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How to know god english

  1. 1. How to Know GodAs Abraham was “a friend of God” by his submission and obedience toGod, you too can come to know God and experience His mercy, peace,and blessing. Knowing God by truly submitting to Him in trust is the mostimportant experience of life. How wonderful that God reveals Himself toall who seek Him with their whole heart!If you turn from going your own way and truly submit yourself to God,His Spirit will live in you. Nothing will be able to separate you from Hislove as you trust His promises and follow Him in obedience. He will beyour God, and you will be His own treasured possession. You willdiscover that He purchased you at great cost, and He wants to havefellowship with you—now and for eternity.Ask God to give you understanding as you study these pages of quota-tion from Gods Word. God inspired godly men to write these words andhas miraculously preserved them through the generations in spite of allattempts of Satan to stamp them out.Scripture references throughout this booklet are taken from the Bible: the Law (Torah),the Psalms (Zabur), the writings of the prophets, and the Gospel (Injil).The Bible text used is from the New King James Version 1979, 1980, 1982, ThomasNelson Inc., Publishers. Used by permission.THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE GOD 1“The LORD our God, the LORDis one! You shall love the LORDyour God with all your heart, withall your soul, and with all yourmight.” —Deuteronomy 6:4b, 5For thus says the LORD, whocreated the heavens, who is God,who formed the earth and made it,who has established it, who didnot create it in vain, who formedit to be inhabited: “I am theLORD, and there is no other.”—Isaiah 45:18“That all the peoples of theearth may know that the LORD isGod; there is no other.”—1 Kings 8:60“I am the LORD, that is Myname; and My glory I will notgive to another.” —Isaiah 42:8“You are My witnesses” saysthe LORD, “and My servantwhom I have chosen, that youmay know and believe Me, and un-derstandthat I am He. Before Methere was no God formed, norshall there be after Me. I, even I,am the LORD, and besides Methere is no savior.”—Isaiah 43:10, 11“Look to Me, and be saved, allyou ends of the earth! For I amGod, and there is no other.”—Isaiah 45:222 GOD IS MERCIFUL AND GRACIOUSThe LORD is merciful and gra-cious, slow to anger, and abound-ing in mercy. For as the heavensare high above the earth, so greatis His mercy toward those whofear Him. —Psalm 103:8, 11But the mercy of the LORD isfrom everlasting to everlasting onthose who fear Him, . . . and tothose, who remember His com-mandments to do them.—Psalm 103:17a, 18bWho is a God like You, pardon-ing iniquity. . . because He de-lights in mercy. —Micah 7:18Through the LORD’S mercieswe are not consumed, because Hiscompassions fail not. They arenew every morning; great is Yourfaithfulness.—Lamentations 3:22, 23Though He causes grief, yet Hewill show compassion accordingto the multitude of His mercies.—Lamentations 3:32With the merciful You willshow Yourself merciful.—Psalm 18:25aOh, give thanks to the LORD,for He is good! For His mercy en-dures forever. —1 Chronicles 16:34“For I know that You are a gra-cious and merciful God, slow toanger and abundant in loving-kindness....” —Jonah 4:2bGOD LOVES YOU 3The LORD has appeared of oldto me, saying: “Yes, I have lovedyou with an everlasting love;therefore with lovingkindness Ihave drawn you.” —Jeremiah 31:3For I know the thoughts that Ithink toward you, says the LORD,thoughts of peace and not of evil,to give you a future and a hope.—Jeremiah 29:11“I have loved you,” says theLORD. —Malachi 1:2aAs a father pities his children,so the LORD pities those who fearHim. —Psalm 103:13Indeed it was for my own peacethat I had great bitterness; butYou have lovingly delivered mysoul from the pit of corruption,for You have cast all my sins be-hind Your back. —Isaiah 38:17And we have known and be-lieved the love that God has forus. We love Him because He firstloved us. —1 John 4:16a, 19“The LORD your God in yourmidst, the Mighty One, will save;He will rejoice over you with glad-ness, He will quiet you in Hislove, He will rejoice over you withsinging.” —Zephaniah 3:17How precious is Your loving-kindness, O God! —Psalm 36:7aHowKnowtoGod“And you will seek Me and find Me, when yousearch for Me with all your heart.”
  2. 2. 4 THE GREATEST THING IN LIFE IS TO KNOW GODBut the people who know theirGod shall be strong, and carry outgreat exploits. —Daniel 11:32b“But let him who glories gloryin this, that he understands andknows Me, that I am the LORD,exercising lovingkindness, judg-ment, and righteousness in theearth. For in these I delight,”says the LORD. —Jeremiah 9:24Blessed are those who keep Histestimonies, who seek Him withthe whole heart! —Psalm 119:2“I have set before you life anddeath, blessing and cursing; there-fore choose life, that both you andyour descendants may live; thatyou may love the LORD your God,that you may obey His voice, andthat you may cling to Him, for Heis your life and the length of yourdays.” —Deuteronomy 30:19b, 20aFor I desire mercy and not sac-rifice, and the knowledge of Godmore than burnt offerings.—Hosea 6:6As the deer pants for the waterbrooks, so pants my soul for You,O God. —Psalm 42:1And He said, “My Presence willgo with you, and I will give yourest.” —Exodus 33:14LIVING INDEPENDENTLY OF GOD IS FATAL 5“The LORD is with you whileyou are with Him. If you seekHim, He will be found by you; butif you forsake Him, He will for-sake you.” —2 Chronicles 15:2b“The heart is deceitful above allthings, and desperately wicked;who can know it?” —Jeremiah 17:9There is a way that seems rightto a man, but its end is the way ofdeath. —Proverbs 16:25For if God did not spare the an-gels who sinned, but cast themdown to hell and delivered theminto chains of darkness, to be re-served for judgment; then theLord knows how to deliver thegodly out of temptations and toreserve the unjust under punish-ment for the day of judgment.—2 Peter 2:4, 9“However, if you do not obeythe voice of the LORD, but rebel a-gainst the commandment of theLORD, then the hand of the LORDwill be against you.”—1 Samuel 12:15a“If anyone does not abide inMe, he is cast out as a branch andis withered; and they gather themand throw them into the fire, andthey are burned.” —John 15:6But the transgressors shall bedestroyed together; the future ofthe wicked shall be cut off.