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21 scalable postcard marketing ideas for your business


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21 scalable postcard marketing ideas for your business

  1. 1. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorgan21 Scalable PostcardMarketing Ideas For YourBusiness21 Scalable Postcard Marketing Ideas For Your BusinessSource: Morgan Fleur De Lys on December 7th, 201221 Scalable Postcard Marketing Ideas For Your Businessby Morgan Fleur De Lys | on December 3, 201221 Scalable Postcard Marketing Ideas For Your BusinessHere’s a powerful set of postcard marketing ideas that can scale as your business grows. These tips are some of the insider •secrets of many wildly successful marketing teams. As part of the larger direct mail industry, these postcard marketing ideas will •expand your business is new & exciting ways. This is especially true if you are in the Internet or network marketing industries. Stick with me to the end as I share exactly how our team are using these exact strategies to build our businesses.Mailbox Money!Postcard Marketing Ideas That DuplicateWhy postcard marketing ideas instead of the latest and greatest social media or Internet marketing tricks? Several reasonsactually. First, when marketing online, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your advertising noticed and to stand out fromthe crowd. There’s a lot of noise and often, it’s getting tuned out and ignored.Second, the direct mail industry is actually growing year after year. Despite this, few entrepreneurs in the Internet, affiliate andnetwork marketing niches are using any postcard marketing ideas to their advantage. They believe that it’s too old school inthis modern world of high-speed Internet connections, fancy gizmos and the latest social media marketing courses. 1
  2. 2. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganDont Be A Jackass, lol. Direct Mail Rocks!They’ve become addicted to what others “gurus” are teaching them. Ask yourself, how effective has this been for you? Howeffective has it been for your team? How many people do you know that are struggling to understand social media, capturepages, WordPress plug-ins, SEO, PPC, LMNOP? (Credit to Ray Higdon for than one, lol)The beauty of postcard marketing ideas is that it simplifies your marketing, it’s sets you apart from your competition and itduplicates like crazy. Anyone can do this style of marketing without being technical or bugging friends, family or neighborsabout their business opportunity.A very important concept to know is the average time someone will look at your ad. Online, it’s less than 7 seconds, at best. With direct mail, it’s nearly 20 seconds. About three times as long and with no competition 99.99% of the time!Its time to swim in a bigger pond.....with fewer fish.Before I get into the postcard marketing ideas themselves, here’s one last question to ponder: how postcards had shown up atyour house in the last month about making money compared to the number of times per day you see those messages?You probably see less than 1-2 message per month via mail.You probably see 10-20+ a day via email, Facebook ads, Twitter posts, banner ads and so on. You most likely tuned out so manyof them that you lost count and are not aware of how often they are happening to you.Simple Postcard Marketing Ideas You Can Do Today Here’s 21 Postcard Marketing Ideas You Can Start NOW! 2
  3. 3. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorganThe Force is strong with this mailbox1). Start small. You don’t need a budget of thousands of dollars to get going. Work with what you have.2). Start TODAY. Take a standard document in landscape mode and duplicate your message 4x on the sheet. Go to your localoffice supply store or printer and print 250 copies on card stock. Have the printer make two cuts, one horizontal, one vertical. You will have 1,000 postcards to distribute immediately.3). Do NOT use fancy graphics or full-color postcards. These cards scream ADVERTISEMENT! Have your marketing bedifferent. Focus on the marketing message itself. Don’t do anything to distract your prospect from the sales message.4). Postcards marketing ideas must focus on creating a DIRECT RESPONSE for your audience. It’s called just that actually,direct response marketing. You want your message to create an emotional response that compels them to take actionimmediately.5). Use pastel colors on your postcards. These colors have been tested by the hundreds of thousands by some of the best directmail marketers in the world. The idea colors are yellow, blue and green with an fourth alternate of red. The first three outperformthe alternate choice of red, but sometimes a great sale is worth picking up that color and testing it.6). Speaking of testing. TEST. TEST. TEST. Test the delivery method. Test the card color, the size of the text, the font, the salescopy, your call-to-action, your sales process, your follow-up……everything. These postcards marketing ideas most definitelywork. It’s your job to test and tweak them to your offer and your market.7). Personal delivery. This is a place anyone can start at. It will yield lower results than other methods, but it will yield results. Icould easily create an entire eBook just on your options in doing this method. You can do it yourself, pay someone, do residentialor commercial, at networking events, bulletin boards, etc. The list is extensive with this one.These arent the droids your looking for.8). Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Here in the United States, we have a service from the USPS where they will deliver toever house in a neighborhood based off of the zip code you specify. This is similar to you doing it from door to door, but insteadit goes directly into the mailbox, which you can’t do otherwise (it’s illegal to put stuff in people’s mailboxes, the postal carriermust do it). This is a great delivery method that starts at only $0.145 per piece. WoW! No mailing permit required either. You decide where to target, you give them your postcards sorted into bundles of 50-100, they do the rest. All you need to givethem is a simple form so they know where it needs to go. They have a wonderful online tool to help you too. Check it out here: Every Door Direct Mail 3
