Let’s praise the lord! english


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Let’s praise the lord! english

  1. 1. LET’S PRAISE THE LORD!The Lord has challenged me to use 15 minutes each day justto praise Him. I find that this makes me a happier and morevictorious Christian.Please do not just read this booklet. Use it as a guide forgreater in-depth, heartfelt praise to our wonderful, living God.Choose portions of these Scriptures each morning and dwell inpraise before the Lord. Let praise to Him become a continuous,living attitude.Join Worldwide Praise TeamThe Lord has challenged me to ask for one million people inall countries around the world to praise Him 15 minutes eachday. Let us examine our priorities. Just what could be moreimportant than whole-hearted praise to the King of kings? Willyou be one of the million? —Watson Goodman (1920-2002)PRAISE THE LORD WITH EXUBERANT JOY! 1Be glad in the LORD and rejoice,you righteous; and shout for joy,all you upright in heart!—Psalm 32:11And the word of the Lord wasbeing spread throughout all theregion. And the disciples werefilled with joy and with the HolySpirit. —Acts 13:49 and 52That the genuineness of yourfaith, being much more preciousthan gold that perishes, though itis tested by fire, may be found topraise, honor, and glory at therevelation of Jesus Christ, whomhaving not seen you love. Thoughnow you do not see Him, yet be-lieving, you rejoice with joy inex-pressible and full of glory.—1 Peter 1:7, 8Beloved, do not think it strangeconcerning the fiery trial which isto try you, as though somestrange thing happened to you;but rejoice to the extent that youpartake of Christ’s sufferings,that when His glory is revealed,you may also be glad with exceed-ing joy. —1 Peter 4:12, 13“Therefore you now have sor-row; but I will see you again andyour heart will rejoice, and yourjoy no one will take from you.”—John 16:222 PUT YOUR HEART INTO PRAISING THE LORD“You shall love the LORD yourGod with all your heart, with allyour soul, and with all yourmight.” —Deuteronomy 6:5I will praise You, O LORD, withmy whole heart; I will tell of allYour marvelous works. —Psalm 9:1I will praise You with my wholeheart; before the gods I will singpraises to You. I will worshiptoward Your holy temple, andpraise Your name for Your loving-kindness and Your truth; for Youhave magnified Your word aboveall Your name.—Psalm 138:1, 2Bless the LORD, O my soul; andall that is within me, bless Hisholy name! —Psalm 103:1“A good man out of the goodtreasure of his heart brings forthgood.” —Luke 6:45aSpeaking to one another inpsalms and hymns and spiritualsongs, singing and making melo-dy in your heart to the Lord.—Ephesians 5:19This Man Put His Heart Into ItAnd he took him by the righthand and lifted him up, and imme-diately his feet and ankle bonesreceived strength. So he, leapingup, stood and walked and enteredthe temple with them—walking,leaping, and praising God.—Acts 3:7, 8THE FRUITS OF PRAISE 3God Dwells Where Praise IsBut You are holy, who inhabitthe praises of Israel. —Psalm 22:3To Be Joyous and Fruitful,Keep Praise Waiting BeforeGodPraise is awaiting You, O God,in Zion. —Psalm 65:1aOh come, let us sing to theLORD! Let us shout joyfully tothe Rock of our salvation. Let uscome before His presence withthanksgiving; let us shout joyful-ly to Him with psalms.—Psalm 95:1, 2Praise First; Blessings FollowLet the peoples praise You, OGod; let all the peoples praiseYou. Then the earth shall yieldher increase; God, our own God,shall bless us. —Psalm 67:5, 6Praise Heals FearFor God has not given us a spir-it of fear, but of power and of loveand of a sound mind.—2 Timothy 1:7Praise Is a Christian Sacrifice;Give Yourself to ItTherefore by Him let us contin-ually offer the sacrifice of praiseto God, that is, the fruit of ourlips, giving thanks to His name.— Hebrews 13:15Compiled by Watson Goodman Free—not to be sold
  2. 2. 4 HEAVEN IS FULL OF PRAISEPraise the LORD! Praise theLORD from the heavens; praiseHim in the heights! Praise Him,all His angels; praise Him, all Hishosts! Praise Him, sun and moon;praise Him, all you stars of light!Praise Him, you heavens of heav-ens, and you waters above theheavens! Let them praise thename of the LORD, for He com-manded and they were created.He has also established them for-ever and ever; He has made a de-cree which shall not pass away.Let them praise the name of theLORD, for His name alone is exalt-ed; His glory is above the earthand heaven.—Psalm 148:1-6 and 13Get in Practice Now If YouAre Headed That DirectionLet heaven and earth praiseHim, the seas and everything thatmoves in them. —Psalm 69:34That’s Why You Are RedeemedTherefore, to you who believe,He is precious. But you are a chos-en generation, a royal priesthood,a holy nation, His own specialpeople, that you may proclaim thepraises of Him who called you outof darkness into His marvelouslight; who once were not a peoplebut are now the people of God.—1 Peter 2:7a, 9, 10aEVERYONE INVITED TO HIS PRAISE CHOIR 5Oh, clap your hands, all youpeoples! Shout to God with thevoice of triumph! Sing praises toGod, sing praises! Sing praises toour King, sing praises! For God isthe King of all the earth.—Psalm 47:1 and 6, 7a“Make a joyful shout to God,all the earth! All the earth shallworship You and sing praises toYou; they shall sing praises toYour name.” —Psalm 66:1 and 4Oh, let the nations be glad andsing for joy! For You shall judgethe people righteously, and gov-ern the nations on earth.—Psalm 67:4Let everything that has breathpraise the LORD. Praise theLORD! —Psalm 150:6I will be glad and rejoice in You;I will sing praise to Your name, OMost High. —Psalm 9:2Praise Him for Kindnessand TruthOh, praise the LORD, all youGentiles! Laud Him, all you peo-ples! For His merciful kindness isgreat toward us, and the truth ofthe LORD endures forever. Praisethe LORD! —Psalm 117:1, 2For the word of the LORD isright, and all His work is done intruth. —Psalm 33:46 PRAISE THE LORD FOR WHO HE ISThen the people rejoiced, forthey had offered willingly, be-cause with a loyal heart they hadoffered willingly to the LORD; andKing David also rejoiced greatly.Therefore David blessed theLORD before all the congregation;and David said: “Blessed are You,LORD God of Israel, our Father,forever and ever. Yours, O LORD,is the greatness, the power andthe glory, the victory and the maj-esty; for all that is in heaven andin earth is Yours; Yours is thekingdom, O LORD, and You areexalted as head over all. Bothriches and honor come from You,and You reign over all. In Yourhand is power and might; in Yourhand it is to make great and togive strength to all. Now there-fore, our God, we thank You andpraise Your glorious name.”