—Psalm 37:386 TO KNOW GOD WE MUST SEEK HIMAnd you will seek Me and findMe, when you search for Me withall your heart. —Jeremiah 29:13If you . . . search . . . as for hid-den treasures; then you will . . .find the knowledge of God.—Proverbs 2:4, 5“Ask, and it will be given toyou; seek, and you will find;knock, and it will be opened toyou.” —Matthew 7:7But without faith it is impossi-ble to please Him, for he whocomes to God must believe thatHe is, and that He is a rewarder ofthose who diligently seek Him.—Hebrews 11:6“I love those who love me, andthose who seek me diligently willfind me.” —Proverbs 8:17The LORD is good to those whowait for Him, to the soul whoseeks Him. —Lamentations 3:25“And He has made from oneblood every nation of men so thatthey should seek the Lord, in thehope that they might grope forHim and find Him, though He isnot far from each one of us.”—Acts 17:26a, 27“But as for me, I would seekGod, and to God I would commitmy cause.” —Job 5:8GOD WANTS US TO COME TO HIM 7“For the LORD your God is gra-cious and merciful, and will notturn His face from you if you re-turn to Him.” —2 Chronicles 30:9bFor You, Lord, are good, andready to forgive, and abundant inmercy to all those who call uponYou. —Psalm 86:5Draw near to God and He willdraw near to you. —James 4:8aThe LORD is near to all who callupon Him, to all who call uponHim in truth. —Psalm 145:18“Come now, and let us reasontogether,” says the LORD,“though your sins are like scarlet,they shall be as white as snow;though they are red like crimson,they shall be as wool.” —Isaiah 1:18“Come to Me, all you who laborand are heavy laden, and I willgive you rest. Take My yoke uponyou and learn from Me, for I amgentle and lowly in heart, and youwill find rest for your souls.”—Matthew 11:28, 29“The one who comes to Me Iwill by no means cast out.”—John 6:37b“Ho! Everyone who thirsts,come to the waters; and you whohave no money, come, buy andeat. Yes, come, buy wine andmilk without money and withoutprice.” —Isaiah 55:18 GOD IS HOLY“Who is like You, O LORD,...glorious in holiness?”—Exodus 15:11“There is none holy like theLORD, for there is none besidesYou.” —1 Samuel 2:2aFar be it from God to do wick-edness, and from the Almighty tocommit iniquity. —Job 34:l0b“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD ofhosts; the whole earth is full ofHis glory!” —Isaiah 6:3bFor thus says the High andLofty One who inhabits eternity,whose name is Holy: “I dwell inthe high and holy place.”—Isaiah 57:15a“No one is good but One, thatis, God.” —Mark 10:18b“Who shall not fear You, OLord, and glorify Your name? ForYou alone are holy.”—Revelation 15:4aLet them praise Your great andawesome name—He is holy.—Psalm 99:3Exalt the LORD our God,...forthe LORD our God is holy.—Psalm 99:9“Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Al-mighty, who was and is and is tocome!” —Revelation 4:8bGOD’S PEOPLE MUST LIVE HOLY LIVES 9You believe that there is oneGod. You do well. Even the de-mons believe—and tremble! Butdo you want to know, O foolishman, that faith without works isdead? But be doers of the word,and not hearers only, deceivingyourselves. —James 2:19, 20; 1:22The way of the wicked is anabomination to the LORD, but Heloves him who follows righteous-ness. —Proverbs 15:9He who says, “I know Him,”and does not keep His command-ments, is a liar, and the truth isnot in him. In this the children ofGod and the children of the devilare manifest: Whoever does notpractice righteousness is not ofGod, nor is he who does not lovehis brother. —1 John 2:4; 3:10Pursue peace with all men, andholiness, without which no onewill see the Lord. —Hebrews 12:14But as He who called you is ho-ly, you also be holy in all your con-duct. —1 Peter 1:15Seek good and not evil, that youmay live; so the LORD God ofhosts will be with you.—Amos 5:14aWho may stand in His holyplace? He who has clean handsand a pure heart. —Psalm 24:3b, 4a
  3. 3. 10 THINGS GOD COMMANDSAnd what does the LORD re-quire of you but to do justly, tolove mercy, and to walk humblywith your God? —Micah 6:8b“You shall be holy, for I theLORD your God am holy.”—Leviticus 19:2b“You shall love the LORD yourGod with all your heart, with allyour soul, with all your strength,and with all your mind, and yourneighbor as yourself.”—Luke 10:27b“You know the command-ments: ‘Do not commit adultery,’‘Do not murder,’ ‘Do not steal,’‘Do not bear false witness,’ ‘Donot defraud,’ ‘Honor your fatherand your mother.’” —Mark 10:19And do not be conformed tothis world, but be transformed bythe renewing of your mind.—Romans 12:2a“This Book of the Law shall notdepart from your mouth, but youshall meditate in it day and night,that you may observe to do accord-ing to all that is written in it. Forthen you will make your way pros-perous, and then you will havegood success.” —Joshua 1:8“Have faith in God.”—Mark 11:22b“So you shall serve the LORDyour God.” —Exodus 23:25aTHINGS GOD HATES 11These six things the LORDhates, yes, seven are an abomina-tion to Him: a proud look, a lyingtongue, hands that shed innocentblood, a heart that devises wickedplans, feet that are swift in run-ning to evil, a false witness whospeaks lies, and one who sowsdiscord among brethren.—Proverbs 6:16-19“For I, the LORD, love justice; Ihate robbery.” —Isaiah 61:8a“But the cowardly, unbelieving,abominable, murderers, sexuallyimmoral, sorcerers, idolaters, andall liars shall have their part inthe lake which burns with fire andbrimstone, which is the seconddeath.” —Revelation 21:8Therefore take heed to yourspirit, and let none deal treacher-ously with the wife of his youth.“For the LORD . . . says that Hehates divorce.” —Malachi 2:15b, 16a“‘Let none of you think evil inyour heart against your neighbor;and do not love a false oath. Forall these are things that I hate,’says the LORD.” —Zechariah 8:17“You are those who justifyyourselves before men, but Godknows your hearts. For what ishighly esteemed among men is anabomination in the sight of God.”—Luke 16:15b12 PEOPLE FALL SHORT OF GOD’S REQUIREMENTS“But I know you, that you donot have the love of God in you.”—John 5:42For whoever shall keep thewhole law, and yet stumble in onepoint, he is guilty of all.—James 2:10Then I said: “Woe is me, for Iam undone! Because I am a manof unclean lips, and I dwell in themidst of a people of unclean lips;for my eyes have seen the King,the LORD of hosts.” —Isaiah 6:5Therefore, to him who knows todo good and does not do it, to himit is sin. —James 4:17As it is written: “There is nonerighteous, no, not one.”