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WorldAPP '14 Software Release Infographic


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We are excited to announce the launch of the new Key Survey and mobile applications.

Joined by variety of new platform features and functionality, the new mobile apps are at the center of the Summer ’14 software release – Version 8.5 – that gives you more power and flexibility to collect and connect your data anywhere, on any device.

The mobile interface has been redesigned and now includes new task and process management functionality that bring mobility to your operations and oversight into what’s happening in the field.

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WorldAPP '14 Software Release Infographic

  1. 1. RICH TEXT EDITOR For Multi-lingual page: User friendly toolbar makes converting your forms and surveys into multiple languages easy. MOBILE APP Filter, sort and get a detailed view of all your tasks and responses. REDESIGNED USER EXPERIENCE: WORLDAPP SUMMER ’14 RELEASE FORMS AND SURVEYS TIME TRACKER: Track time spent in form or survey by the respondent user. Get insight in to how long users spent inside the form or survey. DYNAMIC LOGIC: Show/hide questions interactively on a page. No more page breaks! CUSTOM “CLOSE” MESSAGE: A “Close” notification you can customize to alert users who go inactive or try to access the form or survey a second time. DATE PICKER WIDGET: Open-ended question(s) can be marked as “Date” and a small calendar will appear automatically. DISTRIBUTION PROCESS 14 Sat New look of the Launch page: A redesigned launch page makes publishing to the participant portal and mobile apps clean and easy. Publish on Portal functionality: The improved user interface makes it easier to select contacts and publish automatically to a select group of contacts. Pre-filled data can be changed on fly: Re-upload any new data with the same email address and our system will update previous information. That is just some samples of what is coming. STAY TUNED! Upload results to the server automatically from your mobile device when internet becomes available. AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATIONS: B A C ©2002-2014