-siah With All Your HeartThat if thou shalt confess withthy mouth Lord Yeshua, and shaltbelieve in thine heart that Godhath raised him from the dead,thou shalt be saved. Ñ Romans 10:9But without faith it is impossibleto please him: for he that cometh toGod must believe that he is, andthat he is a rewarder of them thatdiligently seek him.Ñ Hebrews 11:6But as many as received him, tothem gave he power to become thesons of God, even to them thatbelieve on his name. Ñ John 1:125. Obey The Lord Yeshua TheMessiahBlessed are they that do his com-mandments, that they may haveright to the tree of life, and mayenter in through the gates into thecity. Ñ Revelation 22:14Let no man deceive you withvain words: for because of thesethings cometh the wrath of Godupon the children of disobedience.Ñ Ephesians 5:6Yeshua answered and said untohim, If a man love me, he will keepmy words: and my Father will lovehim, and we will come unto him,47Therefore let all the house ofIsrael know assuredly, that Godhath made that same Yeshua, whomye have crucified, both Lord andthe Messiah. Ñ Acts 2:36Ask, and it shall be given you;seek, and ye shall find; knock, andit shall be opened unto you: forevery one that asketh receiveth;and he that seeketh findeth; and tohim that knocketh it shall beopened. Ñ Matthew 7:7, 83. Repent Of And Forsake Your SinsCast away from you all yourtransgressions, whereby ye havetransgressed; and make you a newheart and a new spirit: for why willye die, O house of Israel?Ñ Ezekiel 18:31And Yeshua answering said untothem, Suppose ye that these Gal-il¾ans, were sinners above all theGalil¾ans, because they sufferedsuch things? I tell you, Nay: but,except ye repent, ye shall all like-wise perish. Ñ Luke 13:2, 3Then Peter said unto them,Repent, and be baptized every oneof you in the name of Yeshua theMessiah for the remission of sins,any ye shall receive the gift of theHoly Ghost. Ñ Acts 2:3846world: he that followeth me shallnot walk in darkness, but shallhave the light of life. Ñ John 8:12Therefore we are buried withhim by baptism into death: thatlike as the Messiah was raised upfrom the dead by the glory of theFather, even so we also should walkin newness of life. Ñ Romans 6:4This I say then, Walk in theSpirit, and ye shall not fulfil thelust of the flesh. Ñ Galatians 5:16This then is the message whichwe have heard of him, and declareunto you, that God is light, and inhim is no darkness at all. If we saythat we have fellowship with him,and walk in darkness, we lie, anddo not the truth: but if we walk inthe light, as he is in the light, wehave fellowship one with another,and the blood of Yeshua the Mes-siah his Son cleanseth us from allsin. Ñ I John 1:5-74. Feed On The Bread From HeavenThen Yeshua said unto them,Verily, verily, I say unto you, Mosesgave you not that bread from heav-en; but my Father giveth you thetrue bread from heaven. For thebread of God is he which comethdown from heaven, and giveth life50
  10. 10. will I put within you: and I will takeaway the stony heart out of yourflesh, and I will give you an heart offlesh. And I will put my spirit with-in you, and cause you to walk in mystatutes, and ye shall keep my judg-ments, and do them. And ye shalldwell in the land that I gave to yourfathers; and ye shall be my people,and I will be your God. I will alsosave you from all your uncleanness-es: and I will call for the corn, andwill increase it, and lay no famineupon you. And I will multiply thefruit of the tree, and the increase ofthe field, that ye shall receive nomore reproach of famine among theheathen. Then shall ye rememberyour own evil ways, and your do-ings that were not good, and shallloathe yourselves in your own sightfor your iniquities and for yourabominations. Not for your sakesdo I this, saith the Lord GOD, be itknown unto you: be ashamed andconfounded for your own ways, Ohouse of Israel.Ñ Ezekiel 36:22-32THE MESSIAHÕS CHURCH, ALSO THE PEOPLE OF SALVATIONAnd the Lord added to thechurch daily such as should besaved.