A Simple Story About Goals (Social Goals )


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BlueLeaf Mobile Success with Social Goal Management

Presented By WorkSimple - The Social Goal Management Company

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A Simple Story About Goals (Social Goals )

  1. 1. A Simple StoryAbout GoalsBlueLeaf Mobile Succeeds with Social Goal Management
  2. 2. MeetBlueLeafMobile
  3. 3. BlueLeaf Mobile SnapshotLaunched 2007310 Employees across 5 Offices#3 on 10 Hottest Companies in Seattle We believe our mobileInc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies “ technology will be leveraged by every company in everyFeatured in: business. - Clive Knight CEO ”The New York Times, WSJ, 60 MinutesForbes, Wired, CIO.com, TechCrunch
  4. 4. Let’s meet a fewBlueLeafers
  5. 5. MeetAdrian
  6. 6. He’s an Idea Guy Adrian Brown Role: Product Management Branch: San Francisco, CA In the Past Product Management at DotCloud Product Team at Shine Systems What people say “He’s Rainman... That sums it all up!” “That guy Rocks! At everything!” He’s also good at: Martial Arts 7
  7. 7. This is what Adrian does Knowledge Base Roadmap Updated Late! 9 On Track active goals Updated Product Product Overview Datasheet Deploy Complete Stalled! Online Community Stalled! Case Studies Late! Usage Reports Sales Product Training Complete Complete Demo Scripts At Risk! 8
  8. 8. Adrian learnswhat his team isdoing through…
  9. 9. Team Meetings Conference Calls Email 10
  10. 10. But…
  11. 11. Adrian is a littlein the dark…
  12. 12. Adrian Doesn’t Understand:•  The direction of the company•  The direction of other departments•  How his work is connected Product•  How he can help ? Sales ? Finance ? Support ? HR ? 13
  13. 13. He feelslike manyBlueLeafers…
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. MeetJane
  16. 16. She Loves to Build Things! Jane Tanaka Role: VP of Marketing Staff: 5 Direct Reports Branch: Seattle In the Past Branding Award 2009 Launched the BlueLeaf Brand What people say “Her team, does a lot for us!” “Jane is nonstop, always working” “My favorite executive” She’s also good at: Mountaineering 17
  17. 17. This is what Jane does 5 Customer Case Studies Datasheets Late! Complete 12 active goals Landing Pages Complete 3 Press Hire 3 Marketing Managers Releases Late! Stalled! Brand Update Analyst Late! Deck Outbound Late! Campaigns Website7 On Track Complete Customer Facing Roadmap Sales Kick Off Late! Materials Complete 3 Newsletters At Risk!
  18. 18. Jane also has5 direct reports
  19. 19. Across 3 offices JP Nick Social Media Guru Campaign Manager Seattle Seattle Sasha Alonzo Marketing Manager PR San Francisco Boston Bethany Marketing Manager San Francisco 20 20
  20. 20. And like you,they are doing a lot
  21. 21. Here’s what they are working on 22
  22. 22. Keeping track ofthese goals …
  23. 23. Is a full-time job for Jane 24
  24. 24. And she alsohas to update…
  25. 25. Leadership Her Team Other Departments 26
  26. 26. And to do thisshe does a lot of…
  27. 27. Meetings Conference Calls What do we want to cover in our next meeting? Let’s get started. Does Jane have her coffee? Reply All Emails 28
  28. 28. And likemany BlueLeafers…
  29. 29. She’s still a littlein the dark...
  30. 30. On what other teams are working toward Product ? Sales ? Finance ? Support ? HR ? 31
  31. 31. Jane is no longer strategic, and she’s •  Overwhelmed with requests •  Burdened by reports •  And quickly becoming a bottleneck 32
  32. 32. MeetClive
  33. 33. He’s a people person Clive Knight Role: CEO Staff: 7 Direct Reports Branch: Seattle In the Past CTO of BlipMobile VP of Products Innovation Award What people say “He has an open door, he has no door” “He’s a regular guy with a fancy title!” He’s also good at: Cooking 34
  34. 34. Clive tracks…
  35. 35. 7 Core Teams
  36. 36. Here is the work Clive is tracking 7 TEAMS Sales 7 Goals Operations 10 Goals Marketing 12 Goals63 CORE TEAM GOALS Product Support 11 Goals 8 Goals HR 8 Goals Finance 7 Goals 37
  37. 37. To reach the companygoals…
  38. 38. He depends on everyemployee…
  39. 39. …hitting their goals.
  40. 40. And that’s a lot of goals… 41
  41. 41. To track updates…
