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  1. 1. You are not alone! Many consumers of loan, mortgage and insurance products feel they have been unfairly burdened by Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), when they were initially sold the original debt (the loan, mortgage or insurance policy). Lawmakers, including the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Office of FairTrading (OFT) have been investigating complaints from consumers wondering how to claim PPI payments. Even the Financial Ombudsman Service takes a dull view of many financial companies that have indulged in such unfair practices. To help reclaim their just dues from banks, mortgage brokers and insurance companies, who knowingly miss sold PPIproducts to you, many consumer assistance firms are stepping forward to advise desperate consumers on how to claim PPI dues that they were unfairly charged. Professionals from suchcompanies not only educate you on your rights to fight back and reclaim your PPI dues, but they help you with the claims filing process too. Not as straightforward Although it should be
  2. 2. straightforward for individuals to demand their money back, financial companies and brokers make the process extremely difficult and cumbersome. Their hope is that, once a consumer finds it difficult to file a claim and pursue it, they will ultimately drop their claim in favor of the more "easier" solution - just pay the amount and get the matter resolved. Another complication in successful pursuit of a PPI claim is that consumers sometimes do not have all of their original documentation available, in order toreview and refer back to them so that they can file a valid claim. But companies helping consumersfight back are making the process for how to claim PPI easier, by only requiring the claimant toprovide them with some basic information. In most cases, people who have been wrongly charged PPI dont even have to produce original documentation. A relief to you When you deal with a PPI claim filing company, you are relieved of a number of hassles that you would otherwise face, had you decided to pursue your claim by yourself. You have enough worries of your own - earning your living, holding a steady job, making other essential payments. Why would you then want to master the art of how to claim PPI, when there are professionals available who know the process inside out, and are willing to assist you? You dont need the additional burden of paper chasing and bureaucratic wrangling. The company processing the claims on your behalf takes it upon themselves to relentlessly trackdown who the "concerned agency" is - the banker, the mortgage broker, the insurance broker, any
  3. 3. other financial institution or sales person - to getall the documentation required from them directly. Sometimes, these companies will work with multiple parties on your behalf, tirelessly trackingdown all the information needed to file your claim. You are completely shielded from these efforts, which are happening transparently, in thebackground. A win-win situation The best part of working with a PPI claims filing company is that they work on a "No Win No Fee" basis. That means that if your claim is not successful, you dont pay them anything. Its that simple!ppi claims
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