—Romans 3:10For all have sinned and fallshort of the glory of God.—Romans 3:23Whoever does not practicerighteousness is not of God, nor ishe who does not love his brother.—1 John 3:l0bAll we like sheep have gone a-stray; we have turned, every one,to his own way. —Isaiah 53:6a“Who is able to stand beforethis holy LORD God?...”—1 Samuel 6:20bOUR OWN WORKS CANNOT PLEASE GOD 13For I bear them witness thatthey have a zeal for God, but notaccording to knowledge. For theybeing ignorant of God’s right-eousness, and seeking to establishtheir own righteousness, have notsubmitted to the righteousness ofGod. —Romans 10:2, 3But we are all like an uncleanthing, and all our righteousnessare like filthy rags. —Isaiah 64:6a“When I say to the righteousthat he shall surely live, but hetrusts in his own righteousnessand commits iniquity, none of hisrighteous works shall be remem-bered; but because of the iniquitythat he has committed, he shalldie.” —Ezekiel 33:13So then, those who are in theflesh cannot please God.—Romans 8:8Therefore by the deeds of thelaw no flesh will be justified inHis sight. —Romans 3:20aNot that we are sufficient ofourselves to think of anything asbeing from ourselves, but our suf-ficiency is from God.—2 Corinthians 3:5But that no one is justified bythe law in the sight of God is evi-dent, for “The just shall live byfaith.” —Galatians 3:1114 SIN SEPARATES US FROM GODTherefore, just as through oneman sin entered the world, anddeath through sin, and thus deathspread to all men, because allsinned. —Romans 5:12Then, when desire has con-ceived, it gives birth to sin; andsin, when it is full-grown, bringsforth death. —James 1:15But your iniquities have sepa-rated you from your God; andyour sins have hidden His facefrom you, so that He will not hear.—Isaiah 59:2As righteousness leads to life,so he who pursues evil pursues itto his own death. —Proverbs 11:19“Thus says God: ‘Why do youtransgress the commandments ofthe LORD, so that you cannot pros-per? Because you have forsakenthe LORD, He also has forsakenyou.’” —2 Chronicles 24:20b“For rebellion is as the sin ofwitchcraft, and stubbornness isas iniquity and idolatry. Becauseyou have rejected the word of theLORD, He also has rejected you.”—1 Samuel 15:23a“And I will surely hide My facein that day because of all the evilwhich they have done.”—Deuteronomy 31:18a“The soul who sins shall die.”—Ezekiel 18:20aGOD’S WRATH IS ON SIN 15God is a just judge, and God isangry with the wicked every day.—Psalm 7:11The LORD is slow to anger andgreat in power, and will not at allacquit the wicked. —Nahum l:3aBecause of these things thewrath of God is coming upon thesons of disobedience.—Colossians 3:6For the wrath of God is re-vealed from heaven against all un-godliness and unrighteousness ofmen, who suppress the truth inunrighteousness. —Romans 1:18Being filled with all unright-eousness, sexual immorality,wickedness, covetousness, mali-ciousness; full of envy, murder,strife, deceit, evil-mindedness;they are whisperers, backbiters,haters of God, violent, proud,boasters, inventors of evil things,disobedient to parents, undiscern-ing, untrustworthy, unloving, un-forgiving, unmerciful; who, know-ing the righteous judgment ofGod, that those who practice suchthings are worthy of death, notonly do the same but also approveof those who practice them,—Romans 1:29-32Tribulation and anguish, onevery soul of man who does evil.—Romans 2:9a
  4. 4. 16 JUDGMENT IS AHEADIt is appointed for men to dieonce, but after this the judgment.—Hebrews 9:27bAnd I saw the dead, small andgreat, standing before God, andbooks were opened. And anotherbook was opened, which is theBook of Life. And the dead werejudged according to their works,by the things which were writtenin the books. And anyone notfound written in the Book of Lifewas cast into the lake of fire.—Revelation 20:12, 15It is a fearful thing to fall intothe hands of the living God.—Hebrews 10:31“But I say to you that for everyidle word men may speak, theywill give account of it in the dayof judgment.” —Matthew 12:36For God will bring every workinto judgment, including every se-cret thing, whether it is good orwhether it is evil.—Ecclesiastes 12:14“So it will be at the end of theage. The angels will come forth,separate the wicked from amongthe just, and cast them into thefurnace of fire. There will be wail-ing and gnashing of teeth.”—Matthew 13:49, 50WE CANNOT HIDE FROM GOD 17The eyes of the LORD are in ev-ery place, keeping watch on theevil and the good. —Proverbs 15:3O LORD, You have searched meand known me. You know my sit-ting down and my rising up; Youunderstand my thought afar off.You comprehend my path and mylying down, and are acquaintedwith all my ways. For there is nota word on my tongue, but behold,LORD, You know it altogether.—Psalm 139:1-4“For the LORD does not see asman sees; for man looks at theoutward appearance, but theLORD looks at the heart.”—1 Samuel 16:7bHe who planted the ear, shallHe not hear? He who formed theeye, shall He not see? —Psalm 94:9“For My eyes are on all theirways; they are not hidden fromMy face, nor is their iniquity hid-den from My eyes.”—Jeremiah 16:17There is no creature hiddenfrom His sight, but all things arenaked and open to the eyes ofHim to whom we must give ac-count. —Hebrews 4:13“There is no darkness nor shad-ow of death where the workers ofiniquity may hide themselves.”—Job 34:2218 TURNING FROM SIN IS NEEDED“Do I have any pleasure at allthat the wicked should die?” saysthe Lord GOD, “and not that heshould turn from his ways andlive?” —Ezekiel 18:23“I tell you, no; but unless yourepent you will all likewiseperish.” —Luke 13:3He who covers his sins will notprosper, but whoever confessesand forsakes them will have mer-cy. —Proverbs 28:13“Now, therefore,” says theLORD, “turn to Me with all yourheart, with fasting, with weeping,and with mourning.” So rend yourheart, and not your garments; re-turn to the LORD) your God, forHe is gracious and merciful, slowto anger, and of great kindness.—Joel 2:12, 13aTake words with you, and re-turn to the LORD. Say to Him,“Take away all iniquity; receiveus graciously.” —Hosea 14:2a“And he looks at men and says,‘I have sinned, and pervertedwhat was right, and it did not prof-it me.’ He will redeem his soulfrom going down to the Pit, andhis life shall see the light.”—Job 33:27, 28“Repent, and turn from all yourtransgressions, so that iniquitywill not be your ruin.”