—1 Chronicles 29:9-13“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD ofhosts; the whole earth is full ofHis glory!” —Isaiah 6:3bO LORD, You are my God. I willexalt You, I will praise Yourname, for You have done wonder-ful things; Your counsels of oldare faithfulness and truth.—Isaiah 25:1PRAISE THE LORD FOR WHO HE IS 7And I saw something like a seaof glass mingled with fire, andthose who have the victory overthe beast, over his image and overhis mark and over the number ofhis name, standing on the sea ofglass, having harps of God. Andthey sing the song of Moses, theservant of God, and the song ofthe Lamb, saying: “Great andmarvelous are Your works, LordGod Almighty! Just and true areYour ways, O King of the saints!Who shall not fear You, O Lord,and glorify Your name? For Youalone are holy. For all nationsshall come and worship beforeYou, for Your judgments havebeen manifested.”—Revelation 15:2-4I urge you in the sight of Godwho gives life to all things, andbefore Christ Jesus who wit-nessed the good confession beforePontius Pilate, that you keepthis commandment without spot,blameless until our Lord JesusChrist’s appearing, which He willmanifest in His own time, He whois the blessed and only Potentate,the King of kings and Lord oflords, who alone has immortality,dwelling in unapproachable light,whom no man has seen or can see,to whom be honor and everlastingpower. Amen. —1 Timothy 6:13-168 PRAISE THE LORD FOR WHO HE ISWhenever the living creaturesgive glory and honor and thanksto Him who sits on the throne,who lives forever and ever, thetwenty-four elders fall downbefore Him who sits on the throneand worship Him who livesforever and ever, and cast theircrowns before the throne, saying:“You are worthy, O Lord, toreceive glory and honor andpower; for You created all things,and by Your will they exist andwere created” —Revelation 4:9-11After these things I looked, andbehold, a great multitude whichno one could number, of allnations, tribes, peoples, andtongues, standing before thethrone and before the Lamb,clothed with white robes, withpalm branches in their hands, andcrying out with a loud voice, say-ing, “Salvation belongs to ourGod who sits on the throne, and tothe Lamb!” And all the angelsstood around the throne and theelders and the four living crea-tures, and fell on their faces be-fore the throne and worshipedGod, saying: “Amen! Blessingand glory and wisdom, thanksgiv-ing and honor and power andmight, be to our God forever andever. Amen.” —Revelation 7:9-12PRAISE HIS UNSEARCHABLE GREATNESS 9Great is the LORD, and greatlyto be praised; and His greatness isunsearchable. One generationshall praise Your works to anoth-er, and shall declare Your mightyacts. I will meditate on the glori-ous splendor of Your majesty, andon Your wondrous works. Menshall speak of the might of Yourawesome acts, and I will declareYour greatness. They shall utterthe memory of Your great good-ness, and shall sing of Your right-eousness. The LORD is graciousand full of compassion, slow toanger and great in mercy. TheLORD is good to all, and His ten-der mercies are over all Hisworks. All Your works shallpraise You, O LORD, and Yoursaints shall bless You. They shallspeak of the glory of Your king-dom, and talk of Your power, tomake known to the sons of menHis mighty acts, and the gloriousmajesty of His kingdom. Yourkingdom is an everlasting king-dom, and Your dominion enduresthroughout all generations.—Psalm 145:3-13Praise the LORD! Praise God inHis sanctuary; praise Him in Hismighty firmament! Praise Himfor His mighty acts; praise Himaccording to His excellent great-ness! —Psalm 150:1, 2
  3. 3. 10 PRAISE HIM FOR HIS THRONE AND POWERYour throne, O God, is foreverand ever; a scepter of righteous-ness is the scepter of Your king-dom. —Psalm 45:6Thus says the LORD: “Heavenis My throne, and earth is Myfootstool.” —Isaiah 66:1a“But I say to you, do not swearat all: neither by heaven, for it isGod’s throne.” —Matthew 5:34The LORD has established Histhrone in heaven, and His king-dom rules over all. Bless theLORD, you His angels, who excelin strength, who do His word,heeding the voice of His word.Bless the LORD, all you His hosts,you ministers of His, who do Hispleasure. Bless the LORD, all Hisworks, in all places of His domin-ion. Bless the LORD, O my soul!—Psalm 103:19-22Then I saw a great white throneand Him who sat on it, fromwhose face the earth and theheaven fled away. And there wasfound no place for them.—Revelation 20:11But Jesus looked at them andsaid to them, “With men this isimpossible, but with God allthings are possible.”—Matthew 19:26PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GLORY 11The sight of the glory of theLORD was like a consuming fireon the top of the mountain in theeyes of the children of Israel.—Exodus 24:17Blessed be the LORD God, theGod of Israel, who only does won-drous things! And blessed be Hisglorious name forever! And letthe whole earth be filled with Hisglory. Amen and Amen.—Psalm 72:18, 19Enter into the rock, and hide inthe dust, from the terror of theLORD and the glory of His majes-ty. The lofty looks of man shall behumbled, the haughtiness of menshall be bowed down, and theLORD alone shall be exalted inthat day. —Isaiah 2:10, 11“The glory of the LORD shall berevealed, and all flesh shall see ittogether; for the mouth of theLORD has spoken.” —Isaiah 40:5“The sun shall no longer beyour light by day, nor for bright-ness shall the moon give light toyou; but the LORD will be to youan everlasting light, and yourGod your glory.” —Isaiah 60:19“For Yours is the kingdom andthe power and the glory forever.Amen.” —Matthew 6:13b12 PRAISE HIM FOR HIS VICTORYAll in Christ Live ForeverFor since by man came death,by Man also came the resurrec-tion of the dead. For as in Adamall die, even so in Christ all shallbe made alive. But each one in hisown order: Christ the firstfruits,afterward those who are Christ’sat His coming. Then comes theend, when He delivers the king-dom to God the Father, when Heputs an end to all rule and all au-thority and power. For He mustreign till He has put all enemiesunder His feet. The last enemythat will be destroyed is death.