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How to 2x Your Email Results with Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Webinar)


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Email may be a marketer’s go-to for lead generation but when your list goes stale, the leads stop flowing, or they just stop clicking, you need a bold idea to refresh your email campaigns.

In this new webinar, two of the brightest minds in digital marketing will give you one never-before shared strategy that can actually DOUBLE your email results. You’ll learn how to tie the booming trend of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to tried-and-true email marketing for the ultimate lead gen machine.

Larry Kim of WordStream and Eric Harbison of AWeber will reveal:

- The greatest intro to PPC of all time (from #1 PPC expert Larry Kim)
- Answers to the most important email & search marketing questions from AWeber CMO
- 5 of Larry's top-secret PPC hacks tailor-made for email marketers like you


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How to 2x Your Email Results with Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Webinar)

  1. 1. Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Pay-per-click (PPC) experts. We’ve Evaluated over 50,000 AdWords accounts and $15 BILLION in ad spend (WOAH!). We make online advertising easy. You can manage AdWords & Bing campaigns in 20 minutes a week. Premier Google AdWords SMB Partner. Newly recognized for highest quality service and results. #emailmarketing
  3. 3. Larry Kim @larrykim Founded WordStream in 2007 Doing PPC for 13 years! Vote #1 PPC Expert on PPC Hero Blog Had a kid 8 months ago (#ppckid) #emailmarketing
  4. 4. #emailmarketing A 16 year-old startup AWeber was first to market with email automation tools for small businesses in 1998. Easy email marketing for business owners We help 120,000+ global bloggers, agencies, entrepreneurs, marketers and associations succeed with a suite of email marketing tools. Customer success is our focus. Live customer support 7 days-a-week. Customers grow their businesses with our 700+ drag-n-drop email templates, 6,000+ free images and 400+ seamless integrations.
  5. 5. @ErikHarbison CMO Decent Cook Loves checklists Marketing Enthusiast Headshot #emailmarketing
  6. 6. Question Time! What is your experience with PPC Marketing? a) None yet, just doing my research b) I’m a newbie, less than 1 year c) Intermediate, somewhere between 1-3 years d) Power user here - 4+ years #emailmarketing
  7. 7. PPC Advertising: The Who, the How, and the How Much #emailmarketing
  8. 8. Who? #emailmarketing
  9. 9. The PPC Profile Do you have a product or service? Do you have customers? Do you have a blog or website? #emailmarketing
  10. 10. The PPC - Reasons Why You like to have control on your marketing spend. You like to target potential customers that have an interest in your business. You like immediate results. #emailmarketing
  11. 11. How does PPC and Email work together? #emailmarketing
  12. 12. PPC + EMAIL #emailmarketing
  13. 13. "The future is permission marketing and the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” -Seth Godin Start Here… #emailmarketing
  14. 14. PPC + Email Blueprint Paid search delivers ‘active seekers’ RELEVANT Targeted landing page to capture preference & email address (tips, recipes, PDF) ANTICIPATED Segment Target Audiences for follow up messages PERSONAL #emailmarketing
  15. 15. Mobile Search Gaining Ground #emailmarketing
  16. 16. Mobile Search Gaining Ground #emailmarketing
  17. 17. Be Mobile Ready • Keyword consistency • Content consistency • Responsive sign up form experience #emailmarketing
  18. 18. No Dead Ends Always provide an option for ‘visitors’ to become ‘leads’. #emailmarketing
  19. 19. How Much? #emailmarketing
  20. 20. Consider your ROI Email Marketing = $43 for every $1 spent #emailmarketing
  21. 21. First, Do These… Define a tracking method for clicks/sales/actions Can be set up via Adwords Establish a list of targeted keywords & copy Pick what is super relevant to your business Carve out a 10-14 day window for your test #emailmarketing
  22. 22. PRO TIPs for selecting keywords “3 for 5” rule. Ask 3 friends/colleagues to share a list of 5 words that represent your business. Include misspellings of your brand term. Intent is the same and converts. Use Google Search Suggest. Guaranteed to give you new ideas. #emailmarketing
  23. 23. How to budget Set a daily budget of $50-$100 Monitor daily Adjust bids, copy, targeting parameters #emailmarketing
  24. 24. #emailmarketing
  25. 25. Question Time! What is the top PPC tactic you’ve tested that drives results for your business? a) My offer/call-to-action b) Expanding my ad with site links c) Geographic targeting d) Click-to-call instead of a landing page e) Something else #emailmarketing
  26. 26. Agenda: How to Grow Your Business with PPC 1. Who Should Use AdWords and Why? 2. Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign 3. PPC for Mobile Devices 4. Understanding Remarketing Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  27. 27. Why Advertise on Google?1 #emailmarketing
  28. 28. #1 Billions of Searches Every Day When people need something or want to learn about something they search for it! Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  29. 29. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #2 Billions of High Commercial Intent Queries! #emailmarketing
  30. 30. #3 Ads Dominate “High Commercial Intent” Searches Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  31. 31. #4 Ads Get 2/3rds of “High Commercial Intent Keyword Clicks” Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  32. 32. #5 PPC is Easier to Measure Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  33. 33. Who Should Do PPC? 1. Everyone should do at a minimum a small amount of PPC corresponding to your most important keywords within your key geographies. 2. Businesses that do best are: • The types of businesses that used to be listed in the yellow pages. • Businesses with hard to find specialty items or services • High margins or possibility of repeat business 3. Easy to turn on/off so give it a try! Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  34. 34. Setting Up Your First AdWords PPC Campaign2 #emailmarketing