—Ezekiel 18:30bREPENTANCE BRINGS FORGIVENESS 19Seek the LORD while He may befound, call upon Him while He isnear. Let the wicked forsake hisway, and the unrighteous man histhoughts; let him return to theLORD, and He will have mercy onhim; and to our God, for He willabundantly pardon. —Isaiah 55:6, 7The LORD is near to those whohave a broken heart, and savessuch as have a contrite spirit.—Psalm 34:18“. . . that everyone may turnfrom his evil way, that I may for-give . . . their sin.” —Jeremiah 36:3bI acknowledged my sin to You,and my iniquity I have not hid-den. I said, “I will confess mytransgressions to the LORD,” andYou forgave the iniquity of mysin. —Psalm 32:5If we confess our sins, He isfaithful and just to forgive us oursins and to cleanse us from all un-righteousness. —1 John 1:9“Repent therefore and be con-verted, that your sins may beblotted out.” —Acts 3:19aI will hear what God the LORDwill speak, for He will speak peaceto His people and to His saints;but let them not turn back to fol-ly. —Psalm 85:8Repentance means turning fromsin as well as confessing it to God.JESUS IS THE LAMB PROVIDED BY GOD 21The next day John saw Jesuscoming toward him, and said,“Behold! The Lamb of God whotakes away the sin of the world!”—John 1:29And the LORD has laid on Himthe iniquity of us all. He was op-pressed and He was afflicted, yetHe opened not His mouth; He wasled as a Iamb to the slaughter, andas a sheep before its shearers is si-lent, so He opened not His mouth.—Isaiah 53:6b, 7Not with the blood of goats andcalves, but with His own blood Heentered the Most Holy Place oncefor all, having obtained eternal re-demption. But now, once at theend of the ages, He has appearedto put away sin by the sacrifice ofHimself. So Christ was offeredonce to bear the sins of many.—Hebrews 9:12, 26b, 28aKnowing that you were not re-deemed with corruptible things,like silver or gold,...but with theprecious blood of Christ, as of alambwithout blemish and with-out spot. —1 Peter 1:18a, 19How much more shall the bloodof Christ, who through the eternalSpirit offered Himself withoutspot to God, purge your con-science from dead works to servethe living God? —Hebrews 9:1420 SACRIFICE NEEDED TO RECONCILE US TO GOD(Compare with page 14.)“Then he shall put his hand onthe head of the burnt offering,and it will be accepted on his be-half to make atonement for him.For the life of the flesh is in theblood, and I have given it to youupon the altar to make atonementfor your souls; for it is the bloodthat makes atonement for thesoul.” —Leviticus 1:4:17:11According to the law almost allthings are purged with blood, andwithout shedding of blood there isno remission. —Hebrews 9:22“Your lamb shall be withoutblemish, a male of the first year.Now the blood shall be a sign foryou on the houses where you are.And when I see the blood, I willpass over you; and the plagueshall not be on you to destroyyou.” —Exodus 12:5a, 13aAnd he said, “Look, the fire andthe wood, but where is the lambfor a burnt offering?” AndAbraham said, “My son, God willprovide for Himself the lamb for aburnt offering.” Then Abrahamlifted his eyes and looked, andthere behind him was a ramcaught in a thicket by its horns.So Abraham went and took theram, and offered it up for a burntoffering instead of his son.—Genesis 22:7b-8a, 13
  5. 5. 22 REDEMPTION ONLY BY GOD’S PROVISIONBeing justified freely by Hisgrace through the redemptionthat is in Christ Jesus, whom Godset forth to be a propitiation byHis blood, through faith.—Romans 3:24, 25aBut God demonstrates His ownlove toward us, in that while wewere still sinners, Christ died forus. Much more then, having nowbeen justified by His blood, weshall be saved from wraththrough Him. —Romans 5:8, 9“Knowing that a man is notjustified by the works of the lawbut by faith in Jesus Christ, evenwe have believed in Christ Jesus.”—Galatians 2:16aFor by grace you have beensaved through faith, and that notof yourselves; it is the gift of God,not of works, lest anyone shouldboast. —Ephesians 2:8, 9“To Him all the prophets wit-ness that, through His name, who-ever believes in Him will receiveremission of sins.” —Acts 10:43“Nor is there salvation in anyother, for there is no other nameunder heaven given among menby which we must be saved.”—Acts 4:12In Him we have redemptionthrough His blood, the forgive-ness of sins, according to theriches of His grace. —Ephesians 1:7THE BIRTH OF JESUS ANNOUNCED 23The angel Gabriel was sent byGod to a city of Galilee namedNazareth, to a virgin betrothed toa man whose name was Joseph, ofthe house of David. The virgin’sname was Mary.... Then the an-gel said to her, “Do not be afraid,Mary, for you have found favorwith God. And behold, you willconceive in your womb and bringforth a Son, and shall call Hisname JESUS. He will be great,and will be called the Son of theHighest;...and of His kingdomthere will be no end.” Then Marysaid to the angel, “How can thisbe, since I do not know aman?”And the angel answeredand said to her, “The Holy Spiritwill come upon you, and the pow-er of the Highest will overshadowyou; therefore, also, that HolyOne who is to be born will be calledthe Son of God. . . . For with Godnothing will be impossible.” ThenMary said, “Behold the maidser-vant of the Lord! Let it be to meaccording to your word.” And theangel departed from her.—Luke 1:26b-38The only men to enter the world with-out being the product of a sexual unionwere Adam and Christ. Adam broughtsin into the world, but Jesus broughtvictory over sin.24 WHO JESUS REALLY ISChrist Jesus, . . . being in theform of God, did not consider itrobbery to be equal with God,...and being found in appearanceas a man, He humbled Himselfand became obedient to the pointof death, even the death of thecross. —Philippians 2:5b-8“I and My Father are one. Doyou say of Him whom the Fathersanctified and sent into the world,‘You are blaspheming,’ because Isaid, ‘I am the Son of God’?”—John 10:30, 36Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word, hasalways existed. By a miracle, Godcaused Him to be conceived in thewomb of Mary. Physically, He is knownas the Son of Man, and spiritually He isknown as the Son of God. The Scrip-tures use the word “Son” to explain therelationship that exists between Godand His Word—Jesus Christ.Therefore, when He came intothe world, He said: “. . . But abody You have prepared for Me.”