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  1. 1. Portuguese Gastronomy
  2. 2. Menu 1 Entries: -Orelha de porco (Pig ear) Soup: -Caldo verde (Green soup) Main dish: -Bacalhau assado com batatas a murro (Roasted codfish with punched potatoes) Dessert: -Arroz doce (Sweet rice)
  3. 3. Pig earIngredients: pig ear oil vinegar garlic Preparation: salt The ear is cooked coriander with water and salt. water Then we drain the water and cut the ear in small pieces. To finish we season the ear with oil, garlic, coriander and vinegar.
  4. 4. Green soup: Preparation:Ingredients: In a pot we put water and 2 l of water salt. When it starts to boil we 450 gr of add the potatoes (already cut in small pieces) into the pot. Once potatoes they are cooked we smash 500 gr of them and put them again into cabbage the pot. Then we add the cabbage (already cut in small salt pieces). Then we add the oil 2.5 dl of oil and let it boil for 2 or 3 minutes. (If you like you can also add a slice of a special sausage.)
  5. 5. Roast codfish with punched potatoes Preparation: We put the potatoes to roast in the oven (without peeling them off). While the potatoes are being cookedIngredients: we grill the codfish and Codfish season it with a little bit of salt. After all being cooked Potatoes we put the codfish in a dish Garlic and then we join the Oil punched potatoes; to finish Salt we season it with salt, oil and garlic.
  6. 6. Sweet rice Preparation: We join the cinnamon stick to the lemon peel and the milk. Then we boil everything together. Then we join the rice always stirring everything. Then once the rice is creamy, we join the sugar stirring all the time and we letIngredients: it boil for at least 3 minutes. 1.5 l of milk (If you like, you can decorate the plate with cinnamon stick cinnamon bark). lemon (only a peel) 180 gr of rice 150 gr of sugar 40 gr of butter
  7. 7. Menu 2 Entries: -Melão com presunto (Melon with ham) Soup: -Sopa da pedra (Stone soup) Main dish: -Leitão com batatas fritas (Piglet with fried potatoes) Dessert: -Leite creme (Creamy milk)
  8. 8. Melon with ham Preparation:Ingredients: We cut the melon melon in small pieces and ham ham in thin slices. Then we roll up the slices of ham around the slices of melon.
  9. 9. Stone soup Preparation:Ingredients: Soak the red beans for a few red beans; hours. Then clean the pig ear. 1 pig ear; Boil the red beans in lots of water with the pig ear, the 1 black sausage; sausages, the bacon, the onions, 1 meat sausage; the garlic and the piece of laurel. After that, season it with salt 150 gr of streaky and pepper. If you need, add bacon; more water, but make sure that 750 gr of potatoes; it is always boiling. When the meat is cooked, take it off and 2 onions; put the potatoes sliced in small 2 pieces of garlic; cubes and the coriander that you 1 piece of laurel; have previously chopped. Let the potatoes boil. When you take the 1 bunch of coriander; pot off the stove put in there the salt and pepper meat previously sliced in pieces and a nice washed stone.
  10. 10. Piglet with fried potatoes Preparation: Season the piglet with salt two hours beforehand. Then dress the piglet with the pig lard. Then put the garlic, theIngredients: laurel and the capsicum in a pig lard mortar and mash them until piglet it turns into a homogeneous 2 small pieces of garlic mass. Then add the white 1 leaf of laurel wine inside the piglet. After 150 gr of capsicum you have done all this, put 1 glass of white wine the piglet in the oven for 2 hours (180º C). This meal is usually served with fried potatoes.
  11. 11. Creamy milk Preparation: Boil the milk but remove some to dissolve the rest of the ingredients. AfterIngredients: mixing the eggs, the flour, 4 eggs (only the the sugar and the lemon juice with the milk (so that yellow part); it is quite fluid), then join 4 soup spoons of this to the boiled milk, always stirring the flour; ingredients. If you’d like to, you can put a little bit 6 soup spoons of of sugar on the top of the sugar; creamy milk and burn it. It’s delicious! After this, 1 liter of milk; put it in fridge and a few Lemon juice (boil hours later, it is ready to be served. the peel)
  12. 12. Fusion menu• Soup: - Sopa de legumes (Vegetable soup)• Main dish: - Feijoada à brasileira (The Brazilian “feijoada”)• Dessert: - Banana frita (Fried banana)
  13. 13. Vegetable soupIngredients:• 2 l of water; Preparation:• 5 potatoes; In a pan, we put water, potatoes, a• 1 big carrot; carrot, leek, parsley and onion all cut in small cubes. We let it cook• 1 leek; for more or less half an hour,• 1 onion; then mash everything and• 50 gr of green beans; season it with salt. Put it again on the stove. When it starts• 100 gr of cabbage; boiling, add the green beans and• 2 spoons of olive oil; the cabbage finely sliced. When• 1 sprig of parsley; this is almost cooked, add the olive oil and let it boil for about• salt 10 minutes.
  14. 14. The Brazilian “feijoada”Ingredients: • 1 salted porks tongue;• 1 kg of black beans; • 1 salted porks foot;• 1 soup spoon of lard; • 1 salted porks ear; • 1 porks butt;• 500 gr of dry meat; • 150 gr of smoked bacon;• 250 gr of beef; • 1 big onion;• 500 gr of salted pork;  4 pieces of garlic;• 150 gr of “paio”; • 1 piece of laurel;• 150 gr of black sausage; • Salt and pepper.
  15. 15. The Brazilian “feijoada”Preparation:Soak the black beans for an overnight. Wash the dry meats and soak them as well, changing the water a few times. Boil the beans in salted water. Boil the meats and the sausages and the bacon also in water. Meanwhile slice the onion in very small pieces and brown it in the lard with the sliced garlics and the laurel. Add to this 3 soup spoons of baked bean and a little bit of the water where the beans were boiling and smash everything. Add the rest of the black beans and the meats and stir it carefully (add a bit of the broth if it needs). Rectify the tempers. After 15 minutes, the “feijoada” is ready.Spicy sauce: Step in a mortar peppers, garlic, onion and dress it with salt and pepper. After everything is in mash, mix the sliced parsley, the lemon juice and the oil.
  16. 16. Fried Banana Ingredients: • sugar; • 4 bananas; • cinnamon; • 1 cup of flour; • ½ cup of milk; • oil for frying; • 1 egg; • a pinch of salt
  17. 17. Fried BananaPreparation:Peel the bananas and open them in the middle. Put the flour in a container. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it very well. Pass the bananas in this mass and fry them in very hot oil until they get a golden color. You could sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon or you could eat them just with a scoop of ice cream.
  18. 18. Bibliography
  19. 19. Work done by: Diana Miranda  and Joana Pimentel 