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Give Your Sales Deals A MEDICAL: 7 Steps to Qualify New Business Opportunities


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A debate rages in certain circles about whether selling is an art or a science.

In order to scale and manage a sales operation, we need consistency and repeatability in sales execution; there are typically (if not always) certain aspects of a sale that we need to manage.

As such there is a strong process component to selling, albeit that personal qualities such as empathy, innovation, tenacity and imagination will undoubtedly differentiate one sales professional from another.

Here are 7 steps to giving your sales deals a MEDICAL

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Give Your Sales Deals A MEDICAL: 7 Steps to Qualify New Business Opportunities

  1. 1. Give Your Sales Deals a MEDICAL: 7 Easy Steps From the Business Perspectives Series of Sales & Marketing Advisories for Small and Mid-Size Business
  2. 2. “ As your business grows you won’t be able to remain personally involved in every deal....... ...... so having a common format and common vocabulary to review sales opportunities becomes ” essential. Perspectives
  3. 3. Why Sales Methodology? Clear and consistent approach to every opportunity A solid foundation upon which to make decisions Accurate forecasting Appropriate and accurate deployment of resources, e.g. – Technical staff – Reference sites Demonstrates sales professionalism Perspectives
  4. 4. What is MEDICAL? A proven qualification approach to sales opportunities Powerful, structured 7 step process Enables consistent qualification in every deal Each element encourages focus on individual areas of every sale Perspectives
  5. 5. MEDICAL: 7 Steps Perspectives
  6. 6. 1. Metrics How will the customer measure business value? What benefit will your solution Metrics bring to their business? – Staff productivity – Reduction in costs – Increased sales – Greater return on marketing investments Perspectives
  7. 7. 2. Economic Buyer Who has authority to spend? – Who holds the budget? – Who signs off the spend? Economic Buyer – Why would they.... Approve? Block? Have you engaged with ALL relevant parties to: – Understand the role they play – Understand timescales & approval process Perspectives
  8. 8. 3. Decision Criteria & Process Decision Criteria & Process What specific criteria will be used to assess solutions? How will the selection take place? – RFI – Presentations – Evaluations Functionality – Matrices Performance Who is involved and at what point? Cost Ease of Use Vendor Reputation Perspectives
  9. 9. 4. Identify Pain What is the prospect’s business pain? How is it affecting their business? Who benefits, personally, from solving this Identify Pain issue? – Users – Board – Customers – Suppliers – Partners Perspectives
  10. 10. 5. Coaches & Champions Coaches help – With qualification Coaches & Champions – Offering guidance how to proceed Champions have influence – And WANT you to win Who are they? When do you use them? Perspectives
  11. 11. 6. Alternative Solutions With who - or what - are you competing? Is there a ‘do nothing’ option? Which other solutions are involved? Alternative Where is the competition in the sales cycle? – Who is setting the agenda? You, the customer or your competitor? Perspectives
  12. 12. 7. Leadership How does your solution deliver more value than any other? Leadership How do you differ from the competition? – Where have you won before? – Why? What are your USPs? Do you have references in the same market sector? Perspectives
  13. 13. MEDICAL Perspectives
  14. 14. Qualification Gets You… Identify and address weaknesses and threats Accurate understanding of the DMU Accurate understanding of selection process Relevant and detailed CRM information Accurate forecasting Timely and relevant resource deployment Perspectives
  15. 15. “ “Having a process is a positive first step. To ensure success underpin best practice methodology with best practice technology.” ” Perspectives
  16. 16. Have you Viewed? ‘Qualify Sales Opportunities. Win Sales Opportunities’ Perspectives
  17. 17. Workbooks CRM from Workbooks Online is helping small and mid-size businesses drive best practice sales methodology across the UK. Contact us to take a look or take a test drive. +44 118 3030 100 Happy Selling! Perspectives