—1 Corinthians 15:21-26Casts Out Satan in the End“Now is the judgment of thisworld; now the ruler of this worldwill be cast out.” —John 12:31So the great dragon was castout, that serpent of old, called theDevil and Satan, who deceives thewhole world; he was cast to theearth. —Revelation 12:9aAnd the devil, who deceivedthem, was cast into the lake offire and brimstone where thebeast and the false prophet are.And they will be tormented dayand night forever and ever.—Revelation 20:10PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GREAT SOVEREIGNTY 13That men may know that You,whose name alone is the LORD,are the Most High over all theearth. —Psalm 83:18“The LORD kills and makesalive; He brings down to thegrave and brings up. The LORDmakes poor and makes rich; Hebrings low and lifts up. He raisesthe poor from the dust and liftsthe beggar from the ash heap, toset them among princes and makethem inherit the throne of glory.For the pillars of the earth are theLORD’S, and He has set the worldupon them.” —1 Samuel 2:6-8For You, LORD, are most highabove all the earth; You are ex-alted far above all gods.—Psalm 97:9Therefore God also has highlyexalted Him and given Him thename which is above every name.—Philippians 2:9The LORD reigns . . . clothedwith majesty; the LORD is clothed,He has girded Himself withstrength. Surely the world is es-tablished, so that it cannot bemoved. Your throne is establishedfrom of old; You are from ever-lasting. —Psalm 93:1, 2For it is written: “As I live,says the Lord, every knee shallbow to Me, and every tongue shallconfess to God.” —Romans 14:1114 OUR GREAT GOD IS EXALTEDBe still, and know that I amGod; I will be exalted among thenations, I will he exalted in theearth! —Psalm 46:10The LORD is high above all na-tions, and His glory above theheavens. —Psalm 113:4Be exalted, O LORD, in Yourown strength! We will sing andpraise Your power. —Psalm 21:13Exalt the LORD our God, andworship at His footstool; for He isholy. —Psalm 99:5The LORD is exalted, for Hedwells on high; He has filled Zionwith justice and righteousness.—Isaiah 33:5Be exalted, O God, above theheavens; let Your glory be aboveall the earth. —Psalm 57:11For thus says the High and Lof-ty One who inhabits eternity,whose name is Holy: “I dwell inthe high and holy place, with himwho has a contrite and humblespirit, to revive the spirit of thehumble, and to revive the heart ofthe contrite ones.” —Isaiah 57:15But the LORD of hosts shall beexalted in judgment, and Godwho is holy shall be hallowed inrighteousness. —Isaiah 5:16The LORD lives! Blessed be myRock! Let the God of my salva-tion be exalted. —Psalm 18:46PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GREAT OWNERSHIP 15“Now therefore, if you will in-deed obey My voice and keep Mycovenant, than you shall be a spe-cial treasure to Me above all peo-ple; for all the earth is Mine.”—Exodus 19:5“The land shall not be soldpermanently, for the land is Mine;for you are strangers and sojourn-ers with Me.” —Leviticus 25:23For all that is in heaven and inearth is Yours; Yours is the king-dom, O LORD, and You are exalt-ed as head over all. But who am I,and who are my people, that weshould be able to offer so will-ingly as this? For all things comefrom You, and of Your own wehave given You.—1 Chronicles 29:11b and 14Which He worked in Christwhen He raised Him from thedead and seated Him at His righthand in the heavenly places, farabove all principality and powerand might and dominion, andevery name that is named, not on-ly in this age but also in thatwhich is to come. And He put allthings under His feet, and gaveHim to be head over all things tothe church. —Ephesians 1:20-22For you were bought at a price;therefore glorify God in yourbody and in your spirit, which areGod’s. —1 Corinthians 6:20
  4. 4. 16 PRAISE HIM THAT HE IS LORDYou alone are the LORD; Youhave made heaven, the heaven ofheavens, with all their host, theearth and all things on it, the seasand all that is in them, and Youpreserve them all; the host ofheaven worships You.—Nehemiah 9:6I will praise You, O Lord myGod, with all my heart, and I willglorify Your name forevermore.—Psalm 86:12I am the LORD, that is Myname; and My glory I will notgive to another, nor My praise tograven images. —Isaiah 42:8Jesus Christ Is LordYet for us there is only one God,the Father, of whom are allthings, and we for Him; and oneLord Jesus Christ, through whomare all things, and through whomwe live. —1 Corinthians 8:6“Therefore let all the house ofIsrael know assuredly that Godhas made this Jesus, whom youcrucified, both Lord and Christ.”—Acts 2:36Every tongue should confessthat Jesus Christ is Lord, to theglory of God the Father.—Philippians 2:11bKnow that the LORD, He isGod; it is He who has made us,and not we ourselves.—Psalm 100:3aGLORIFY GOD THROUGH PRAISE 17“Whoever offers praise glori-fies Me; and to him who orders hisconduct aright I will show the sal-vation of God.” —Psalm 50:23I will praise the name of Godwith a song, and will magnifyHim with thanksgiving.—Psalm 69:30You are my God, and I willpraise You; You are my God, Iwill exalt You. —Psalm 118:28Christians to Be Unitedin PraiseThat you may with one mindand one mouth glorify the Godand Father of our Lord JesusChrist. —Romans 15:6Give unto the LORD the glorydue to His name; worship theLORD in the beauty of holiness.—Psalm 29:2You who fear the LORD, praiseHim! All you descendants ofJacob, glorify Him, and fear Him,all you offspring of Israel!—Psalm 22:23If anyone speaks, let him speakas the oracles of God. If anyoneministers, let him do it as with theability which God supplies, thatin all things God may be glorifiedthrough Jesus Christ, to whombelong the glory and the dominionforever and ever. Amen.—1 Peter 4:1118 DECLARE HIS GLORY AND GREATNESSDeclare His glory among thenations, His wonders among allpeoples. For the LORD is greatand greatly to be praised; He is tobe feared above all gods.