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Field Insurance Assessments


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The original process was largely paper-based. Clipboards in hand, adjustors would capture data on site while assessing the incident or damages claimed by the requester. From there, the hand written information would be processed once the adjustor made it back to the office. That information would then be entered in to the database where an estimate was calculated, processed and eventually sent to an underwriter.

The entire process took days and sometimes weeks, an unfavorable timeframe for both the company and the customer.

With, that processing time was cut down to a single day. Paper forms and clipboards were replaced with mobile devices preloaded with web forms. Working offline, the adjustor is now able to access the necessary business forms prepopulated with the relevant case-specific data. Based on the entered data, automated calculations would provide the requestor with an estimate instantaneously. Once the adjustor is back online, the captured data and submitted estimate are automatically synchronized with the database where the claim can be immediately reviewed and passed to an underwriter.

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