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Randomization is a core principal of statistical sampling, and is used primarily to reduce respondent bias. Sometimes the ordering of questions and/or response options can influence how a respondent answers. For instance, there is a slight tendency among respondents to pick answer options at the top of a given list.

Thus, if you are a researcher—or using Key Survey to deploy timed and scored tests--the Question Randomization plugin has the potential to be of enormous benefit:

Simply indicate the groupings of questions that need to be randomized within the plugin’s wizard-driven interface. It is possible to specify that only a portion of total available questions be displayed to each respondent (again, on a randomized basis). In this latter case, it is also possible to apply “weighting” to questions, so that specific questions will be shown more frequently than others.

In the event that you need to randomize not only questions, but whole sections of your survey, the Section Randomization plugin comes into play. Simply specify the groupings of questions to be randomized, and specify how many sets of questions should be displayed to each respondent.

It’s that easy.

Activate your free 30-day supported trial, and see these features in action!

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