Ñ Acts 2:47b57VII. THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF SALVATIONSALVATION FROM SIN PROMISED TO ISRAEL,THE CHOSEN NATIONBehold, the days come, saith theLORD, that I will make a newcovenant with the house of Israel,and with the house of Judah: notaccording to the covenant that Imade with their fathers in the daythat I took them by the hand tobring them out of the land of Egypt;which my covenant they brake,although I was an husband untothem, saith the LORD: but this shallbe the covenant that I will makewith the house of Israel; After thosedays, saith the LORD, I will put mylaw in their inward parts, and writeit in their hearts; and will be theirGod, and they shall be my people.And they shall teach no more everyman his neighbour, and every manhis brother, saying, Know theLORD: for they shall all know me,from the least of them unto thegreatest of them, saith the LORD:for I will forgive their iniquity, andI will remember their sin no more.Ñ Jeremiah 31:31-3455THE FRUIT OF LIFE IN THE MESSIAH54Seeing ye have purified your soulsin obeying the truth through theSpirit unto unfeigned love of thebrethren, see that ye love one anoth-er with a pure heart fervently: be-ing born again, not of corruptibleseed, but of incorruptible, by theword of God, which liveth andabideth for ever. Ñ I Peter 1:22, 23And now come I to thee; andthese things I speak in the world,that they might have my joy ful-filled in themselves. Ñ John 17:13But the fruit of the Spirit is love,joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness,goodness, faith, meekness, temper-ance: against such there is no law.Ñ Galatians 5:22, 23Peace I leave with you, my peaceI give unto you. Ñ John 14:27aI am the true vine, and my Fatheris the husbandman. Every branchin me that beareth not fruit hetaketh away: and every branch thatbeareth fruit, he purgeth it, that itmay bring forth more fruit.Ñ John 15:1, 2Being filled with the fruits ofrighteousness, which are by Yeshuathe Messiah, unto the glory andpraise of God. Ñ Philippians 1:11Go, stand and speak in the tem-ple to the people all the words ofthis life. Ñ Acts 5:206. Serve Him Without Self ReserveAnd thou shalt love the LORDthy God with all thine heart, andwith all thy soul, and with all thymight. Ñ Deuteronomy 6:5But what things were gain to me,those I counted loss for the Mes-siah. Yea doubtless, and I count allthings but loss for the excellency ofthe knowledge of the Messiah Ye-shua my Lord: for whom I havesuffered the loss of all things, anddo count them but dung, that I maywin the Messiah.Ñ Philippians 3:7, 87. Praise Him In All His WondrousWorksBy him therefore let us offer thesacrifice of praise to God continu-ally, that is, the fruit of our lips giv-ing thanks to his name.Ñ Hebrews 13:15Praise ye the LORD. Praise theLORD, O my soul. While I live willI praise the LORD: I will sing prais-es unto my God while I have anybeing. Ñ Psalm 146:1, 253me. This is that bread which camedown from heaven: not as your fath-ers did eat manna, and are dead:he that eateth of this bread shalllive for ever. These things said he inthe synagogue, as he taught in Ca-pernaum. Many therefore of hisdisciples, when they had heardthis, said, This is an hard saying;who can hear it? When Yeshua knewin himself that his disciples mur-mured at it, he said unto them,Doth this offend you? What and ifye shall see the Son of man ascendup where he was before? It is thespirit that quickeneth; the fleshprofiteth nothing: the words that Ispeak unto you, they are spirit, andthey are life. Ñ John 6:48-63Search the scriptures; for in themye think ye have eternal life: andthey are they which testify of me.Ñ John 5:395. Witness Of The Saviour To OthersBut ye shall receive power, afterthat the Holy Ghost is come uponyou: and ye shall be witnesses untome both in Jerusalem, and in allJud¾a, and in Samaria, and untothe uttermost part of the earth.Ñ Acts 1:852But Israel shall be saved in theLORD with an everlasting salva-tion: ye shall not be ashamed norconfounded world without end.Ñ Isaiah 45:17RE-ESTABLISHED ISRAEL TO RECEIVE A PERSONAL RELATION-SHIP WITH THE LORD, FOR THE LORDÕS HOLY NAMEÕS SAKETherefore say unto the house ofIsrael, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Ido not this for your sakes, O houseof Israel, but for mine holy nameÕssake, which ye have profaned a-mong the heathen, whither yewent. And I will sanctify my greatname, which was profaned amongthe heathen, which ye have pro-faned in the midst of them; and theheathen shall know that I am theLORD, saith the Lord GOD, when Ishall be sanctified in you beforetheir eyes. For I will take you fromamong the heathen, and gather youout of all countries, and will bringyou into your own land. Then will Isprinkle clean water upon you, andye shall be clean: from all yourfilthiness, and from all your idols,will I cleanse you. A new heart alsowill I give you, and a new spirit56