  42. 42. Clive does a lot of…Leadership Meetings Team Meetings Email 43
  43. 43. And to giveBlueLeafers companyupdates… 44
  44. 44. Clive does the usual…Town Halls Meetings Company-Wide Email 45
  45. 45. But… 46
  46. 46. There’s a lot ofpeople left out of theloop 47
  47. 47. Umm. That pushed out! SERIOUSLY!?! A status meeting every You don’t know what morning? Marketing Does? Nick, Really? There’s a Sales Meeting? Wait… This month? Why didn’t you tell me you needed it today?I don’t evenknow what myteam does! No Jane, I didn’t get an update or an email.
  48. 48. BlueLeaf’sCommunication…
  49. 49. Is not working.
  50. 50. And for the first time…
  51. 51. They might misstheir numbers.
  52. 52. So…
  53. 53. To get a sense of howthings are going…
  54. 54. Clive begins discussionswith the workforce.
  55. 55. He speaks to Adrian and learns: •  Adrian doesn’t understand the company direction. •  Adrian doesn’t understand how critical his work is. •  Adrian doesn’t understand what other departments or coworkers do. 56
  56. 56. Clive has discussions with People Managers He starts with Jane and learns: •  Her team doesn’t understand company direction. •  Her team doesn’t understand what other departments do. •  Many of them spend too much time on updates and status reports. •  They want to be strategic but many are overwhelmed. 57
  57. 57. Clive continuesdiscussions with theWorkforce
  58. 58. 59
  59. 59. This is a company-wide issue Change starts with him: •  BlueLeaf’s communication methods are not working •  Employees need to understand what other departments are working toward. •  BlueLeafers need to understand their work impact 60
  60. 60. “Hmm…”
  61. 61. “What if there were away….”
  62. 62. … “…to communicate goals and progress across the company?” 63
  63. 63. …And What if… “…every employee could see what we are working toward?” 64
  64. 64. …And What If… “…we gave Feedback and Recognition based on Results and goal progress?” 65
  65. 65. BlueLeaf decided to…
  66. 66. ImplementSocial Goals
  67. 67. And now…
  68. 68. BlueLeaf’s Goals Shared with the rest of the Company People Create, Track, BlueLeafers see goal and Share Goals updates as it happens 69
  69. 69. People can ‘Follow’ Goals, People, or TeamsNow every employee can ‘Follow’ the Goals, People,or Teams that they depend on. 70
  70. 70. The Goal Activity Feed updates all workers Personalized Goal Updates, Alerts, Messages for everyone Alonzo and I were just talking about some new suggested goals for the launch, 71
  71. 71. Goal Progress is Published People update their progress on team goals with a mouse click. Clive, wanted to talk to you. about an idea. Great updates and progress, Let’s hear it!. 72
  72. 72. Status Updates are Automated & Simple People schedule Weekly Reports at the team or individual level. 73
  73. 73. Recognition happens across Blueleaf BlueLeafer’s receive comments and recognition from Coworkers, People Managers, and Leadership
  74. 74. Results-Based Feedback & Goal Reviews Performance Feedback is based on actual goal results and success.
  75. 75. BlueLeaf’sResults
  76. 76. Blue Leaf By The Numbers91% Of Goals are 83% Of Goals are 22% Of Goals areEmployee Created Public Are Late56% Of Goals have 38 Average Number of 8.4 Active Goals Per Dependencies Days Per Goal Employee
  77. 77. And now… Adrian Understands the impact of his work Jane Has time to be strategic Clive Can can communicate company direction 78
  78. 78. And where are theytoday
  79. 79. BlueLeaf Crushed Their Numbers  Became #24 on “The Best company to work for”  Retention and engagement is at an all time high  #1 Hottest Companies to Watch in Mobile  BlueLeaf Mobile Culture was highlighted for: – Communication –  Openness – Transparency – Innovation 80
  80. 80. 81
  81. 81. The End.
  82. 82. Presented by: The Social Goal Management CompanyStart Sharing Goals for Free: getworksimple.com
  83. 83. Adrian Today Adrian is now a manager He has 4 direct reports He just earned his 2nd Degree Blackbelt 84
  84. 84. Jane Today Jane was promoted to CMO Earned a Webby Award She speaks on building Results-Cultures And also summited Everest! 85
  85. 85. Clive Today Clive made his numbers #3 in Top Technology Innovators He’s getting ready for an IPO 86