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Why University Hospitals Increased AtTask License Count 800%


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Expanding their number of portfolios, the PMO at University Hospitals in Ohio needed one solution that was up to the task but would still be easy to adopt. They found AtTask.

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Why University Hospitals Increased AtTask License Count 800%

  1. 1. MORE COMMUNICATION,MORE EXECUTIONWhy University Hospital Increased Their AtTask® Usage by 800%
  2. 2. University Hospitals•  Industry: Healthcare•  Beds: 1,032•  Location: Cleveland, OH•  9 medical centers, 20 outpatient health centers, 7urgent care centers, 160 physician officesCUSTOMER BACKGROUND
  3. 3. PMO Director Andy Kinnear and his team were usinga homegrown, Access-based solution, but the toolwas gradually becoming increasingly cumbersomeand time-consuming.MULTIPLE PORTFOLIOS
  4. 4. Most of the team’s documents were stored on Andy’slaptop. To get a Gantt chart, Andy had to export datafrom his tool, paste it into an Excel template, and grayout cells by hand.MULTIPLE PORTFOLIOS
  5. 5. MULTIPLE PORTFOLIOSTeam members were reluctant to use the difficulthomegrown solution, leaving project data scatteredin disparate locations. Project forecasting happenedmanually. Project completion dates were selectedindependent of other projects in progress.
  6. 6. “We were definitely less effective, coordinatingcommunications was difficult, and we were unable tofully utilize corporate project standards. It wasn’t veryoften that I had the time or the ability to ask a PM toshow me their project plan.”–Andy Kinnear, Director of IT PMOMULTIPLE PORTFOLIOS
  7. 7. MULTIPLE PORTFOLIOSWhen a third-party consultation recommended thatthe PMO become the central hub for projectmanagement on the organization’s other portfolios,they realized their homegrown tool wouldn’t be up tothe task. They needed to find a more capablesolution.
  8. 8. Seeing an opportunity to find a better solution fortracking his team’s activities, Andy startedresearching solutions. After looking at four othersolutions, AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud caught hisattention in fall 2012.STANDARDIZATION MEETS CUSTOMIZATION
  9. 9. AtTask could create standardization across hisdiverse groups of stakeholders, while also beingcustomizable to each group’s unique needs.STANDARDIZATION MEETS CUSTOMIZATION
  10. 10. Andy especially liked how AtTask could gather datanaturally as his team worked and also provide acentral, universally accessible repository for alldocuments and deliverables.STANDARDIZATION MEETS CUSTOMIZATION
  11. 11. “With AtTask, we found something we could offer toany department in the company. It had theconsistency to standardize performancemanagement across the board, but also the ability tocustomize it for each team’s needs.”–Andy Kinnear, Director of IT PMOSTANDARDIZATION MEETS CUSTOMIZATION
  12. 12. Andy started with 25 AtTask licenses as the solutionbegan producing the visibility he’d been seeking.FOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  13. 13. The solution helped the PMO team members toapproach their project portfolios for methodically.They started using AtTask reports and updates inevery meeting, refocusing them on planning andexecution.FOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  14. 14. Andy could provide a breadth and depth ofinformation to executive management that would’vebeen impossible just months earlier.FOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  15. 15. Without picking up the phone, Andy andmanagement could see where projects were in realtime. An alignment scorecard let them comparebusiness, infrastructure, and clinical projects side byside for governance discussions.FOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  16. 16. By May 2013, Andy discovered his PMO hadcommunicated more in the last two months than theyhad in any six-month period prior to using AtTask.FOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  17. 17. Andy increased their AtTask licenses from 25 to 200.FOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  18. 18. “The real value of AtTask is that it puts the focus onplanning and execution. It’s the ability to have acentral repository to slice and dice our initiatives sothat we’re putting our limited resources in the rightspots.’”–Andy Kinnear, Director of PMOFOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  19. 19. SummaryFOCUSING ON EXECUTIONCommunicationbetween teammembers morethan tripled.With AtTask,PMO teammembers couldfocus onplanning andexecution.PMO increasedtheir AtTasklicense count800 percent.