Mystery solved how to get free traffic to my blog 3 secrets revealed


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Mystery solved how to get free traffic to my blog 3 secrets revealed

  1. 1. December 9th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganMystery Solved! HowTo Get Free Traffic ToMy Blog | 3 Secrets • •RevealedMystery Solved! How To Get Free Traffic To My Blog | 3 SecretsRevealedSource: Morgan Fleur De Lys on December 9th, 2012by Morgan Fleur De Lys | on December 8, 2012Mystery Solved!  How To Get Free Traffic To My Blog | 3 SecretsRevealedAnswer to your question: “How to get free traffic to my blog” are revealed in these three powerful methods to bring visitors toyour site TODAY. Learn these secrets to generate traffic, leads and sales using complete free methods. Stick around until theend of this page to learn how these free methods can become wildly profitable for you and your business.How To Get Free Traffic To My Blog The Obvious WayNow, I’m going to start this section off with a rather obvious point, you must BLOG DAILY. This is a very important point ifyou want to take these free strategies to truly resolve your question of how to get free traffic to my blog.You NEED fresh, unique & engaging content. Google loves it.Another obvious point, before we get into the strategies I’m going to share with you is your topic headlines, content and on-page SEO. While SEO is beyond the scope of this article (and a bit boring for most people), you should address your headlinesand content in the following manner:1). Do keyword research. Type in your keywords into Google search to see what people are actually typing in and what Googleshows you as a suggestion, like this:How To Get Free Traffic To My BlogOnce you have done that, cross reference it with the suggestions that often show up at the bottom of the search results like this: 1
  2. 2. December 9th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorgan How To Get Free Traffic To My BlogFinally, use the Google Keyword Research Tool to fine tune your keywords like this:How To Get Free Traffic To My Blog2). Be topical. Using current affairs, trends and interests that people are already talking about and looking for can help yourcontent be seen by more people by the nature of capitalizing on what they are looking for anyway.3). Be social. Your website is an island, invite people to your paradise. Get your content out to people who care via social mediasites. You won’t need to do mind-numbing SEO if you are social and use tip #2 to be topical with your blog posts.BONUS: Follow your passion. Blog about things you enjoy, not things you think people will click on just so you can solve thehow to get free traffic to my blog dilemma. For instance, don’t write about celebrity gossip just get visitors if you hate TMZ &Perez Hilton style chatter. You won’t stick with it if you don’t enjoy it and it will end up becoming a chore, which is probablynot your goal.Now, on to the how to get free traffic to my blog secrets that I have for you.Mystery Solved!  How To Get Free Traffic To My BlogYou can share these "secrets", but not with Sauron!Unlike Gandalf, I’m not going to ask you to “Keep it secret. Keep it safe.” If you find value in these tips, share them with otherson Google+ & Twitter immediately!How To Get Free Traffic To My Blog Strategy #1Document Sharing Sites. This is a strategy that lots of people truly fail to capitalize on. This one strategy alone can get hundredsand hundred of people looking at your content every day and over time, even thousands of my people seeing your content. It’sa Google-proof way that answers how to get free traffic to my blog in a big, big way. 2
  3. 3. December 9th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganThe key takeaway here is that people will start their search on the Internet in a lot of different ways. While your first impulsemight be to go to Google and do a search, these legions of people who will use a document sharing site as their go-to resourceinstead. Every time you use one of these sites, you can create title, keyword tags and links back to your blog.My top recommendations are these sites:http://www.slideshare.nethttp://www.scribd.com are many other choices, some of them are pretty good, but I listed these because they get their own organic traffic andeven rank on search engine results too.All you need to do is covert your already existing content into documents, like a PDF, DOC, PPT file or a few others. If you don’thave software on your computer to do it, I use this one:http://www.zinepal.comHow To Get Free Traffic To My Blog Strategy #2Video Sharing Sites. Several key points here. One, video is wildly popular and hot right now. Two, just like in strategy #1,millions of people use video search as their go to source to find and discover new content. Be sure to use good titles, descriptionsand keyword tags here as well. Just take the content you already have and create a video version of it (or take a video yu createdand make a blog article about it).If you happen to be camera shy, you can use screen capture software or create free animations (YouTube makes this easy withGoAnimate).My top recommendations are these sites: (obviously)http://www.dailymotion.comhttp://www.metacafe.comhttp://www.vimeo.com (they host a surprising amount of videos which can be easily shared)How To Get Free Traffic To My Blog Strategy #3Article Directories. These sites get a lot of traffic and people are very loyal to them. The important distinction here is that youwill need to rewrite your content here as most of these sites require unique content, even if it’s similar to other content you havealready produced. You can either rewrite it yourself or use software to change it for you. Some people choose to hire virtualassistants to do this as well.Each of these article directories have their own set of rules & requirements, so be sure to follow their guidelines to avoid anydelay in approving your content on their sites. To Get Free Traffic To My Blog Strategy BONUS Strategy! 3
  4. 4. December 9th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganHow To Get Free Traffic To My BlogGuest Blogging! This one is super powerful for those that decide to commit to it. There are a lot of blogs out there that arenot only open to you writing content for them, they actually encourage it. So why would you want to write for someone elserather than right for your own blog?There are several reasons to start quest blogging.1). You can build relationships within your niche with other bloggers in the industry. Those relationships could lead to incrediblepartnerships.2). You can gain more authority in your area of expertise. When you write for another blog, you automatically gain credibilityto their established audience as an expert in your field.3). You can gain an entire new audience and traffic to your blog through their website.4). You can benefit from an already established blog in your niche as a quick way to engage people with your content.5). You can be a guest blogger on multiple websites for even more traffic (be sure all of your content is of high value and highlyunique).To find guest blogging opportunities, simply Google your main, high traffic keyword, and these words:keyword guest postkeyword guest bloggingkeyword guest blogkeyword submit postI think you get the idea and can go from there. Another option is to just reach out to your favorite websites in your niche andask them if they allow guest blogging and see how to get involved.Some pretty cool tips for how to get free traffic to my blog eh?Mystery Solved!  How To Get Free Traffic To My BlogIf you have read all the way through here, I’m very honored that you have invested some quality time with me in helping you solvethe riddle of how to get free traffic to my blog. I’ve really enjoyed sharing this with you. But before you go, I have a bonus for you!Because you found value in this blog post, I’m going to share with you my secret tip on how to get your content seen by evenmore people using one of the top 500 websites in the Internet & profit from it. Blogging is a great way to make money online,and I’m going to show you how to do it the easy way right here: Make Money Blogging!If you follow our simple system, you can start earning 100% commissions online (yes, 100% of the money is yours) through ouraffiliate program. Click the link below to get started right now!To Your Abundance, 4
  5. 5. December 9th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganPS: Knowing how to get free traffic to my blog is one thing, but clicking here to make money blogging is even better! 5