  4. 4. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorgan9). Do demographic research. As part of your testing, research the areas in which you are sending your mail too. There areplenty of great sites for this. You can start with this one, as I use it a lot: Rent a list. Now we are getting into the more highly targeted approaches to your postcard marketing ideas. The de factosource for mailing lists is . They have tens of thousands of lists to choose from.11). Work as a team. You can greatly reduce your overall expenses when starting out by doing a team Co-Op and split theadvertising costs.12). Be consistent. Your campaign needs to be steady. This will keep your business stable so it can have a foundation for growthand the ability to scale.13). Capitalize on momentum. As soon as you can traction, push harder. Do not take your foot off the gas. This is a criticalstage of your business. The snowball effect of a flurry of activity and new business will create a ripple effect throughout yourentire organization, even if you have multiple departments not involved in the marketing end of the business.14). Reinvest your profits. I recommend reinvesting at least 20% of your profits right back into marketing so you can continueto scale your business. If you don’t require those profits for your monthly bills because you are not currently taking a salaryfrom your business, then invest even more. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is to go out and spend their “profits”and celebrate their success to early. Doing so leaves you with less money to do another campaign.Be creative with you marketing just like thesemailboxes15). Multiple mailings. It has been said that people need to see your message up to 7 times before they will make a buyingdecision. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to send your postcards to them multiple times, testing newsales copy and other tweaks along the way. *Note: If you have rented a mailing list, you will need to negotiate this with themin advance as most mailings are a one time use.16). Use eye catching headlines. You must be able to command their attentions. Some of my favor headlines say things like: “WARNING!” “ATTENTION” “CAUTION” “DANGER” “NOTICE”. These types of headlines, on a pastel yellow postcard,look like something from the utility company, county, city or state departments. They are definitely going to read your postcardmarketing ideas with those headlines!17). Consider creating your own products. Postcard marketing ideas are great when selling inexpensive reports, guides andinformation. You could create something of value for them, print it very inexpensively and sell if for $39 or $59 each.18). Build your email list with postcard marketing ideas. Have a website address at the bottom of your postcard that directsthem to a landing page. Once they arrive, they will then have to enter their information in order to proceed. This is an excellentway to build your list and create a follow-up email campaign in order to get that 7 exposures they may need in order to makea buying decision like me talked about earlier.19). Use a QR code. Add a QR code for the tech savvy crowd so they can access your information from their mobile device. Having multiple ways in which to engage your audience will increase your leads and sales.20). Be congruent. Whatever your marketing message is, be sure that they message is consistent across all channels or you willlose leads and sales. Make sure that the words on the postcard are used on the landing page. If there’s a sales video, have thelanguage match that of the postcard too. The most congruent all of your postcard marketing ideas are as the prospect movesthrough your sales funnel, the more likely your offer will make sense to them and the more likely they will pull out their creditcard and do business with you. 4
  5. 5. December 7th, 2012 Published by: WorkWithMorgan21). Be in it for the long haul. Your postcard marketing ideas are only as good as your ability to see them through all the wayto the end. Trying 100 postcards is almost a guaranteed failure. Even 1,000-5,000 cards isn’t enough to test and tweak yourcampaigns. Stick with it. This works like gangbusters. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Test, refine, rinse, repeat.You will "flip" with excitement when you seethe results!Postcard Marketing Ideas Can Ignite Your TeamIf your here all the way at the bottom of this monster article, let me just say this: You are a !@#$ing ROCKSTAR! You arethe type of leader that gets it done. So let me offer you a reward for sticking with me until the end of this blog about postcardmarketing ideas.When you decide to join my team here at Empower Network (it’s only $25, a no-brainer), I will give you access to my privatemastermind group on Facebook with extensive private training on postcard marketing ideas not available in this post or to thegeneral public.This training includes all of my sales copy I have personally used on postcards, the best sales copy I could get my hands on forover a dozen sources, complete training guides and more. Click the link below to get started:To Your Abundance,PS: If you found value in this post, please share it with others. Sharing is caring! Thank you for reading my blog about postcardmarketing ideas. 5