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Infographic: Game of Phones


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Bad phone etiquette can turn your office into a medieval soap opera. Which house do you belong to?

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Infographic: Game of Phones

  1. 1. Qworkfront" GGAME E‘ AN EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN POOR MANNERS ‘Z AND DECENCY IN THE WORKPLACE As THE SORCERY OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS SWEEPS THE OEEICE LANDSCAPE. SEVEN HOUSES HARNESS [TS VONDERS FOR GOOD OR ILL, THREATENING TO TEAR APART THE VERY FABRIC OF THE WORKPLACE. HOUSE OE T , V MULTITASKING ll l'UDl, ,'l, S5 IHROUOH D151 RACI lOI’ Texting and taking calls during meetings underthe guise of “getting more done, " this house invites the ire of its neighbors at everyturn. (7 (Hi l’lOl’l. l (‘()N5ll3I. R O 'llX'l lN(i OR ’l/ -KlN(i (‘Al I S l)ll| {IN(} Mlzlfl [NUS RUDII v- s ix . s HOUSE OF AWKWARDNESS NO PLACE TOO STRANGE ‘5 ‘i Unbothered by locations T _ ’ § that would make others V 3‘: *‘ flee, this house takes to 1 V the darkest parts ofthe office forthe most V ‘Z V ordinary conversations. a 3‘ W OF ADULTS ADMIT TO * USING THEIR PHONE WHILE 7‘ ‘ GOING TO THE BATHROOM ‘X HOUSE OE CARELESSNESS . A . ;'f: i-:2 HOUSE OE IGNORANCE BEGETS OEEENCE THE PROTECTOR OF BOUNDARIES "— When at court with co-workers, thisthe most noble of houses places their phones’ ringers on silent mode and, when troubled by a personal call, always makes haste to the nearest private space. Unprepared forthe power of modern technology, they hold calls over speakerphone in crowded office spaces and forget to silence their phones during meetings. (70 OF PEOPLE CONSIDER V LOUD CONFERENCE cg; (70 CALLS RUDE OF WORKERS SPEND AT LEAST AN HOUR ON THEIR PHONE 44“ AT WORK FOR PERSONAL REASONS HOUSE OF OVER—CALLING FEAR MY CALL No one is safe from the unending barrage of calls from the phone zealots of this house, not even the neighbor in the cubicle next door. HOUSE OF NON-COMMUNICATION "NO, YOU GO AHEAD" .7 .7 .7 .7 .7 ? V This house's halls reverberate with the ‘W sound of disjointed conversations D broken bythe lag time from office phone to cell phone and back. 9 V as . £5 HOUSE OE gjw OBLIVIOUSNESS " THE WORLD IS OUR PHONE BOOTH This house hasthe A unique ability to, at 6; ‘ the first ring oftheir phone, fall into a trance-like state where they become ignorant of anyone in their midst and speak with raised voice. s éfn THE AVERAGE PERSON TALKS IA V E" l’ 3X LOUDER SHARE YOUR WORKPLACE TALES OE ON THEIR MOBILE PHONE TELEPHONIC INTRIGUE #GAMEOFPHONES THAN ‘N PERSON ‘ll'— l. s. ~ » . r,—: .I, . : l., .,i-lip . l E’-my, l‘ w "ll‘ li ‘il"u‘l. “ 0 @www. workfront. Com