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Totally Insane Techniques Guaranteed to 3X Your CTR [Webinar]


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So, you've got an awesome product or service and breathtaking, targeted landing pages that are sure to convert. High five! Just one problem – people aren't clicking on your ads. Bummer. :(

Could it be that your ads are boring?

Creating compelling ads that urge the reader to click is absolutely crucial to the success of your AdWords and Bing pay-per-click campaigns.

In this free webinar, WordStream's Founder & CTO Larry Kim will share ground-breaking research on 10,000+ PPC ads and divulge techniques guaranteed to triple your Click-Thru Rate. You'll learn:

- Features of top-performing ads and how to follow suit
- Precise impact of CTR on Quality Score, CPC, & CPA
- Pitfalls of conventional A/B ad testing: you'll be shocked!
- Insane ad testing techniques to send your CTR soaring!

Check the webinar out now and arm yourself with tools to kick your CTR (and PPC campaign success) into hyperdrive!

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  • On you Winners vs Losers slide I had a question on the CTR we are looking at. Is this for Google Search ONLY or for Google Search & Search Partners combined. The reason I ask is in our account the numbers are quite different based on how we view the data ( which I am sure you are fully aware of ).
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Totally Insane Techniques Guaranteed to 3X Your CTR [Webinar]

  1. 1. Larry Kim, Founder/CTO, WordStream CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • What’s a good Click-Through Rate? • Why does CTR matter? • Review: The Top 1% of PPC Ads • What makes them tick? • How can I replicate them? • What does it all mean? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  3. 3. Speaker Introductions • Larry Kim – Founder, CTO, WordStream, Inc. – Been doing PPC & SEO for 10 Years! – Provider of 20 Minute PPC Work Week and AdWords Grader – #1 PPC Expert According to PPC Hero! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  4. 4. Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+ Include the hashtag #wordstream in your Twitter tweets, Google+ status updates, etc. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  5. 5. Let’s learn a little about you…. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  6. 6. Live-Poll Question How Long Have You Been Using AdWords? a) b) c) d) Less Than 1 Year 1-2 Years 3-5 Years Over 5 Years Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  7. 7. Most of the Ad Testing Stuff You Read is CR*P Your Doing PPC Wrong • Platitudes • Bad Advice • Dumb Examples CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 7
  8. 8. The Ad Testing “Experts” Are All Wrong
  9. 9. Warning: Lots of Data Ahead!
  10. 10. Epiphany #1: An Example A/B Ad Test
  11. 11. Live Poll Question: Which Ad Wins? a) Ad A – 32,423 Impressions – 453 clicks (1.4% CTR) – Average Position: 2.8 b) Ad B – 36,223 Impressions – 760 clicks (2.1% CTR) – Average Position: 3.0 Assumptions: • Both ads were running during the same time period (last 7 days), ads “rotating” evenly on the Google Search Network. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  12. 12. Trick Question! Both Ads Suck. • Neither ad is worth declaring a “Winner”. • Not even the 2.1% CTR in the 3.0 Avg. Position. • Why? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  13. 13. What’s a Good CTR? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  14. 14. Survey Methodology Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  15. 15. • Even the “Winner” is a Loser! Forest vs. Trees CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 15
  16. 16. Even the “Winning” Ad is a Loser! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  17. 17. Epiphany #2: What’s a Good CTR?
  18. 18. What’s a Good Search CTR? (Account Avg. CTR’s) Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  19. 19. But… Lots of Variance! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  20. 20. Winners vs. Losers Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  21. 21. Junky vs. Unicorns Percentile Vs. Expected CTR Name Bottom 50% Top 15% Below Expected CTR 2X Higher “Junky Advertisers” Awesome Advertisers Top 5% 3x Higher Top 1% 6x Higher!! Super Awesome Advertisers Unicorns Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  22. 22. Unicorns?! (6x Avg. CTR!) @larrykim
  23. 23. What Unicorns (Top 1%) Look Like Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  24. 24. Epiphany #3: Why Unicorns Matter (How AdWords Works)
  25. 25. How Quality Score Impacts Ad Position Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  26. 26. How Quality Score Impacts Actual CPC Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  27. 27. What’s an Average Quality Score? Around 5.1/10 Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  29. 29. Cost Per Conversion is Largely Based on QS Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  30. 30. The Impact of Quality Score on Cost Per Conversion Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  31. 31. Epiphany #4: How is Quality Score Really Calculated?