—Hebrews 10:5And declared to be the Son ofGod with power, according to theSpirit of holiness, by the resurrec-tion from the dead. —Romans 1:4And Thomas answered and saidto Him, “My Lord and my God!”—John 20:28WHO JESUS REALLY IS 25And without controversy greatis the mystery of godliness: Godwas manifested in the flesh.—1 Timothy 3:16aFor in Him dwells all the full-ness of the Godhead bodily.—Colossians 2:9For unto us a Child is born, un-to us a Son is given; and the gov-ernment will be upon His shoul-der, And His name will be calledWonderful, Counselor, MightyGod, Everlasting Father, Princeof Peace. —Isaiah 9:6Jesus said to them, “...BeforeAbraham was, I AM” —John 8:58In Him was life, and the life wasthe light of men. That was thetrue Light which gives light to ev-ery man who comes into theworld. He was in the world, andthe world was made through Him,and the world did not know Him.—John 1:4, 9-10For there is one God and oneMediator between God and men,the Man Christ Jesus, who gaveHimself a ransom for all.—1 Timothy 2:5, 6aIn whom we have redemptionthrough His blood, the forgive-ness of sins. He is the image ofthe invisible God.”—Colossians 1:14, 15aJESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD 27He was clothed with a robedipped in blood, and His name iscalled The Word of God.—Revelation 19:13In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God, andthe Word was God. And the Wordbecame flesh and dwelt among us.—John 1:1, 14aJesus Reveals GodNo one has seen God at anytime. The only begotten Son, whois in the bosom of the Father, Hehas declared Him. —John 1:18For it is the God who command-ed light to shine out of darknesswho has shone in our hearts togive the light of the knowledge ofthe glory of God in the face of Je-sus Christ. —2 Corinthians 4:6God Speaks by JesusGod, who at various times andin different ways spoke in timepast to the fathers by the proph-ets, has in these last days spokento us by His Son, whom He hasappointed heir of all things,through whom also He made theworlds. —Hebrews 1:1, 2“He who does not love Me doesnot keep My words; and the wordwhich you hear is not Mine butthe Father’s who sent Me.”—John 14:2426 THE BIBLE (SCRIPTURE) IS GOD’S WORDFor prophecy never came by thewill of man, but holy men of Godspoke as they were moved by theHoly Spirit. —2 Peter 1:21As He spoke by the mouth ofHis holy prophets, who have beensince the world began, . . . to giveknowledge of salvation to Hispeople by the remission of theirsins. —Luke 1:70, 77“The Spirit of the LORD spokeby me, and His word was on mytongue.” —2 Samuel 23:2“And these words which I com-mand you today shall be in yourheart.” —Deuteronomy 6:6All Scripture is given by inspi-ration of God, and is profitablefor doctrine, for reproof, for cor-rection, for instruction in right-eousness. —2 Timothy 3:16For whatever things were writ-ten before were written for ourlearning, that we through the pa-tience and comfort of the Scrip-tures might have hope.—Romans 15:4“You are mistaken, not know-ing the Scriptures nor the powerof God.” —Matthew 22:29bFor You have magnified Yourword above all Your name.—Psalm 138:2b
  6. 6. 28 THE WRITTEN AND LIVING WORD COMPAREDTHE SCRIPTURES TELL OF JESUS CHRISTThe Bible Is Food for the SoulI have treasured the words ofHis mouth more than my neces-sary food. —Job 23:12b“Man shall not live by breadalone, but by every word that pro-ceeds from the mouth of God.”—Matthew 4:4bJesus Is Bread from Heaven“I am the living bread whichcame down from heaven. If any-one eats of this bread, he will liveforever; and the bread that I shallgive is My flesh, which I shallgive for the life of the world. I amthe bread of life.” —John 6:51, 48The Bible Lights Our PathYour word is a lamp to my feetand a light to my path.—Psalm 119:105The entrance of Your wordsgives light; it gives understand-ing to the simple. —Psalm 119:130Jesus Is Light for the WorldIn Him was life, and the life wasthe light of men. Then Jesus spoketo them again, saying, “I am thelight of the world. He who followsMe shall not walk in darkness,but have the light of life.”—John 1:4, 8:1229“You search the Scriptures, forin them you think you have eter-nal life; and these are they whichtestify of Me. For if you believedMoses, you would believe Me; forhe wrote about Me.” —John 5:39, 46Beginning at Moses and all theProphets, He expounded to themin all the Scriptures the thingsconcerning Himself. —Luke 24:27The Bible Brings Fruitful LifeBut his delight is in the law ofthe LORD, and in His law he medi-tates day and night. He shall belike a tree planted by the rivers ofwater, that brings forth its fruitin its season, whose leaf also shallnot wither; and whatever he doesshall prosper. —Psalm 1:2, 3Jesus Gives Fruitful Life“Abide in Me, and I in you. Asthe branch cannot bear fruit of it-self, unless it abides in the vine,neither can you, unless you abidein Me. I am the vine, you are thebranches. He who abides in Me,and I in him, bears much fruit; forwithout Me you can do nothing.”—John 15:4, 530 GOD’S ETERNAL WORD NEVER CHANGESForever, O LORD, Your word issettled in heaven. —Psalm 119:89The entirety of Your word istruth, and every one of Yourrighteous judgments enduresforever —Psalm 119:160“The grass withers, the flowerfades, but the word of our Godstands forever.” —Isaiah 40:8“Till heaven and earth passaway, one jot or one tittle will byno means pass from the law till allis fulfilled.” —Matthew 5:18bThe Scripture cannot be broken.—John 10:35bMan Dare Not Change the Bible“Whatever I command you, becareful to observe it; you shall notadd to it nor take away from it.”—Deuteronomy 12:32Do not add to His words, lestHe reprove you, and you be founda liar. —Proverbs 30:6And if anyone takes away fromthe words of the book of thisprophecy, God shall take awayhis part from the Book of Life.—Revelation 22:19aHe who despises the word willbe destroyed. —Proverbs 13:13aJESUS’ DEATH FULFILLED GOD’S PLAN 31“Therefore My Father lovesMe, because I lay down My lifethat I may take it again. No onetakes it from Me, but I lay itdown of Myself. I have power tolay it down, and I have power totake it again.” —John 10:17, 18aJesus answered, “You couldhave no power at all against Meunless it had been given you fromabove.” —John 19:11a“Or do you think that I cannotnow pray to my Father, and Hewill provide Me with more thantwelve legions of angels? Howthen could the Scriptures be ful-filled, that it must happen thus?”—Matthew 26:53, 54“But those things which Godforetold by the mouth of all Hisprophets, that the Christ wouldsuffer, He has thus fulfilled.”