—Psalm 96:3, 4Be exalted, O God, above theheavens; let Your glory be aboveall the earth. —Psalm 57:5Sing out the honor of His name;make His praise glorious.—Psalm 66:2“O Lord GOD, You have begunto show Your servant Your great-ness and Your mighty hand, forwhat god is there in heaven or onearth who can do anything likeYour works and Your mightydeeds?” —Deuteronomy 3:24Rejoice in the LORD, O yourighteous! For praise from the up-right is beautiful. —Psalm 33:1My soul shall make its boast inthe LORD; the humble shall hearof it and be glad. —Psalm 34:2O God, my heart is steadfast; Iwill sing and give praise, evenwith my glory. Be exalted, O God,above the heavens, and Your glo-ry above all the earth.—Psalm 108:1 and 5O LORD, our Lord, How excel-lent is Your name in all the earth,You who set Your glory above theheavens! —Psalm 8:1PRAISE GOD FOR HIS GREAT PURPOSES 19To the intent that now the man-ifold wisdom of God might bemade known by the church to theprincipalities and powers in theheavenly places, according to theeternal purpose which He accom-plished in Christ Jesus our Lord.—Ephesians 3:10, 11In whom also we have obtainedan inheritance, being predestinedaccording to the purpose of Himwho works all things according tothe counsel of His will.—Ephesians 1:11(For the children not yet beingborn, nor having done any good orevil, that the purpose of God ac-cording to election might stand,not of works but of Him whocalls.) —Romans 9:11The LORD of hosts has sworn,saying, “Surely, as I havethought, so it shall come to pass,and as I have purposed, so it shallstand: that I will break the Assy-nan in My land, and on My moun-tains tread him under foot. Thenhis yoke shall be removed fromthem, and his burden removedfrom their shoulders. This is thepurpose that is purposed againstthe whole earth, and this is thehand that is stretched out over allthe nations.” —Isaiah 14:24-26PRAISE HIM FOR HIS WILL AND WAYS 21For His Great WillNot with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as servants ofChrist, doing the will of God fromthe heart. —Ephesians 6:6You ought to say, “If the Lordwills, we shall live and do this orthat.” —James 4:15b“If anyone wants to do His will,he shall know concerning the doc-trine, whether it is from God.”—John 7:17a“For whoever does the will ofMy Father in heaven is My broth-er and sister and mother.”—Matthew 12:50For His Great WaysOh, the depth of the riches bothof the wisdom and knowledge ofGod! How unsearchable are Hisjudgments and His ways pastfinding out! —Romans 11:33As for God, His way is perfect;the word of the LORD is proven.—Psalm 18:30a“For as the heavens are higherthan the earth, so are My wayshigher than your ways.”—Isaiah 55:9a“...Praise and extol and honorthe King of heaven, all of whoseworks are truth, and His waysjustice.” —Daniel 4:37a20 PRAISE GOD FOR HIS GREAT WORKSWhen I consider Your heavens,the work of Your fingers, themoon and the stars, which Youhave ordained, what is man thatYou are mindful of him, and theson of man that You visit him?—Psalm 8:3, 4The heavens declare the gloryof God; and the firmament showsHis handiwork. —Psalm 19:1That I may proclaim with thevoice of thanksgiving, and tell ofall Your wondrous works.—Psalm 26:7Many, O LORD my God, areYour wonderful works which Youhave done; and Your thoughtswhich are toward us cannot be re-counted to You in order; if I woulddeclare and speak of them, theyare more than can be numbered.—Psalm 40:5I will praise You, for I am fear-fully and wonderfully made; mar-velous are Your works, and thatmy soul knows very well.—Psalm 139:14The works of the LORD aregreat, studied by all who havepleasure in them. His work is hon-orable and glorious, and His right-eousness endures forever.—Psalm 111:2, 3
  5. 5. 22 PRAISE HIM FOR HIS ALMIGHTY NAMEGive to the LORD the glory dueHis name; bring an offering, andcome into His courts. Oh, worshipthe LORD in the beauty of holi-ness! Tremble before Him, all theearth. —Psalm 96:8, 9And in that day you will say:“Praise the LORD, call upon Hisname; declare His deeds amongthe peoples, make mention thatHis name is exalted.” —Isaiah 12:4According to Your name, OGod, so is Your praise to the endsof the earth; Your right hand isfull of righteousness. —Psalm 48:10“If you do not carefully observeall the words of this law that arewritten in this book, that you mayfear this glorious and awesomename, THE LORD YOUR GOD,then the LORD will bring uponyou and your descendants extra-ordinary plagues—great and pro-longed plagues—and serious andprolonged sicknesses.”—Deuteronomy 28:58, 59And this she did for many days.But Paul, greatly annoyed, turnedand said to the spirit, “I com-mand you in the name of JesusChrist to come out of her.” Andhe came out that very hour.—Acts 16:18PRAISE HIM FOR HIS ALMIGHTY NAME 23In God we boast all day long,and praise Your name forever.Selah. —Psalm 44:8Then the LORD descended inthe cloud and stood with himthere, and proclaimed the name ofthe LORD. —Exodus 34:5“Stand up and bless the LORDyour God forever and ever! Bless-ed be Your glorious name, whichis exalted above all blessing andpraise!” —Nehemiah 9:5bLet them praise the name of theLORD, for He commanded andthey were created. Let thempraise the name of the LORD, forHis name alone is exalted; Hisglory is above the earth and heav-en. —Psalm 148:5 and 13Praise the LORD, for the LORDis good; sing praises to His name,for it is pleasant. —Psalm 135:3I will freely sacrifice to You; Iwill praise Your name, O LORD,for it is good. —Psalm 54:6You shall eat in plenty and besatisfied, and praise the name ofthe LORD your God, who has dealtwondrously with you; and Mypeople shall never be put toshame. —Joel 2:26I will praise the name of Godwith a song, and will magnifyHim with thanksgiving.—Psalm 69:3024 PRAISE HIM FOR HIS ALMIGHTY NAMEI will praise the LORD accord-ing to His righteousness, and willsing praise to the name of theLORD Most High. —Psalm 7:17“Behold, a virgin shall be withchild, and bear a Son, and theyshall call His name Immanuel,”which is translated, “God withus.” —Matthew 1:23O LORD, our Lord, how excel-lent is Your name in all the earth!—Psalm 8:9Therefore God also has highlyexalted Him and given Him thename which is above every name,that at the name of Jesus everyknee should bow, of those in heav-en, and of those on earth, and ofthose under the earth.