  32. 32. How is QS Really Calculated? Mostly CTR. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  33. 33. Relationship Between CTR and QS? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  34. 34. Epiphany #5: It’s All Relative
  35. 35. What’s an Expected (or Average) CTR? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  36. 36. QS Based on Your CTR vs. Expected CTR! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  37. 37. Epiphany #6 Quality Score Cracked. Now What About Those Unicorns?
  38. 38. Ad Text Testing Hunting Unicorns • Same Story – 20% of Ads Generate 92% of Spend • 20% of Ads Generated 65% of Impressions • But CPA, CTR, and Conversion Rates vary @larrykim, @perrymarshall
  39. 39. 1. Keywords With High Commercial Intent Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  40. 40. 2. Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  41. 41. 2. DKI Doesn’t Produce As Many Unicorns Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  42. 42. 3. Ad Extensions Impact on Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  43. 43. 3. Ad Extensions Impact on Click Through Rate Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream
  44. 44. Epiphany #7 How To Write “Unicorn” Ads
  45. 45. 4. Most Ads Suck. Create Emotional Ads. 47
  46. 46. Creating “Emotional” Ads
  47. 47. Example Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  48. 48. Versus… Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  49. 49. Epiphany #8 A Few Notes on Effort…
  50. 50. Relative Abundance Name Percentile Relative Abundance Vs. Expected CTR Awesome Ads Super Awesome Ads Unicorns Top 15% 1:6.7 2X Higher Top 5% 1:20 3x Higher Top 1% 1:100 6x Higher!! Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  51. 51. Epiphany #9 You Need To Test 100 Ads To Find 1 Unicorn
  52. 52. You’re Not Testing as Many Ads as You Think… Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  53. 53. Most Small Businesses are Lazy… Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  54. 54. Epiphany #10 It’s Not as Hard As You Think
  55. 55. 85% of Impressions are From 5% of Ads Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  56. 56. Epiphany #11 A Note on Mobile Ads
  57. 57. Calls are Worth Way More Than Clicks • The calls from mobile traffic converted at a 3x higher rate than clicks to a website • Mobile Ad Testing should be based on call rate, not CTR or Conversion Rates Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  58. 58. Epiphany #12 What Does It All Mean? How to Scale Your PPC
  59. 59. A Quick Recap 1. Above Average CTR Keyword/Ads = Great Success. 2. Below Average CTR Keyword/Ads = Train Wreck 3. So … Delete the bottom third of your account and re-deploy that spend to remarketing Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  60. 60. Average CPC’s by Industry and Network Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  61. 61. Average Conversion Rates by Industry Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  62. 62. Average CPA’s for Search & Display, by Industry Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  63. 63. Summary / Key Takeaways: • What’s a Good CTR? • How is Quality Score Calculated and Why Does it Matter in Theory? • Review: Unicorn account vs. Junk Account • What Makes a Unicorn Tick – 5 Common Ingredients and Workflow To Create Them • What Does it all Mean: How to Modify your PPC strategy for best results. Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  64. 64. Special Thanks • Perry Marshall (@perrymarshall) – Author of the most popular AdWords book in the world. – #1 author and world’s most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising – Published thousands of articles on sales, marketing and technology
  65. 65. Grade Your Quality Score with The AdWords Grader! • A free, instant PPC audit in under a minute! • Grades your AdWords account performance based on the 8 PPC metrics that really matter • Compares how you’re doing against other accounts of similar size (monthly spend) Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  66. 66. WordStream’s 20 Minute PPC Work Week • We find all the low hanging fruit in your account • You just review / approve the findings. • Quick. Easy. Powerful. • 20 Minutes a Week can improve your ROI on AdWords by 20% or more!™ Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  67. 67. New: Leads & Landing Page Management Software @larrykim
  68. 68. Special Offers! Would you like… a) A FREE live demo of WordStream PPC Advisor b) Get a 1-on-1 AdWords Grader walk-through with a PPC expert c) Nothing at the moment Larry Kim (@larrykim)
  69. 69. Your Questions Thank you for attending WordStream’s webinar! Benchmark your AdWords account today! Or contact us directly: Larry Kim Larry Kim (@larrykim)