  11. 11. against it. In that day, saith theLORD, I will smite every horse withastonishment, and his rider withmadness. Ñ Zechariah 12:2-4a(Also read Zephaniah 3:8, 9.)In that day there shall be a foun-tain opened to the house of Davidand to the inhabitants of Jerusalemfor sin and for uncleanness.Ñ Zechariah 13:1And he shall sit as a refiner andpurifier of silver: and he shall puri-fy the sons of Levi, and purge themas gold and silver, that they mayoffer unto the LORD an offering inrighteousness. Ñ Malachi 3:3They shall call on my name, andI will hear them: I will say, It is mypeople: and they shall say, TheLORD is my God.Ñ Zechariah 13:9bTHE TIME OF JACOBÕS TROUBLEAnd these are the words that theLORD spake concerning Israel andconcerning Judah. For thus saiththe LORD; We have heard a voice oftrembling, of fear, and not of peace.Ask ye now, and see whether a mandoth travail with child? whereforedo I see every man with his hands63the glory of his power; when heshall come to be glorified in hissaints, and to be admired in allthem that that day.Ñ II Thessalonians 1:7-10And it shall be in that day, thatliving waters shall go out fromJerusalem. And the LORD shall beking over all the earth: in that dayshall there be one LORD, and hisname one. Jerusalem shall be safe-ly inhabited.Ñ Zechariah 14:8a, 9, 11bTO CONVERT THE NATION ISRAELBehold, the day of the LORDcometh, and thy spoil shall bedivided in the midst of thee. For Iwill gather all nations against Jeru-salem to battle; and the city shallbe taken, and the houses rifled, andthe women ravished; and half of thecity shall go forth into captivity,and the residue of the people shallnot be cut off from the city. Thenshall the LORD go forth, and fightagainst those nations, as when hefought in the day of battle. And hisfeet shall stand in that day upon the61TO RULE THE WHOLE WORLD FROM JERUSALEMTHE MESSIAH WILL RETURN TO RAPTURE THE CHURCH, TOJUDGE THE WORLD OF SIN, TO CONVERT THE NATIONISRAEL, TO RULE THE WHOLE WORLD FROM DAVIDÕSTHRONE IN JERUSALEM, WHICH IS ZIONTO RAPTURE HIS CHURCH, THE TRUE BELIEVERSThis same Yeshua, which is takenup from you into heaven, shall socome in like manner as ye haveseen him go into heaven.Ñ Acts 1:11bAnd if I go and prepare a placefor you, I will come again, and re-ceive you unto myself; that where Iam, there ye may be also.Ñ John 14:3know not God, and that obey notthe gospel of our Lord Yeshua theMessiah: who shall be punishedwith everlasting destruction fromthe presence of the Lord, and fromAnd to you who are troubled restwith us, when the Lord Yeshuashall be revealed from heaven withhis mighty angels, in flaming firetaking vengeance on them thatTO JUDGE THE WORLD OF SIN60For I am not ashamed of the gos-pel of the Messiah: for it is the powerof God unto salvation to every onethat believeth; to the Jew first, andalso to the Greek. Ñ Romans 1:16Whosoever believeth that Yeshuais the Messiah is born of God: andevery one that loveth him that begatloveth him also that is begotten ofhim. Ñ I John 5:1For the grace of God that bring-eth salvation hath appeared to allmen. Ñ Titus 2:11I am come that they might havelife, and that they might have itmore abundantly. Ñ John 10:10bYe also, as lively stones, are builtup a spiritual house, an holy priest-hood, to offer up spiritual sacri-fices, acceptable to God by Yeshuathe Messiah. Ñ I Peter 2:5Upon this rock I will build mychurch; and the gates of hell shallnot prevail against it.Ñ Matthew 16:18b59THE MESSIAHÕS FIRST COMING WAS NOT ONLY TOPROVIDE SALVATION, BUT ALSO TO BUILD HIS CHURCHSALVATION IS FOR BOTH JEW AND GENTILEAnd hath put all things under hisfeet, and gave him to be the headover all things to the church, whichis his body, the fulness of him thatfilleth all in all.