—Philippians 2:9, 10Oh, magnify the LORD with me,and let us exalt His name togeth-er. —Psalm 34:3Let them praise Your great andawesome name—He is holy.—Psalm 99:3Blessed be the name of theLORD from this time forth andforevermore! From the rising ofthe sun to its going down theLORD’S name is to be praised.—Psalm 113:2, 3SOME OF CHRIST’S NAMES AND TITLES 25His Sovereign PowerAlpha and Omega—theAlmighty—Revelation 1:8Blessed and only Potentate—1 Timothy 6:15Christ the Lord—Luke 2:11Christ the power of God and thewisdom of God—1 Corinthians 1:24God—John 1:1God of the whole earth—Isaiah 54:5Head of all principality andpower—Colossians 2:10I AM—John 8:58Immanuel (God with us)—Matthew 1:23Judge of the living and thedead—Acts 10:42King of glory —Psalm 24:7, 10KING OF KINGS, ANDLORD OF LORDS—Revelation 19:16Lord from heaven—1 Corinthians 15:47LORD of hosts—Isaiah 54:5; Psalm 24:10Lord God Almighty—Revelation 15:3Most Holy—Daniel 9:24Ruler—Matthew 2:6Son of God—John 9:35-37Wonderful, Counselor, MightyGod, Everlasting Father, Princeof Peace—Isaiah 9:6SOME OF CHRIST’S NAMES AND TITLES 27Who He Is to BelieversAdvocate—1 John 2:1Altogether lovely—Song of Solomon 5:16Author and finisher of ourfaith—Hebrews 12:2Branch of righteousness—Jeremiah 33:15Bread from heaven—John 6:51Bread of life—John 6:48Bridegroom—Matthew 9:15Chief cornerstone—Eph. 2:20Chief Shepherd—1 Peter 5:4The Christ of God—Luke 9:20Door of the sheep—John 10:7, 9Eternal life—1 John 5:20God and Savior Jesus Christ—2 Peter 1:1High Priest—Hebrews 3:1Hope of glory—Colossians 1:27King of the saints—Rev. 15:3Life-giving spirit—1 Cor. 15:45Light of the world—John 8:12THE LORD OURRIGHTEOUSNESS—Jer. 23:6Lord Jesus—Acts 7:59Mediator—1 Timothy 2:5Messenger of the covenant—Malachi 3:1Prince and Savior—Acts 5:31Prince of Peace—Isaiah 9:6Prophet—Luke 24:19Redeemer—Psalm 19:14Rose of Sharon—Song of Solomon 2:1True Light —John 1:926 SOME OF CHRIST’S NAMES AND TITLESWho He Is to the WorldDesire of All Nations—Haggai 2:7Faithful witness—Revelation 1:5Friend of sinners—Matthew 11:19King over all the earth—Zechariah 14:9Lord of all—Acts 10:36Ransom for all—1 Timothy 2:6Righteous Judge—2 Timothy 4:8Ruler over the kings of theearth—Revelation 1:5Savior of the world—John 4:42Shepherd and Overseer of yoursouls—1 Peter 2:25Son of Man —Matthew 8:20Stone rejected —Matthew 21:42As SaviorAuthor of eternalsalvation—Hebrews 5:9Gift of God—John 4:10Jesus Christ our Savior—Titus 3:6Lord of glory—1 Corinthians 2:8Messiah—John 1:41Messiah the Prince—Daniel 9:25Offering and a sacrifice to God—Ephesians 5:2Redeemer—Isaiah 59:20Resurrection and the life—John 11:25Savior Jesus Christ—2 Timothy 1:10Sun of Righteousness—Mal. 4:2
  6. 6. 28 PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE WORD OF GOD PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE WORD OF GOD 29It Is Inspired by GodAll Scripture is given by inspi-ration of God, and is profitablefor doctrine, for reproof, for cor-rection, for instruction in right-eousness. —2 Timothy 3:16It Bears Eternal Life to Believer“He who believes in the Son haseverlasting life; and he who doesnot believe the Son shall not seelife, but the wrath of God abideson him.” —John 3:36These things I have written toyou who believe in the name ofthe Son of God, that you mayknow that you have eternal life,and that you may continue to be-lieve in the name of the Son ofGod. —1 John 5:13But these are written that youmay believe that Jesus is theChrist, the Son of God, and thatbelieving you may have life in Hisname. —John 20:31It Is Powerful“Is not My word like a fire?”says the LORD, “And like a ham-mer that breaks the rock inpieces?” —Jeremiah 23:29For I am not ashamed of thegospel of Christ, for it is the pow-er of God to salvation for every-one who believes. —Romans 1:16aIt Is PureEvery word of God is pure.— Proverbs 30:5aThe words of the LORD are purewords. —Psalm 12:6aIt Is PerfectThe law of the LORD is perfect,converting the soul; the testimo-ny of the LORD is sure, makingwise the simple. —Psalm 19:7It Is Absolutely Trustworthy“For assuredly, I say to you, tillheaven and earth pass away, onejot or one tittle will by no meanspass from the law till all is ful-filled.” —Matthew 5:18It Is Our Standard of TruthAnd the Word became flesh anddwelt among us . . . full of graceand truth. —John 1:14Jesus said to him, “I am theway, the truth, and the life. Noone comes to the Father exceptthrough Me.” —John 14:6It Endures Forever“The grass withers, the flowerfades, but the word of our Godstands forever.” —Isaiah 40:8It Is Our LightYour word is a lamp to my feetand a light to my path.—Psalm 119:10530 PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE WORD OF GODIt Is Full of PurposeFor whatever things were writ-ten before were written for ourlearning, that we through the pa-tience and comfort of the Scrip-tures might have hope.—Romans 15:4It Is Loved by God’s PeopleYour word is very pure; there-fore Your servant loves it.—Psalm 119:140It Is Our Food“Man shall not live by breadalone; but man lives by everyword that proceeds from themouth of the LORD.”—Deuteronomy 8:3bAs newborn babes, desire thepure milk of the word, that youmay grow thereby. —1 Peter 2:2It Is Seed“The sower sows the word. Andthese are the ones by the waysidewhere the word is sown.”—Mark 4:14, 15aIt Is a WeaponFor the word of God is livingand powerful, and sharper thanany two-edged sword, piercingeven to the division of soul andspirit, and of joints and marrow,and is a discerner of the thoughtsand intents of the heart.—Hebrews 4:12FOR HIS DIVINE BLOOD OF THE COVENANT 31Read Exodus 24:6-8 and Hebrews 9Christ’s Bloodof the New Covenant“For this is My blood of thenew covenant, which is shed formany for the remission of sins.”—Matthew 26:28In the same manner He alsotook the cup after supper, saying,“This cup is the new covenant inMy blood. This do, as often as youdrink it, in remembrance of Me.”—1 Corinthians 11:25Of how much worse punish-ment, do you suppose, will he bethought worthy who has tram-pled the Son of God underfoot,counted the blood of the covenantby which he was sanctified a com-mon thing, and insulted the Spiritof grace? —Hebrews 10:29...the God of peace...broughtup our Lord Jesus from the dead,that great Shepherd of the sheep,through the blood of the everlast-ing covenant. —Hebrews 13:20“Whoever eats My flesh anddrinks My blood has eternal life.”