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WordPress, HTML5 and CSS3


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Presentation to the Milwaukee WordPress Meetup, September 18, 2012, updated with active links.

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WordPress, HTML5 and CSS3

  1. 1. WordPress, HTML5 and CSS3
  2. 2. WordPress, HTML5 and CSS3 Mike McCallister Milwaukee WordPress Meetup September 18, 2012
  3. 3. Who am I?● Co-Author, WordPress in Depth (with Bud Smith)● Blogger, Notes from the Metaverse● Sr Document Architect, PKWARE● President, WI Society for Technical Communication
  4. 4. Quick Audience Survey: Who understands:● HTML ● HTML5 ● CSS3 CSS Canvas ●●● W3C
  5. 5. Obligatory History Lesson● W3C Set up 1990 to oversee Web● 1997: HTML 4.01: Standard for nearly every web page out there today● XHTML: The Bridge to XML● HTML5: If not the bridge, then the destination
  6. 6. HTML5 for WordPress Users● Not much yet to shout about● Get an HTML5-based theme● Create content in an HTML5-aware editor
  7. 7. HTML5 Themes● WordPress Theme Directory Search 9/16/12: 45 under “html5”● Two! Toolbox (Automattic) and Soundcheck ($75)
  8. 8. Why use an HTML5 Theme?● Loads faster● SEO
  9. 9. HTML5 Editors● WordPress Visual Editor does not (yet) support HTML5 semantic tags● Recent versions of TinyMCE do
  10. 10. HTML5 for WordPress Developers● Make HTML5-based themes
  11. 11. What Can Devs Use Today?● 30 new elements in HTML5● Browser support pretty solid for many● Older versions of IE still a roadblock (surprise!)
  12. 12. What Can Devs Use Today?● Responsive Design – CSS Media Queries (Audio, video)● Font-Face: Foundries solving the license issue – Google Fonts – Font Squirrel● Transitions (Sliders) – Today with jQuery and browser-specific tags – Tomorrow IE
  13. 13. What Can Devs Use Today?● JavaScript: localStorage and sessionStorage● Geolocation
  14. 14. Still a Little Dicey● Transformations (especially 3D)● Embedded media (waiting for codecs to resolve)
  15. 15. Resources● WordPress TV: – George Stephanis: Updating Kubrick to HTML5/CSS3 – Jake Goldman: What HTML5 And Responsive Design C – Ray Villalobos: HTML5 and CSS3 Integration – Steve Heffernan: HTML5 Video for WordPress
  16. 16. Questions?●●● @workingwriter● (414) 719-1362