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How Fremont-Rideout Health Group Grew Their Project Capacity x12 With AtTask


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To accompany its new PMO, Fremont-Rideout chose AtTask to manage its IT work. In a few years, they have multiplied their project capacity twelve times.

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How Fremont-Rideout Health Group Grew Their Project Capacity x12 With AtTask

  1. 1. RAISING EXPECTATIONSHow Fremont-Rideout Health Grew Project Capacity x12
  2. 2. Fremont-Rideout Health Group•  Industry: Healthcare•  Beds: 281•  Location: Yuba City, CA•  80,000 ER patient visits per yearCUSTOMER BACKGROUND
  3. 3. Up until 2008, the organization had managed tobuild up an impressive budget surplus, but their IThealthcare software systems and infrastructure wereoutdated. Communication lacked between the ITdepartment and their client departments andstakeholders.NEEDING AN UPDATE
  4. 4. Tony Toglia was brought in to direct a new PMO tofacilitate the update of the hospital’s softwaresystems and bridge the gaps between IT and the restof the organization.NEEDING AN UPDATE
  5. 5. “Our processes weren’t terrible, but they weren’tleading edge. To service our community, we realizedwe needed to invest in bringing our software systemsup to date. And we would need the right tool toaccomplish that.”–Tony Toglia, Director, PMONEEDING AN UPDATE
  6. 6. As Tony assembled a crack team of projectmanagers and began looking for a solution, his CIOintroduced him to AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud.UP TO THE CHALLENGE
  7. 7. AtTask stood out from the competition because of itsintuitive functionality and relational database. Tony’steam would be able to pick up the software quicklyand create customized, real-time reports anddashboards to fit their visibility needs.UP TO THE CHALLENGE
  8. 8. Best of all, with the help of an on-site AtTaskconsultant, the solution could be implemented in lessthan a month without using any IT resources.UP TO THE CHALLENGE
  9. 9. In July 2009, Fremont-Rideout Health’s new PMObegan using AtTask.UP TO THE CHALLENGE
  10. 10. “In AtTask, I could assign a task and an email with alink would automatically go out to the assignee andstart facilitating that communication between theassignee and the manager. That communication andtransparency were huge. It was a game changer.”–Tony Toglia, Director, PMOUP TO THE CHALLENGE
  11. 11. Over the next four years, AtTask became the hub forproject management on all PMO-driven projects andmost IT projects, including a multi-million-dollarreplacement of the hospital’s software systems.RAISING EXPECTATIONS
  12. 12. Everyone from the CIO to the department directorson Tony’s team could view real-time reports on latetasks, upcoming tasks, project weight, projects byportfolio, pending projects, and more.RAISING EXPECTATIONS
  13. 13. Productivity on the organization’s softwareimplementation jumped from one to two installs peryear to more than 12 installs per year.RAISING EXPECTATIONS
  14. 14. “AtTask has raised expectations. AtTask reports arebeing used at the project level, at the portfolio level,and at the division level... If you look at the number ofprojects we’ve been able to do with the new PMOand AtTask combined, it’s like they were put onsteroids.”–Tony Toglia, Director, PMORAISING EXPECTATIONS
  15. 15. SummaryRAISING EXPECTATIONSAtTask broughtunprecedentedautomation andtransparency.Reports createdaccountability atevery level ofthe organization.PMO projectcapacity grewtimes 12.