—John 6:54a“And they overcame him by theblood of the Lamb and by theword of their testimony, and theydid not love their lives to thedeath.” —Revelation 12:11PRAISE THE LORD! 33For Salvation From SinAnd you know that He wasmanifested to take away our sins,and in Him there is no sin.—1 John 3:5For Salvation From Destruction“And the smoke of their tor-ment ascends forever and ever;and they have no rest day ornight, who worship the beast andhis image, and whoever receivesthe mark of his name.”—Revelation 14:11For Such Abundant SalvationAnd we know that the Son ofGod has come and has given us anunderstanding, that we may knowHim who is true; and we are inHim who is true, in His Son JesusChrist. This is the true God andeternal life. —1 John 5:20For Salvation Sure and Eternal“My sheep hear My voice, and Iknow them, and they follow Me.And I give them eternal life, andthey shall never perish; neithershall anyone snatch them out ofMy hand.” —John 10:27, 28“And this is eternal life, thatthey may know You, the only trueGod, and Jesus Christ whom Youhave sent.” —John 17:332 PRAISE THE LORD!My God Died for MeBy this we know love, becauseHe laid down His life for us.—1 John 3:16aHe Is the Resurrected AlmightyJesus said to her, “I am the re-surrection and the life. He who be-lieves in Me, though he may die,he shall live. And whoever livesand believes in Me shall never die.Do you believe this?”—John 11:25, 26He Purchased My Redemption“Therefore take heed to your-selves and to all the flock, amongwhich the Holy Spirit has madeyou overseers, to shepherd thechurch of God which He pur-chased with His own blood.”—Acts 20:28He Gave Me New BirthHaving been born again, not ofcorruptible seed but incorrupti-ble, through the word of Godwhich lives and abides forever.—1 Peter 1:23I’m Free From CondemnationThere is therefore now no con-demnation to those who are inChrist Jesus, who do not walk ac-cording to the flesh, but accord-ing to the Spirit. —Romans 8:1I Am Heir to Infinite Riches...heirs of the kingdom whichHe promised to those who loveHim? —James 2:5b
  7. 7. 34 PRAISE THE LORD!For the Call to RepentanceWhen Jesus heard it, He said tothem, “Those who are well haveno need of a physician, but thosewho are sick. I did not come tocall the righteous, but sinners, torepentance.” —Mark 2:17For Salvation by Faith in JesusSo they said, “Believe on theLord Jesus Christ, and you will besaved, you and your household.”—Acts 16:31For Taking the StingOut of Death“O Death, where is your sting?O Hades, where is your victory?”The sting of death is sin, and thestrength of sin is the law. Butthanks be to God, who gives usthe victory through our LordJesus Christ.—1 Corinthians 15:55-57For the Only Way of SalvationJesus ... said ..., “Most assur-edly, I say to you, unless one isborn again, he cannot see thekingdom of God.” —John 3:3For Divine Strength and SongThe LORD is my strength andsong, and He has become my sal-vation; He is my God, and I willpraise Him; my father’s God, andI will exalt Him. —Exodus 15:2PRAISE THE LORD! 35For Fellowship with ChristThat which we have seen andheard we declare to you, that youalso may have fellowship with us;and truly our fellowship is withthe Father and with His SonJesus Christ. —1 John 1:3“Behold, I stand at the doorand knock. If anyone hears Myvoice and opens the door, I willcome in to him and dine with him,and he with Me.” —Revelation 3:20The LORD is near to all who callupon Him, to all who call uponHim in truth. —Psalm 145:18“For where two or three aregathered together in My name, Iam there in the midst of them.”—Matthew 18:20God is faithful, by whom youwere called into the fellowship ofHis Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.—1 Corinthians 1:9“At that day you will know thatI am in My Father, and you in Me,and I in you.” —John 14:20Now he who keeps His com-mandments abides in Him, andHe in him. And by this we knowthat He abides in us, by the Spiritwhom He has given us.—1 John 3:2436 PRAISE THE LORD!Praise Him More and More for:His Righteousness andSalvationBut I will hope continually, andwill praise You yet more andmore. My mouth shall tell of Yourrighteousness and Your salvationall the day. Also Your righteous-ness, O God, is very high, Youwho have done great things; OGod, who is like You?—Psalm 71:14, 15a and 19Peace in Jesus, the Overcomer“These things I have spoken toyou, that in Me you may havepeace. In the world you will havetribulation; but be of good cheer, Ihave overcome the world.”—John 16:33Boldness by the Blood of JesusTherefore, brethren, havingboldness to enter the Holiest bythe blood of Jesus, by a new andliving way which He consecratedfor us, through the veil, that is,His flesh. —Hebrews 10:19, 20Redemption and ZealWho gave Himself for us, thatHe might redeem us from everylawless deed and purify for Him-self His own special people, zeal-ous for good works. —Titus 2:14Oh, bless our God, you peoples!And make the voice of His praiseto be heard. —Psalm 66:8THE LORD IS MY PRAISE 37Heal me, O LORD, and I shall behealed; save me, and I shall besaved, for You are my praise.—Jeremiah 17:14He Is My Eternal HopeLooking for the blessed hopeand glorious appearing of ourgreat God and Savior JesusChrist. —Titus 2:13He Is My Eternal Life“You have given Him authorityover all flesh, that He should giveeternal life to as many as Youhave given Him.”—John 17:2bFruits of Righteousness by HimBeing filled with the fruits ofrighteousness which are by JesusChrist, to the glory and praise ofGod. —Philippians 1:11Children Offer Perfect PraiseThen the blind and the lamecame to Him in the temple, andHe healed them. But when thechief priests and scribes saw thewonderful things that He did, andthe children crying out in the tem-ple saying, “Hosanna to the Sonof David!” they were indignantand said to Him, “Do You hearwhat these are saying?” AndJesus said to them, “Yes. Haveyou never read, ‘Out of the mouthof babes and nursing infants Youhave perfected praise’?—Matthew 21:14-16FACE EVERYTHING WITH THANKSGIVING 39Be filled with the Spirit, . . . giv-ing thanks always for all thingsto God the Father in the name ofour Lord Jesus Christ.