—Acts 3:18“Him, being delivered by thedetermined counsel and fore-knowledge of God, you have tak-en by lawless hands, have cruci-fied, and put to death.” —Acts 2:23Yet it pleased the LORD tobruise Him . . . When You makeHis soul an offering for sin, Heshall see His seed. —Isaiah 53:l0a“Ought not the Christ to havesuffered these things and to enterinto His glory?” —Luke 24:26JESUS CONQUERED DEATH 33“Whom God raised up, havingloosed the pains of death, becauseit was not possible that He shouldbe held by it. This Jesus God hasraised up, of which we are all wit-nesses.” —Acts 2:24, 32Inasmuch then as the childrenhave partaken of flesh and blood,He Himself likewise shared in thesame, that through death Hemight destroy him who had thepower of death, that is, the devil,and release those who throughfear of death were all their life-time subject to bondage.—Hebrews 2:14, 15“O Death, where is your sting?O Hades, where is your victory?”But thanks be to God, who givesus the victory through our LordJesus Christ.—1 Corinthians 15:55, 57“I am He who lives, and wasdead, and behold, I am alive forev-ermore. Amen. And I have thekeys of Hades and of Death.”—Revelation 1:18The power of God . . . has nowbeen revealed by the appearing ofour Savior Jesus Christ, who hasabolished death and brought lifeand immortality to light throughthe gospel. —2 Timothy 1:8b, 10Death no longer has dominionover Him. —Romans 6:9b32 JESUS’ DEATH REPORTED BY WITNESSESWith Him they also crucifiedtwo robbers, one on His right andthe other on His left. So the Scrip-ture was fulfilled which says,“And He was numbered with thetransgressors.” —Mark 15:27, 28Then the soldiers came andbroke the legs of the first and ofthe other who was crucified withHim. But when they came to Je-sus and saw that He was alreadydead, they did not break His legs.But one of the soldiers piercedHis side with a spear, and immedi-ately blood and water cameout....For these things weredone that the Scripture should befulfilled, “Not one of His bonesshall be broken.” And againanother Scripture says, “Theyshall look on Him whom theypierced.” —John 19:32-37Now from the sixth hour untilthe ninth hour there was darknessover all the land. Jesus, when Hehad cried out again with a loudvoice, yielded up His spirit. . . .and the earth quaked, and therocks were split. Now when thecenturion and those with him,who were guarding Jesus, saw theearthquake and the things thathad happened, they feared great-ly, saying, “Truly this was theSon of God!”—Matthew 27:45, 50-51, 54
  7. 7. 34 WHAT MUST WE DO WITH JESUS?“Behold, I stand at the doorand knock. If anyone hears Myvoice and opens the door. I willcome in to him and dine with him,and he with Me.” —Revelation 3:20But to him who does not workbut believes on Him who justifiesthe ungodly, his faith is account-ed for righteousness. —Romans 4:5“Receive the Holy Spirit. Ask,and you will receive, that your joymay be full.” —John 20:22b; 16:24b. . . If you confess with yourmouth the Lord Jesus and believein your heart that God has raisedHim from the dead, you will besaved. —Romans 10:9“He who loves father or mothermore than Me is not worthy ofMe.” Then Jesus said to His disci-ples, “If anyone desires to comeafter Me, let him deny himself,and take up his cross, and followMe. For whoever desires to savehis life will lose it, and whoeverloses his life for My sake will findit.” —Matthew 10:37a; 16:24, 25And if you are Christ’s, thenyou are Abraham’s seed, andheirs according to the promise.—Galatians 3:29So they said, “Believe on theLord Jesus Christ, and you will besaved, you and your household.”—Acts 16:31THROUGH JESUS WE HAVE NEW LIFE 35And this is the testimony: thatGod has given us eternal life, andthis life is in His Son. He who hasthe Son has life; he who does nothave the Son of God does nothave life. —1 John 5:11, 12But God, who is rich in mer-cy ...even when we were dead intrespasses, made us alive to-gether with Christ.—Ephesians 2:4, 5a“I have been crucified withChrist; it is no longer I who live,but Christ lives in me; and the lifewhich I now live in the flesh I liveby faith in the Son of God, wholoved me and gave Himself forme.” —Galatians 2:20For the law of the Spirit of lifein Christ Jesus has made me freefrom the law of sin and death.—Romans 8:2Therefore, if anyone is inChrist, he is a new creation; oldthings have passed away; behold,all things have become new.—2 Corinthians 5:17Having been born again, not ofcorruptible seed but incorrupti-ble, through the word of Godwhich lives and abides forever.—1 Peter 1:23As newborn babes, desire thepure milk of the word, that youmay grow thereby. —1 Peter 2:236 GOD IS A FATHER TO HIS PEOPLEA father of the fatherless, a de-fender of widows, is God in Hisholy habitation. —Psalm 68:5But now, O LORD, You are ourFather; we are the clay, and Youour potter; and all we are the workof Your hand. You, O LORD, areour Father; our Redeemer fromEverlasting is Your name.—Isaiah 64:8; 63:16b“And it shall come to pass inthe place where it was said tothem, ‘You are not My people,’there it shall be said to them, ‘Youare the sons of the living God.’”—Hoses 1:10b“If you then, being evil, knowhow to give good gifts to yourchildren, how much more willyour Father who is in heaven givegood things to those who askHim! In this manner, therefore,pray: Our Father in heaven, hal-lowed be Your name.”—Matthew 7:11; 6:9“I will receive you. I will be aFather to you, and you shall beMy sons and daughters, says theLORD Almighty.”—2 Corinthians 6:17b, 18For as many as are led by theSpirit of God, these are sons ofGod. —Romans 8:14THROUGH JESUS WE KNOW GOD AS FATHER 37Jesus said to him, “I am theway, the truth, and the life. Noone comes to the Father exceptthrough Me. If you had knownMe, you would have known MyFather also; and from now on youknow Him and have seen Him. Ifanyone loves Me, he will keep Myword; and My Father will lovehim, and We will come to him andmake Our home with him.”—John 14:6, 7, 23bGod sent forth His Son ...thatwe might receive the adoption assons. And because you are sons,God has sent forth the Spirit ofHis Son into your hearts, cryingout, “Abba, Father!” Thereforeyou are no longer a slave but ason, and if a son, then an heir ofGod through Christ. For you areall sons of God through faith inChrist Jesus.—Galatians 4:4b, 5b-7; 3:26But as many as received Him,to them He gave the right to be-come children of God, even tothose who believe in His name.