  35. 35. Understanding the AdWords Auction CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 35#emailmarketing
  36. 36. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 36#emailmarketing
  37. 37. #emailmarketing
  38. 38. Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Planner Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  39. 39. Negative Keywords Exclude Your Ad From Showing Up if the User’s Search Query Contains Specific Words. • Examples: • Brands you don’t support • Locations you don’t service • “Free”, “Video”, “DIY”, “Training”, etc. Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  40. 40. Keyword Grouping BAD OK Better Key word s Fix Fridge, Stove Repair, fisher and paykel fridge repairs, service washing machine … Fix GE Fridge, Broken Fisher and Paykel Fridge, frigidaire Fridge parts, Sub-Zero warranty expired… GE refrigerator parts, GE fridge repair, how to fix ge refrigerator ice machine ... Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  41. 41. Pro Tip: Be Super Picky Larry Kim (@larrykim) • The Goal is NOT to buy tons of Clicks • Instead buy as FEW, high quality clicks as possible! Only keywords that correspond to exactly what you do. #emailmarketing
  42. 42. #emailmarketing
  43. 43. #emailmarketing
  44. 44. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 44#emailmarketing
  45. 45. #emailmarketing
  46. 46. #emailmarketing
  47. 47. #emailmarketing
  48. 48. Setting Up First Campaign: Key Takeaways 1. Pick Specific, High Commercial Intent Keywords 2. Group Together Keywords With Similar Themes 3. Use Negative Keywords 4. Write Targeted Ad Copy to Provide the Best Answer for the searcher’s Question 5. Great ads get clicked on often and are rewarded by Google with higher ad spots at lower price. 6. Poor Quality ads get punished! 7. So… Key To Success = Great Ads! Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  49. 49. How To Write Better Quality Ads: Call-Out Ad Extensions Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  50. 50. How To Write Better Quality Ads: Location Ad Extensions Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  51. 51. How To Write Better Quality Ads: Site Link Extensions Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  52. 52. Beta: Email Communication Extension Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  53. 53. Mobile Search Ads3 #emailmarketing
  54. 54. More Searches on Mobile Than Desktop! Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  55. 55. Mobile Search is VERY Different! OMG! A call button! Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  56. 56. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 56 Mobile Changes the Flow in a Big Way! #emailmarketing
  57. 57. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 57 Contact Rate +& Qualification Dies Quickly Contact rates significantly drop off after 5 minutes. Why? Declining interest, alternate solution, etc. #emailmarketing
  58. 58. The Hack: Force People To Call You! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 58#emailmarketing
  59. 59. Leverage Bid Management Tools • Day Parting • Location Bidding • Mobile Bidding Adjust your bids based on location, time and device —all within a single campaign! Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  60. 60. Bid Using Location, Time and Device Campaigns have bid adjustment factors for Location, Time and Devices Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  61. 61. Location Based Bid Management Larry Kim (@larrykim) • Bid higher for areas where you do more business. • Bid less for places where you do less business. #emailmarketing
  62. 62. Time Based Bid Management Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  63. 63. Device Based Bid Management Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  64. 64. Reflect Urgency in Mobile Ads Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  65. 65. Mobile Search Key Takeaways: 1. More searches on mobile devices than desktops 2. Use Click to Call Extensions to Dramatically increase Value of PPC Marketing 3. Bid based on location, device, and time 4. Write ads based on Location, Device & Time Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  66. 66. 4Gmail Ads #emailmarketing
  67. 67. Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  68. 68. This Email is Actually an Ad in Disguise! Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  69. 69. Reuse Your HTML Emails Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  70. 70. Demographic Targeting Options Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  71. 71. User Attribute Targeting Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing Note: You can also exclude all of these attributes, too.
  72. 72. Crazy Idea: Target Competitor Emails Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  73. 73. 5 Email Remarketing on Social Media #emailmarketing
  74. 74. Remarketing on Facebook, Too! Larry Kim (@larrykim) Target Website Visitors OR Custom Lists #emailmarketing
  75. 75. Larry Kim (@larrykim) Filter Remarketing Audiences By Purchases #emailmarketing
  76. 76. Larry Kim (@larrykim) Filter Remarketing Audience By Income #emailmarketing
  77. 77. Remarketing on Twitter, Too! Larry Kim (@larrykim) Target Website Visitors OR Custom Lists #emailmarketing
  78. 78. Email Marketing • Limit Number of Blasts To Reduce Unsubscribes • 0.5-2% Unsubscribes Each Blast • People Need To Opt Into Your List • Tons of Unqualified Emails on the List People Based Marketing • N/A • N/A • N/A • N/A Larry Kim (@larrykim) Custom List Ads Are More Like Email Marketing #emailmarketing
  79. 79. Weird Thing About Email Remarketing… Conversion Rates Increase With More Ad Impressions Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  80. 80. PPC + Email Marketing = POWER Larry Kim (@larrykim)#emailmarketing
  81. 81. Thank you! @larrykim @wordstream #emailmarketing @erikharbison @aweber
  82. 82. Grade Your AdWords Account Grade Your AdWords Landing Pages #emailmarketing
  83. 83. Special Offers I would like… A. A FREE 1-on-1 AdWords & Landing Page Assessment B. WordStream Advisor Demo C. AWeber Pro Trial - 50% off for 3 months (new customers only) D. Thanks, but I don’t need any help with my marketing! #emailmarketing