—Ephesians 5:18b and 20And whatever you do in word ordeed, do all in the name of theLord Jesus, giving thanks to Godthe Father through Him.—Colossians 3:17Be anxious for nothing, but ineverything by prayer and suppli-cation, with thanksgiving, letyour requests be made known toGod. —Philippians 4:6“Offer to God thanksgiving,and pay your vows to the MostHigh. Call upon Me in the day oftrouble; I will deliver you, andyou shall glorify Me.”—Psalm 50:14, 15It Is God’s WillIn everything give thanks; forthis is the will of God in ChristJesus for you.—1 Thessalonians 5:18It Is the Way to Approach GodEnter into His gates withthanksgiving, and into His courtswith praise. Be thankful to Him,and bless His name. —Psalm 100:4Let us come before His presencewith thanksgiving; let us shoutjoyfully to Him with psalms.—Psalms 95:238 PRAISE HIM IN THE TRIAL OF YOUR FAITHWho are kept by the power ofGod through faith for salvationready to be revealed in the lasttime. In this you greatly rejoice,though now for a little while, ifneed be, you have been grieved byvarious trials. —1 Peter 1:5, 6So they departed from the pres-ence of the council, rejoicing thatthey were counted worthy to suf-fer shame for His name —Acts 5:41As sorrowful, yet always rejoic-ing; as poor, yet making manyrich; as having nothing, and yetpossessing all things.—2 Corinthians 6:10And if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs withChrist, if indeed we suffer withHim, that we may also be glori-fied together. —Romans 8:17My brethren, take the prophets,who spoke in the name of theLord, as an example of sufferingand patience. Indeed we countthem blessed who endure. Youhave heard of the perseverance ofJob and seen the end intended bythe Lord—that the Lord is verycompassionate and merciful.—James 5:10, 11aFor our light affliction, which isbut for a moment, is working forus a far more exceeding and eter-nal weight of glory.—2 Corinthians 4:17
  8. 8. 40 PRAISE THE LORD!For His Free, Infinite GraceSo Great and GloriousBeing justified freely by Hisgrace through the redemptionthat is in Christ Jesus.—Romans 3:24For Freedom From SinIn Him we have redemptionthrough His blood, the forgive-ness of sins, according to theriches of His grace.—Ephesians 1:7For Freedom From DeathSo that as sin reigned in death,even so grace might reign throughrighteousness to eternal lifethrough Jesus Christ our Lord.—Romans 5:21For Freedom From EvilHeritageThat having been justified byHis grace we should become heirsaccording to the hope of eternallife. —Titus 3:7For Freedom From Satan“To open their eyes and to turnthem from darkness to light, andfrom the power of Satan to God,that they may receive forgivenessof sins and an inheritance amongthose who are sanctified by faithin Me.” —Acts 26:18Therefore submit to God. Re-sist the devil and he will flee fromyou. —James 4:7PRAISE HIM FOR THESE RELATIONSHIPS 41We Are Friends ofAlmighty God“You are My friends if you dowhatever I command you.”—John 15:14We Are Sons of GodFor as many as are led by theSpirit of God, these are sons ofGod. —Romans 8:14We Are Servants of GodJames, a servant of God and ofthe Lord Jesus Christ.—James 1:1aWe Are Ambassadors for ChristTherefore we are ambassadorsfor Christ, as though God werepleading through us.—2 Corinthians 5:20aWe Are Kings and PriestsAnd has made us kings andpriests to His God and Father, toHim be glory and dominion for-ever and ever. Amen.—Revelation 1:6We Are Members ofChrist’s BodyFor we are members of Hisbody, of His flesh and of Hisbones. —Ephesians 5:30To Be Wife to the Lamb of God“For the marriage of the Lambhas come, and His wife has madeherself ready.” “Blessed are thosewho are called to the marriagesupper of the Lamb!”—Revelation 19:7b and 9b42 PRAISE—A PART OF PUBLIC WORSHIPI will give You thanks in thegreat congregation; I will praiseYou among many people.—Psalm 35:18Oh, that men would give thanksto the LORD for His goodness,and for His wonderful works tothe children of men! Let them ex-alt Him also in the congregationof the people. —Psalm 107:31, 32aLift up your hands in the sanc-tuary, and bless the LORD.—Psalm 134:2For who in the heavens can becompared to the LORD? Whoamong the sons of the mighty canbe likened to the LORD? God isgreatly to be feared in the as-sembly of the saints, and to beheld in reverence by all those whoare around Him. —Psalm 89:6, 7Praise the LORD! Sing to theLORD a new song, and His praisein the congregation of saints.—Psalm 149:1I will greatly praise the LORDwith my mouth; yes, I will praiseHim among the multitude.—Psalm 109:30Praise the LORD! Praise thename of the LORD; praise Him, Oyou servants of the LORD! Youwho stand in the house of theLORD, in the courts of the houseof our God. —Psalm 135:1, 2SING PRAISES TO THE LORD 43He has put a new song in mymouth—praise to our God; manywill see it and fear, and will trustin the LORD. —Psalm 40:3But I have trusted in Your mer-cy; my heart shall rejoice in Yoursalvation. I will sing to the LORD,because He has dealt bountifullywith me. —Psalm 13:5, 6Sing praises to the LORD, whodwells in Zion! Declare His deedsamong the people. —Psalm 9:11Make a joyful shout to theLORD, all you lands! Serve theLORD with gladness; come beforeHis presence with singing.—Psalm 100:1, 2I will praise the name of Godwith a song, and will magnifyHim with thanksgiving.—Psalm 69:30Therefore I will give thanks toYou. O LORD, among the Gen-tiles, and sing praises to Yourname. —Psalm 18:49But at midnight Paul and Silaswere praying and singing hymnsto God, and the prisoners werelistening to them. Suddenly therewas a great earthquake, so thatthe foundations of the prison wereshaken; and immediately all thedoors were opened and everyone’schains were loosed. —Acts 16:25, 26I CAN TRUST MY GOD ETERNALLY 45Trust in the LORD forever, forin YAH, the LORD, is everlastingstrength. —Isaiah 26:4The eternal God is your refuge,and underneath are the everlast-ing arms. —Deuteronomy 33:27aGod is our refuge and strength,a very present help in trouble.Therefore we will not fear, thoughthe earth be removed, and thoughthe mountains be carried into themidst of the sea; though its wat-ers roar and be troubled, thoughthe mountains shake with itsswelling. Selah. There is a riverwhose streams shall make gladthe city of God, the holy place ofthe tabernacle of the Most High.God is in the midst of her, sheshall not be moved; God shall helpher, just at the break of dawn. Thenations raged, the kingdoms weremoved; He uttered His voice, theearth melted. —Psalm 46:1-6“. . . call His name JESUS. Hewill be great, and will be calledthe Son of the Highest; and theLord God will give Him thethrone of His father David. AndHe will reign over the house ofJacob forever, and of His king-dom there will be no end.”