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Lets learn words


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Lets learn words

  1. 1. The Quest for WordS The Wordpandit Way
  2. 2. Methods to increase your Vocabulary 1. Contextual 2. Word Lists Vocabulary Deriving meaning from the Rote method: by repeated context/usage of the word memorization of words The key to successful With Modi and his family, we learning is usage of reach humanity’s nadir: words in everyday life. below this point, all is sub- For example: human Conversations, Diary entries. Make your own Flash Cards
  3. 3. Methods to increase your Vocabulary Tracing Word Using Memory Roots/origins Aids Tracing the word back to its origin Visual Mnemonic Vocab Aids Use books like: Synonym Word Power Clusters Made Easy
  4. 4. Method 1-Cluster Making BANAL GARRULOUS hackneyed, loquacious, trite , windy, threadbare, verbose,commonplace, prolix,platitudinous, blabbermouth, bromidic, talkative, time-worn, voluble stereotypical MALIGN Traduce Drag through LACONIC the mud Lean Slander Succinct Defame Terse Badmouth Concise Asperse Sententious Calumniate
  5. 5. Method Two: Using Word Roots MAL/MALUS: Bad, harsh, wrong; ill; evil; abnormal, defective MALIGNANT MALIGN One showing deep hatred1. Slander, defame One that is cancerous2. Evil, pernicious MALICIOUSMALEDICTION Having theThe utterance nature of orof a curse resulting from MALADROIT malice awkward, clumsy MALADY MALEVOLENT ADROIT A specific kind Wishing to wish adept, skillful of ill health, an evil to others ailment, a MALICE disease. MALEFACTOR The desire to injure another person; active ill-will or hatred. Evildoer, criminal
  6. 6. Method Three: Mnemonic/Memory Aids Learning Words through simple associations
  7. 7. Method Four: Visual Vocab Relating Words to Pictures
  8. 8. In a nutshell• Learning Words is not about word lists only• It’s about associations, making contact with our everyday life and figuring out reasons to learn a particular word• Nobody learned thousands of words in a single day, so take your time.
  9. 9. What We Have in Store for YouWordpandit is not about a single section or any single type of content; it is onecolossal entity where loads of words areadded every day. Not only that, we focuson skill building and use of creativity. Join us in our mission and make sure many more come to know about us. Stay tuned for loads of Updates!