Ñ Ephesians 1:22, 23Husbands, love your wives, evenas the Messiah also loved the church,and gave himself for it; that hemight sanctify and cleanse it withthe washing of water by the word,that he might present it to himselfa glorious church, not having spot,or wrinkle, or any such thing; butthat it should be holy and withoutblemish. Ñ Ephesians 5:25-27BOTH THE MESSIAHÕS CHURCH, AND CONVERTEDISRAEL IN HEAVENAfter this I beheld, and, lo, agreat multitude, which no mancould number, of all nations, andkindreds, and people, and tongues,stood before the throne, and beforethe Lamb, clothed with white robes,and palms in their hands; and criedwith a loud voice, saying, Salvationto our God which sitteth upon thethrone, and unto the Lamb.Ñ Revelation 7:9, 1058mount of Olives, which is beforeJerusalem on the east.Ñ Zechariah 14:1-4aIn that day shall the LORD defendthe inhabitants of Jerusalem; andhe that is feeble among them at thatday shall be as David; and the houseof David shall be as God, as theangel of the LORD before them. Andit shall come to pass in that day, thatI will seek to destroy all the nationsthat come against Jerusalem. And Iwill pour upon the house of David,and upon the inhabitants of Jeru-salem, the spirit of grace and of sup-plications: and they shall look uponme whom they have pierced, andthey shall mourn for him, as onemourneth for his only son, and shallbe in bitterness for him, as one thatis in bitterness for his firstborn. Inthat day shall there be a greatmourning in Jerusalem.Ñ Zechariah 12:8-11aBehold, I will make Jerusalem acup of trembling unto all the peopleround about, when they shall be inthe siege both against Judah andagainst Jerusalem. And in that daywill I make Jerusalem a burden-some stone for all people: all thatburden themselves with it shall becut in pieces, though all the peopleof the earth be gathered together62
  12. 12. In that day, saith the LORD, will Iassemble her that halteth, and Iwill gather her that is driven out,and her that I have afflicted; and Iwill make her that halted a rem-nant, and her that was cast far off astrong nation: and the LORD shallreign over them in mount Zion fromhenceforth, even for ever. And thou,O tower of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, untothee shall it come, even the firstdominion; the kingdom shall cometo the daughter of Jerusalem.Ñ Micah 4:6-8on his loins, as a woman in travail,and all faces are turned into pale-ness? Alas! for that day is great, sothat none is like it: it is even thetime of JacobÕs trouble; but heshall be saved out of it. For it shallcome to pass in that day, saith theLORD of hosts, that I will break hisyoke from off thy neck, and willburst thy bonds, and strangersshall no more serve themselves ofhim: but they shall serve the LORDtheir God, and David their king,whom I will raise up unto them.Ñ Jeremiah 30:4-964THE LORD WILL COME TO ZIONW.M. Press, Inc.P.O. Box 120New Paris, Indiana 46553-0120 USA901Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Iwas jealous for Zion with great jeal-ousy, and I was jealous for her withgreat fury. Thus saith the LORD; Iam returned unto Zion, and will dwellin the midst of Jerusalem: and Jeru-salem shall be called a city of truth;and the mountain of the LORD ofhosts the holy mountain.Ñ Zechariah 8:2, 3Sing, O daughter of Zion; shout,O Israel; be glad and rejoice with allthe heart, O daughter of Jerusalem.The LORD hath taken away thy judg-ments, he hath cast out thine enemy:the king of Israel, even the LORD, isin the midst of thee: thou shalt notsee evil any more. In that day it shallbe said to Jerusalem, Fear thou not:and to Zion, Let not thine hands beslack. Ñ Zephaniah 3:14-16In those days, and in that time,saith the LORD, the children of Israelshall come, they and the children ofJudah together, going and weeping:they shall go, and seek the LORDtheir God. They shall ask the way toZion with their faces thitherward,saying, Come, and let us join our-selves to the LORD in a perpetualcovenant that shall not be forgotten.Ñ Jeremiah 50:4, 5Sing and rejoice, O daughter ofZion: for, lo, I come, and I will dwellin the midst of thee, saith the LORD.Ñ Zechariah 2:10