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How Trek Bicycle kickstarted operations with AtTask

In 2009, Trek Bicycle was suffering from a costly lack of communication and visibility. After trying a slew of tools, they brought their teams into AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud and improved their on-time product delivery from 50% to 80%. This is their story...

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How Trek Bicycle kickstarted operations with AtTask

  1. 1. SEEING THE ROAD AHEADTrek Bicycle kickstarts operations from frustration to efficiency
  2. 2. Trek Bicycle Corporation•  Industry: Product Manufacturing•  Employees: 1,600•  One of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers•  Operations in North America, Asia, & Europe CUSTOMER BACKGROUND
  3. 3. Up through 2009, Trek’s Program Management teamused Excel, MS Project, Powerpoint, Outlook, andInovia to track growing numbers of projects across aglobal team. RIDING BLIND
  4. 4. Project data was so scattered between theseapplications that it was impossible to targetbottlenecks and inefficiencies or to know who wasworking on what. RIDING BLIND
  5. 5. Departments worked in their own silos with littlecollaboration, resulting in project delays that costTrek millions in annual sales. RIDING BLIND
  6. 6. “At the end of the year, when so many products werelate to market, it was very difficult to go back andremember exactly what the barriers were that causedus to be late.” –Steve Malchow, VP, Operations RIDING BLIND
  7. 7. Steve and senior manager Kris Lamp set out to find asolution that could provide the visibility his teambadly needed. It had to be intuitive, allow the team tocommunicate across the globe, and generatecustomizable reports. SWITCHING GEARS
  8. 8. With its cloud-based solution and application acrossdiverse teams and the entire work lifecycle, AtTaskcould give them visibility from the beginning ofprojects and tasks to the end. SWITCHING GEARS
  9. 9. “When we started to bring on AtTask, it wasn’t justthat it was a project management tool. It was a betterway for us to communicate.” –Kris Lamp, SeniorManager SWITCHING GEARS
  10. 10. Equipped with access to real-time project data, teammembers across Asia, Europe, and the U.S. couldtake ownership for their tasks. SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  11. 11. Freed from countless status meetings andspreadsheets, engineers got back 20-30% of theirtime to focus on innovation. SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  12. 12. Program managers got back 30% of their time toimprove their products and processes. SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  13. 13. Custom reports and dashboards made it easy for Krisand Steve to spot bottlenecks and eliminate the rootcauses of project delays. SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  14. 14. Trek’s on-time product delivery climbed from 50% to80%, adding millions in sales revenue. SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  15. 15. “The visibility that AtTask is providing helps usidentify what the problems are so we can tacklethem. And that visibility is to every user, frommanagers to engineers to project managers.” –AnnMarie Peterson, Program Manager SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  16. 16. “We can see and communicate resourcinginformation quickly and help keep our teams,especially those in Asia, balanced on incomingworkloads.” –Kris Lamp, Senior Manager SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  17. 17. “If you want to be able to work something here, go tobed knowing that another group’s working on itproductively, and have a solid extra eight hoursworked on that project every day, AtTask is prettypowerful.” –Steve Malchow, VP Operations SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD
  18. 18. SummaryOn-time project Trek engineers Trek PMs gotdelivery got back 20% of back 30% ofincreased from their time their time50% to 80% SEEING THE ROAD AHEAD