—Luke 1:31b-3344 HE IS GREATLY TO BE PRAISEDGreat is the LORD, and greatlyto be praised in the city of ourGod, in His holy mountain.—Psalm 48:1“Rejoice greatly, O daughter ofZion! Shout, O daughter of Jeru-salem! Behold, your King is com-ing to you; He is just and havingsalvation, lowly and riding on adonkey, a colt, the foal of a don-key.” —Zechariah 9:9aLet the peoples praise You, OGod; let all the peoples praiseYou. —Psalm 67:3All nations whom You havemade shall come and worship be-fore You, O Lord, and shall glori-fy Your name. For You are great,and do wondrous things; Youalone are God. —Psalm 86:9, 10For the LORD is great andgreatly to be praised; He is also tobe feared above all gods. For allthe gods of the peoples are idols,but the LORD made the heavens.Honor and majesty are beforeHim; strength and gladness are inHis place. —1 Chronicles 16:25-27Give Expression to Holy JoyBut let all those rejoice who puttheir trust in You; let them evershout for joy, because You defendthem; let those also who loveYour name be joyful in You.—Psalm 5:11
  9. 9. 46 CHOSEN TO PRAISE CHRIST FOREVERChurch Glorifies Christ ForeverTo Him be glory in the churchby Christ Jesus throughout allages, world without end. Amen.—Ephesians 3:21To God our Savior, who alone iswise, be glory and majesty, domin-ion and power, both now and for-ever. Amen. —Jude 25He Chose Us to PraiseHis GloryThat we who first trusted inChrist should be to the praise ofHis glory. In Him you also trust-ed, after you heard the word oftruth, the gospel of your salva-tion; in whom also, having be-lieved, you were sealed with theHoly Spirit of promise, who is theguarantee of our inheritance untilthe redemption of the purchasedpossession, to the praise of Hisglory. —Ephesians 1:12-14And this I pray, that your lovemay abound still more and morein knowledge and all discernment,that you may approve the thingsthat are excellent, that you maybe sincere and without offense tillthe day of Christ, being filledwith the fruits of righteousnesswhich are by Jesus Christ, to theglory and praise of God.—Philippians 1:9-11PRAISE HIM CONTINUALLY AND FOREVER 47I will bless the LORD at alltimes; His praise shall continuallybe in my mouth. —Psalm 34:1So we, your people and sheepof Your pasture, will give Youthanks forever; we will show forthYour praise to all generations.—Psalm 79:13They do not rest day or night,saying: “Holy, holy, holy, LordGod Almighty, who was and isand is to come!” Whenever theliving creatures give glory andhonor and thanks to Him who sitson the throne, who lives foreverand ever, the twenty-four eldersfall down before Him who sits onthe throne and worship Him wholives forever and ever, and casttheir crowns before the throne,saying: “You are worthy, O Lord,to receive glory and honor andpower; for You created all things,and by Your will they exist andwere created.” —Revelation 4:8b-11But we will bless the LORDfrom this time forth and forever-more. Praise the LORD!—Psalm 115:18While I live I will praise theLORD; I will sing praises to myGod while I have my being.—Psalm 146:248 WORSHIP CHRIST, FOR HE IS WORTHYAnd they sang a new song, say-ing: “You are worthy to take thescroll, and to open its seals; forYou were slain, and have re-deemed us to God by Your bloodout of every tribe and tongue andpeople and nation, and have madeus kings and priests to our God;and we shall reign on the earth.”Then I looked, and I heard thevoice of many angels around thethrone, the living creatures, andthe elders; and the number ofthem was ten thousand times tenthousand, and thousands of thou-sands, saying with a loud voice:“Worthy is the Lamb who wasslain to receive power and richesand wisdom, and strength andhonor and glory and blessing!”And every creature which is inheaven and on the earth and un-der the earth and such as are inthe sea, and all that are in them, Iheard saying: “Blessing andhonor and glory and power be toHim who sits on the throne, andto the Lamb, forever and ever!”Then the four living creaturessaid, “Amen!” And the twenty-four elders fell down and wor-shiped Him who lives forever andever. —Revelation 5:9-14The glory of the Lord filled the house of God throughpraise (2 Chronicles 5:13, 14). Praising the Lord in advanceof the battle brought a great victory (2 Chronicles 20:1-24).“But You are holy, who inhabit the praises of Israel” (Psalm22:3). God inhabits the praises of His chosen people. A personwho truly praises God from his heart will be more Spirit-filled, for God will inhabit those praises. Praise is a sure wayto have more of the presence and power of God in one’s life.Spiritual power from the Lord comes by His Spirit (“befilled with the Spirit”); by His Word, His Blood, His Name, HisLove; through the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteousman; and through obedience to God. In this booklet we haveseen yet another dimension of power—that of praising theLord. The more loving praise one gives to God, the morespiritual power he will have.SPIRITUAL POWER IN PRAISEThis booklet for Christians is published for free distribution as the Lordprovides funds in answer to prayer. If you wish more copies to give tothose who are following Jesus Christ, please write to the address belowor order online and let us know how many you can wisely use. Please tellus clearly how you plan to distribute the booklets. Other evangelisticbooklets are also available in numerous languages. Visit our website atwww.wmpress.org.World Missionary Press, Inc.P.O. Box 120New Paris, Indiana 46553-0120 U.S.A.1214 EnglishThe Bible text used is from the New King James Version. Copyright ©1979,1980, 1982, Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers. Used by permission.