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Kitchen aprons


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Kitchen aprons

  1. 1. Title - Kitchen Aprons - Basic Kitchen AccessoriesEveryone NeedsBody:Kitchen aprons are one of the most indispensableand basic kitchen accessories everyone needs.Almost all of us can recognize a cook in a restaurant,café or a bistro with his hat and apron. Kitchenaprons are worn mostly to avoid splatters and stainson your clothes while cooking food or serving food.Nowadays they have also become a style statementin high end restaurants. Due to a lot of competitionbetween restaurants it is now important for them tobuy the right kitchen aprons so as to project theright image to their customers.There are many factors that should be taken in toconsideration while choosing the right kitchen apronfor your café or restaurant.The style of the apron is important as it should besuitable to the kind of work done while wearing thekitchen apron. Also, you need to take in toconsideration the style and ambience of therestaurant. There are different styles to choose from
  2. 2. like waist, bib aprons, long, standard and cobblerstyle.The colour of the kitchen aprons should co-ordinatewith the interior of your restaurant or company as itwill help you in your branding purposes.The quality of the kitchen apron should be good. Thekitchen apron should be durable and last long so thatyou don’t need to increase expenses by frequentlyreplacing them. For restaurants which are popularand have high volume of patrons, you need topurchase heavy duty kitchen aprons which will lastlong.It is also important to take into consideration theperson who will be wearing the kitchen apron. If youare buying the kitchen apron for the wait staff thenbuying one which has built in pockets would bepractical as the wait staff need pockets to keep theorder pad and pencil and other assorted items. Chefsalso need a kitchen apron with many pockets tocarry cooking utensils or ingredients.The kitchen apron should be comfortable for theemployee to wear everyday and should have long
  3. 3. strings suitable to cover all waist sizes. It should bemade from fade resistant material which will able tobear the daily grind in the restaurant.You can also order for personalized aprons whichbear the company logo. Many high end restaurantsget the name and logo of their restaurantembroidered on the kitchen aprons. This is used aspart of the branding strategy and helps to enhancetheir reputation as a good quality organisation.There are many online companies which sellprofessionally designed aprons. They have all thelatest designs and patterns to choose from. You needto explore and find the best kitchen aprons for yourcompany.Working Wear Ltd are supplier of kitchen aprons,tabards, nurses uniforms, aprons & tabards, womenswaterproof jackets, regatta womens waterproofjackets, workwear, workwear clothing, corporateworkwear & many more.Please visit more information at