7 ways your online business partners become the walking dead


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7 ways your online business partners become the walking dead

  1. 1. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorgan7 Ways Your OnlineBusiness PartnersBecome The Walking •Dead •7 Ways Your Online Business Partners Become The WalkingDeadSource: http://www.empowernetwork.com/workwithmorgan/blog/7-ways-your-online-business-partners-become-the-walking-dead/By Morgan Fleur De Lys on December 7th, 20127 Ways Your Online Business Partners Become The Walking Deadby Morgan Fleur De Lys | on November 28, 20127 Ways Your Online Business Partners Become The WalkingDeadAre your online business partners a bunch of zombies from The Walking Dead? In today’s fun post, I’m going to share with yousome of the signs of having a team full of the undead and the steps you can take to breathe some life back into them. I’ll finishit up with my top recommendation to relieve them of their craving for “brains” and start using their own.(*Note: All images are from the uber-awesome AMC show, The Walking Dead. Go watch it, it rocks!)Are Your Online Business Partners A Bunch Of Zombies?Partnerships are important. Having a strong team of online business partners can make your life a breeze and free up your timeto for more important matters, like preparing for the zombie apocalypse .And just like an invasion of a zombie horde, a bad group of online business partners will take a bite right out of you and turnyou right into one of them: a full-time employee-zombie with no hope of escaping the plague that infects them. 1
  2. 2. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganOnline Business Partners Need To FeedHere’s the 7 the ways your online business partners have become The Walking Dead:1.) They wonder around aimlessly, failing to take action to improve their situation. They have perfected the zombie-walkthrough life, making decisions without actually making decisions. Things just happen as they happen as the walk around withouta clue.2.) They are easily distracted and when something new comes along. Their target is close, but a shiny new object, a strangesound and a new opportunity will send them in a new direction if it seems closer and easier to reach.3.) They will only act once you are right in front of them. You will have to call them, get them to a meeting, give the assignmentsand lean on them like an employee in order for them to do anything. They can’t seem to be self-starters.4.) They seek your “brains” as if they don’t have any themselves. Somehow, they can’t complete the proven training system. They can’t do a Google search. They can’t watch an instructional video on YouTube. They seek both your valuable time andyour brains for something they could’ve figured out for themselves.5.) They follow the masses and travel in hordes. These masses and hordes are all the zombies around them that are living a lifeof mediocrity and are failing to break free and do what it takes to create a “life” for themselves. 2
  3. 3. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorgan6.) They move slow and can be easily lost. They don’t move with a purpose and focus on the big picture. Because they don’ttake fast action, they go back to walking around until they can find something new to eat.7.) They infect others with their disease. The disease of complacency. The disease of failing to take action. The disease ofspending years and years on the planet without actually LIVING!Finding Online Business Partners With Life Still In ThemBut there’s hope among the living in their search for finding online business partners who are serious about creating the LIFEthey were meant to live.Seek out and spend your time with action takers. These people don’t need to be hand-held or require any babysitting. Theydon’t need your constant phone calls in order to get them going on a daily basis.Having a powerful of team of online business partners that support you and have your back is important in defeating a zombieapocalypse. It’s your inner circle team that help defend the team from any unseen challenges that arise in your business. Nomindless zombie will stand a chance attacking the group, for your team is ready to take them down!It’s time to protect yourself from the zombies that infect your business with inactivity as they can be the death of your business. The best way to protect yourself is to plug your team of online business partners into a proven marketing system that hascomplete training and a 1-2-3 blueprint they can follow. If they can follow the core commitments of your business, then you arewell on your way to success with your online business partners.I suggest you also help the generate 100% commissions so they don’t turn into the undead because of a lack of confidence andcash flow. To start earning 100% commissions, RIGHT NOW, click the button below:(Get Started Now, Before The Zombie Apocalypse Begins!)To Your Very Survival, 3
  4. 4. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganPS: Your currently online business partners could use this training, so share it with them before they eat you alive! 4