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Home visits in Occupational Health


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Should your occupational health service do home visits - there are fors and againsts, read them all here

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Home visits in Occupational Health

  1. 1. Home Visits in Occupational Health
  2. 2. Why do a Home Visit? • Unable to leave the home • Terminal or serious illness • No other arrangement is suitable • Always with another person
  3. 3. Procedure • Time taken • Travel expenses • Insurance • Risk assessment for the visitors • Confidentiality • What level of practitioner • Lone working
  4. 4. Prior To Visit • Arrange with employee • Consent to visit • Time, place and who • Manager or HR • Ensure health and safety of visitor • Parking and equipment • Emergency arrangements
  5. 5. During the Visit • OH there for medical matters • Confidentiality may be difficult • Examinations may be awkward • Employee can ask you to leave any time • Obtain consent to get GP/Specialist report
  6. 6. Next Steps Write up report and send copy to employee Arrange for next visit or feedback
  7. 7. Reflect on Success • How much did the home visit cost • Did you get what you/employee wanted • Did the employee co-operate • Were there any negative outcomes?