—John 1:12And if anyone sins, we have anAdvocate with the Father, JesusChrist the righteous. —1 John 2:lbFor through Him we both haveaccess by one Spirit to the Father.—Ephesians 2:18JESUS WILL RESURRECT HIS TRUE FOLLOWERS 39But if the Spirit of Him whoraised Jesus from the dead dwellsin you, He who raised Christ fromthe dead will also give life to yourmortal bodies through His Spiritwho dwells in you. —Romans 8:11And God both raised up theLord and will also raise us up byHis power. —1 Corinthians 6:14“And this is the will of Himwho sent Me, that everyone whosees the Son and believes in Himmay have everlasting life; and Iwill raise him up at the last day.”—John 6:40Jesus said to her, “I am the res-urrection and the life. He who be-lieves in Me, though he may die,he shall live. And whoever livesand believes in Me shall neverdie.” —John 11:25, 26aFor since by man came death,by Man also came the resurrec-tion of the dead. For as in Adamall die, even so in Christ all shallbe made alive. But each one in hisown order: Christ the firstfruits,afterward those who are Christ’sat His coming.—1 Corinthians 15:21-23“Because I live, you will livealso.” —John 14:19bNow if we died with Christ, webelieve that we shall also live withHim. —Romans 6:838 JESUS BRINGS LOVE, JOY, PEACEHe who does not love does notknow God, for God is love. God islove, and he who abides in loveabides in God, and God in him.—l John 4:8, l6bAnd be kind to one another, ten-derhearted, forgiving one anoth-er, just as God in Christ also for-gave you. —Ephesians 4:32“By this all will know that youare My disciples, if you have lovefor one another.” —John 13:35But the fruit of the Spirit islove, joy, peace. —Galatians 5:22aYet I will rejoice in the LORD, Iwill joy in the God of my salva-tion. —Habakkuk 3:18You will show me the path oflife; in Your presence is fullness ofjoy; at Your right hand are plea-sures forevermore. —Psalm 16:11Therefore, having been justifiedby faith, we have peace with Godthrough our Lord Jesus Christ.—Romans 5:1“Peace I leave with you, Mypeace I give to you; not as theworld gives do I give to you. Letnot your heart be troubled, nei-ther let itbe afraid.” —John 14:27And the peace of God . . . willguard your hearts and mindsthrough Christ Jesus.—Philippians 4:7
  8. 8. 40 DO NOT NEGLECT THIS GREAT SALVATIONAnyone who has rejected Mo-ses’ law dies without mercy on thetestimony of two or three witness-es. Of how much worse punish-ment, do you suppose, will he bethought worthy who has tram-pled the Son of God underfoot,counted the blood of the covenantby which he was sanctified a com-mon thing, and insulted the Spiritof grace? —Hebrews 10:28, 29“He who rejects Me, and doesnot receive My words, has thatwhich judges him—the word thatI have spoken will judge him inthe last day.” —John 12:48“Therefore I said to you thatyou will die in your sins; for if youdo not believe that I am He, youwill die in your sins. —John 8:24“And I say to you, My friends,do not be afraid of those who killthe body, and after that have nomore that they can do. But I willshow you whom you should fear:Fear Him who, after He haskilled, has power to cast into hell;yes, I say to you, fear Him!”—Luke 12:4, 5How shall we escape if we ne-glect so great a salvation?—Hebrews 2:3a“He who does not believe theSon shall not see life, but thewrath of God abides on him.”—John 3:36bJESUS CHRIST WILL JUDGE US 41“Because He has appointed aday on which He will judge theworld in righteousness by theMan whom He has ordained. Hehas given assurance of this to allby raising Him from the dead.”—Acts 17:31“For the Father judges no one,but has committed all judgmentto the Son, that all should honorthe Son just as they honor theFather. He who does not honorthe Son does not honor the Fatherwho sent Him.” —John 5:22, 23For we must all appear beforethe judgment seat of Christ, thateach one may receive . . . accord-ing to what he has done, whethergood or bad. —2 Corinthians 5:10In the day when God will judgethe secrets of men by JesusChrist. —Romans 2:16a...when the Lord Jesus is re-vealed from heaven with Hismighty angels, in flaming fire tak-ing vengeance on those who donot know God, and on those whodo not obey the gospel of our LordJesus Christ.—2 Thessalonians 1:7b, 8“But bring here those enemiesof mine, who did not want me toreign over them, and slay thembefore me.” —Luke 19:2742 NOT ALL WHO PROFESS TO FOLLOW JESUSBELONG TO JESUSThey profess to know God, butin works they deny Him.—Titus 1:16aNow if anyone does not havethe Spirit of Christ, he is not His.—Romans 8:9b“They sit before you as My peo-ple, and they hear your words, butthey do not do them; for withtheir mouth they show much love,but their hearts pursue their owngain.” —Ezekiel 33:31b“These people draw near to Mewith their mouth, and honor Mewith their lips, but their heart isfar from Me.” —Matthew 15:8“Not everyone who says to Me,‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the king-dom of heaven, but he who doesthe will of My Father in heaven.Many will say to Me in that day,‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophe-sied in Your name, cast out de-mons in Your name, and donemany wonders in Your name?’And then I will declare to them, ‘Inever knew you; depart from Me,you who practice lawlessness!’—Matthew 7:21-23“Even so you also outwardlyappear righteous to men, but in-side you are full of hypocrisy andlawlessness.” —Matthew 23:28TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS OBEY HIM 43Now by this we know that weknow Him, if we keep His com-mandments. —1 John 2:3“I will put My Spirit within youand cause you to walk in My stat-utes, and you will keep My judg-ments and do them.”—Ezekiel 36:27And having been perfected, Hebecame the author of eternal sal-vation to all who obey Him.—Hebrews 5:9And having been set free fromsin, you became slaves of right-eousness. —Romans 6:18For we are His workmanship,created in Christ Jesus for goodworks, which God prepared be-forehand that we should walk inthem. —Ephesians 2:10And if Christ is in you, the bodyis dead because of sin, but theSpirit is life because of righteous-ness. For if you live according tothe flesh you will die; but if by theSpirit you put to death the deedsof the body, you will live.