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8 Tips to Increase Microsoft SharePoint Adoption


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Organizations today need effective collaboration solutions more than ever. SharePoint can be that solution, but it must be deployed in a way that is inclusive and user friendly. These eight tips will help you engage users across your organization and make the most of your technology investment.

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8 Tips to Increase Microsoft SharePoint Adoption

  1. 1. Eight Tips to Increase Microsoft® SharePoint AdoptionA Workshare University Publication
  2. 2. Gather input from every department across the organization It is critical to include every functional group in the planning phase.A Workshare University Publication
  3. 3. Know your audience Without doing your homework, you risk alienating users and creating an uphill battle to increase SharePoint adoption.A Workshare University Publication
  4. 4. Personalize SharePoint for your organization Create a look and feel for the site that fits the personality of your organization and matches the mission and values of your company.A Workshare University Publication
  5. 5. Help users understand the value You need to help educate users beyond their current workflow and encourage them to do more than just store and access documentsA Workshare University Publication
  6. 6. Don’t just move old content to a new home Make a fresh start and introduce your users to new collaboration features that enable them to create and manage content more efficiently.A Workshare University Publication
  7. 7. Socialize the experience Create a powerful social collaboration platform for your organizationA Workshare University Publication
  8. 8. Don’t underestimate the importance of Search It is imperative that you index content properly. A positive search experience will keep users returning to the site.A Workshare University Publication
  9. 9. Test and launch A soft rollout may be beneficial to iron out the kinks, but once ready, a formal kickoff with executive participation will help illustrate the strategic importance of your new site.A Workshare University Publication
  10. 10. Learn More Workshare’s software allows you to access content on SharePoint without leaving Outlook. 18,000+ organizations use Workshare software. Contact us and discover why. Integrate Microsoft Office with SharePoint Learn more at,000+ Organizations 1,500,000+ Users 70 Countries A Workshare University Publication