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Electronic Forms: The First Step Towards Fixing Healthcare


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Electronic Forms: The First Step Towards Fixing Healthcare

  1. 1. ELECTRONIC FORMS: The First Step Towards Fixing Healthcare Why is that we are able to provide an expecting mother a 3D ultrasound image of her baby in the womb and during that same visit she is required to fill out a stack of paper forms? I asked myself this question the other day when my expecting wife and I went in for a prenatal checkup. It blew my mind to think that this is modern healthcare - and it doesn’t even begin to describe how broken the entire system actually is. The good news: There is a serious push, from both the private and public sectors, towards moving medical data to the cloud, a HIPAA compliant cloud, and patients are benefitting from it immensely. The electronic capture of patient information using web forms is the foundation of a more high-tech, high-touch healthcare industry. Not only does this enable doctors to provide more personalized care to the individual through improved knowledge sharing, but it also creates an environment that allows for statistical documentation of the whole population. In turn, this allows for a completely reinvented, more responsive healthcare infrastructure. Technology platforms, like, provide the ability for the new age of knowledge sharing to exist. Early pioneers are already leveraging these cloud-based services to improve patient data quality and accuracy. They are streamlining their business operations to ensure their future will be automated, scalable, and secure. When companies, insurance agencies, hospitals, practitioners etc.., spend less time on paperwork you will begin to see widespread increases in the rate of successful treatments. Patients will become more engaged and active in their own healthcare in order to produce better outcomes. May 15, 2014 Author: Roland Stewart ©2002-2014 WorldAPP