—Romans 8:10, 13“Let everyone who names thename of Christ depart from iniqui-ty.” —2 Timothy 2:19bThen Peter and the other apos-tles answered and said: “Weought to obey God rather thanmen.” —Acts 5:29PROMISES TO THE PERSECUTED 45Casting all your care upon Him,for He cares for you. —1 Peter 5:7“Fear not, for I am with you; benot dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you; yes, I willhelp you, I will uphold you withMy righteous right hand.”—Isaiah 41:10When my father and my motherforsake me, then the LORD willtake care of me. —Psalm 27:10So we may boldly say: “TheLORD is my helper; I will not fear.What can man do to me?”—Hebrews 13:6If you are reproached for thename of Christ, blessed are you,for the Spirit of glory and of Godrests upon you. —1 Peter 4:14aFor He shall give His angelscharge over you, to keep you in allyour ways. —Psalm 91:11Yes, though I walk through thevalley of the shadow of death, Iwill fear no evil; for You are withme; Your rod and Your staff, theycomfort me. —Psalm 23:4I can do all things throughChrist who strengthens me. Andmy God shall supply all your needaccording to His riches in gloryby Christ Jesus.—Philippians 4:13, 1944 THE WORLD HATES JESUS’ FOLLOWERS“If the world hates you, youknow that it hated Me before ithated you. If you were of theworld, the world would love itsown. Yet because you are not ofthe world, but I chose you out ofthe world, therefore the worldhates you.” —John 15:18, 19“Yes, the time is coming thatwhoever kills you will think thathe offers God service. And thesethings they will do to you becausethey have not known the Fathernor Me.” —John 16:2b, 3Behold what manner of love theFather has bestowed on us, thatwe should be called children ofGod! Therefore the world doesnot know us, because it did notknow Him. —1 John 3:1“We must through many tribu-lations enter the kingdom ofGod.” —Acts 14:22bYes, and all who desire to livegodly in Christ Jesus will sufferpersecution. —2 Timothy 3:12“In the world you will have trib-ulation; but be of good cheer, Ihave overcome the world.”—John 16:33b“I have given them Your word;and the world has hated them be-cause they are not of the world,just as I am not of the world.”—John 17:14
  9. 9. 46 VICTORY OVER SIN AND SATANNo temptation has overtakenyou except such as is common toman; but God is faithful, who willnot allow you to be tempted be-yond what you are able, but withthe temptation will also make theway of escape, that you may beable to bear it. —l Corinthians 10:13Let us therefore come boldly tothe throne of grace, that we mayobtain mercy and find grace tohelp in time of need. —Hebrews 4:16But if we walk in the light as Heis in the light, we have fellowshipwith one another, and the blood ofJesus Christ His Son cleanses usfrom all sin. —1 John 1:7Flee also youthful lusts; butpursue righteousness, faith, love,peace with those who call on theLord out of a pure heart.—2 Timothy 2:22Likewise you also, reckon your-selves to be dead indeed to sin,but alive to God in Christ Jesusour Lord. —Romans 6:11Therefore submit to God. Re-sist the devil and he will flee fromyou. —James 4:7Your word I have hidden in myheart, that I might not sin againstYou. —Psalm 119:11He who is in you is greater thanhe who is in the world.—1 John 4:4bREAL PRAYER IS FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD 47When You said, “Seek Myface,” my heart said to You, “Yourface, LORD, I will seek.” Trust inHim at all times, you people; pourout your heart before Him; God isa refuge for us. —Psalm 27:8; 62:8Heal me, O LORD, and I shall behealed; save me, and I shall besaved, for You are my praise.—Jeremiah 17:14Pray without ceasing, in every-thing give thanks; for this is thewill of God in Christ Jesus foryou. —1 Thessalonians 5:17, 18If any of you lacks wisdom, lethim ask of God,... and it will begiven to him. —James 1:5“If you abide in Me, and Mywords abide in you, you will askwhat you desire, and it shall bedone for you.” —John 15:7I sought the LORD, and Heheard me, and delivered me fromall my fears. —Psalm 34:4If I regard iniquity in my heart,the Lord will not hear. For Yourname’s sake, O LORD, pardon myiniquity, for it is great.—Psalm 66:18; 25:11But in everything by prayerand supplication, with thanksgiv-ing, let your requests be madeknown to God. —Philippians 4:6b48 JESUS IS COMING —BE READY!For the Lord Himself will de-scend from heaven with a shout,with the voice of an archangel,and with the trumpet of God. Andthe dead in Christ will rise first.Then we who are alive and remainshall be caught up together withthem in the clouds to meet theLord in the air. And thus we shallalways be with the Lord.—1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17Therefore, having these prom-ises, beloved, let us cleanse our-selves from all filthiness of theflesh and spirit, perfecting holi-ness in the fear of God.—2 Corinthians 7:1And now, little children, abidein Him, that when He appears, wemay have confidence and not beashamed before Him at His com-ing. —1 John 2:28You also be patient. Establishyour hearts, for the coming of theLord is at hand. Do not grumbleagainst one another, brethren,lest you be condemned. Behold,the Judge is standing at the door!—James 5:8, 9“Therefore you also be ready,for the Son of Man is coming atan hour you do not expect.”—Luke 12:40BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT OF GODTurn at my reproof; surely Iwill pour out my spirit on you; Iwill make my words known toyou. —Proverbs 1:23“Repent, and let every one ofyou be baptized in the name ofJesus Christ for the remission ofsins; and you shall receive the giftof the Holy Spirit.” —Acts 2:38bAnd do not be drunk with wine,in which is dissipation; but befilled with the Spirit, speaking toone another in psalms and hymnsand spiritual songs, singing andmaking melody in your heart tothe Lord, giving thanks alwaysfor all things to God the Father inthe name of our Lord Jesus Christ,submitting to one another in thefear of God. —Ephesians 5:18-21For it is God who works in youboth to will and to do for His goodpleasure. —Philippians 2:13Do you not know that you arethe temple of God and that theSpirit of God dwells in you? Foryou were bought at a price; there-fore glorify God in your body andin your spirit, which are God’s.—1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:20They were all filled with the Ho-ly Spirit, and they spoke the wordof God with boldness. —Acts 4:31bIf you are interested in receiving additional studies of God’s Word,write to the publisher:World Missionary Press, Inc.P.O. Box 120New Paris, Indiana 46553-0120 U.S.A.1550 English (NKJV)