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Seo keyword tool


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The ideal SEO keyword tool should tell you how your customers interact with your site, and should tell you more than just which keywords to optimize for. The ideal SEO keyword tool should tell you how to organize keywords, and what to do with your newly found keywords to get the most out of your PPC efforts. WordStream's software can help you doing all these tasks. Learn more about SEO keyword tool now!

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Seo keyword tool

  1. 1. SEO Keyword Tool: Leveraging KeywordData For More Than PPCThe ideal SEO keyword tool should tell you how your customers interact with your site, andshould tell you more than just which keywords to optimize for. The ideal SEO keyword toolshould tell you how to organize keywords, and what to do with your newly found keywords toget the most out of your PPC efforts.WordStream does this by leveraging PPC data for SEO and offering a robust suite of keywordmanagement tools to help you structure your content and tell you which pages you should beauthoring next. Prioritizing your content and creating a PPC keyword taxonomy are two of themost helpful steps you can take in creating a truly successful search engine marketing campaign,and WordStream makes these virtually effortless.The Difference Between Free SEO Keyword Tools andWordStreamA lot of people think theres only one way to do keyword research for SEO: using a free keywordsuggestion tool on the web. In fact, most free keyword tools are best used as a starting pointonly. If youre going to use a free tool, theres really no reason to use any version other thanWordStreams Free Keyword Tool. We index over a billion unique searches, provide moreaccurate results faster, and return more long-tail keywords than even paid, subscription-basedkeyword tool services.You can use this online SEO tool as much as you want and its always 100% free. ButSEO keyword research is only truly valuable insofar as you do something with it. WordStreamsSEO keyword management solutions go beyond free tools to provide an actionable, privatedatabase of SEO keyword opportunities.Using a Keyword Tool for SEO – it’s More than PPC
  2. 2. WordStream is great for PPC because it helps you decide which keywords are best to bid on foryour campaign. The ability to prioritize your keywords for bidding goes beyond PPC intoorganic SEO as well.By bidding on a term in a PPC campaign and receiving clicks and conversions, you’re able to seethat this term is bringing traffic to your site. By using WordStream as your keyword tool to findthese keywords, you’re also finding terms to focus on in your content.Pairing PPC with effectively prioritized, optimized landing pages is a winning combination in asearch engine marketing campaign. Using WordStream’s keyword discovery and managementcapabilities to organize your keyword list helps you to prioritize your content into a hierarchy.By knowing which terms are performing the best in your campaign, you can create contentaccordingly.Using An SEO Keyword Tool: Why Manually ApproachingSEO Means Missed OpportunitiesJust as approaching your PPC campaign with only a free keyword tool can hurt your chances offinding the right keywords to bid on, approaching your SEO strategy in a "hunt and peck" wayleaves a wide opportunity for you to be focusing your energy on the wrong keywords in yourcontent. Picking phrases that relate to your business off the top of your head or using a morebasic keyword research tool can’t give confidence that optimizing content for that keyword isgoing to help.With WordStream, your site data is used to continuously suggest long-tail keywords with a highROI for PPC, so you’ll know which terms are most important to focus on next, and how tostructure your site’s content hierarchy. This way, you can visually see how to structure yourwebsite, which terms are going to be most effective and important, and it can help youincorporate related terms and see which areas to focus on next.WordStream also includes a fully integrated version of Googles SEO keyword suggestion tool,so if you do choose to supplement your private data with additional keyword suggestions, youcan import them with the click of a button.
  3. 3. Keeping SEO keywords organized and building your list continuously helps guarantee that yourefforts aren’t wasted, and neither is your money.Beyond SEO Keyword Research – Organize Your DataFinding the right keywords is just one piece of the puzzle. Once you have thousands of keywordsto choose from, you need to be able to organize them into groups in order to better understandwhere the trends are and which phrases could be good to use when writing content to bringpeople to your site.Keeping keywords organized in a hierarchical structure, WordStream helps you to hone in on themost targeted phrases in your campaigns. WordStream makes it easy to see keywordopportunities and decide how to use them by keeping them organized.Using WordStream’s keyword segmenter, you’re given automatic suggestions for logicalkeyword groupings based on the data that’s coming into your website. From here, you can createone group, or several groups simultaneously to help filter your keywords.Before you know it, you’ve organized your keywords in an easy-to-use grouping tree, where youcan see the more general groups as well as the specific terms within them.
  4. 4. In addition, any keywords you import from WordStreams Google keyword tool willautomatically be organized into your keyword group hierarchy.Suddenly, a repository of thousands of keywords becomes a manageable, process-based systemfor approaching new content for your website.WordStream – The Ultimate Keyword ManagementSolution For SEOTake charge of your search engine optimization efforts by bringing data, analysis, and actiontogether with WordStream. If you’d like to get started with WordStream, you can: Try WordStream free today Request a live demonstration from one of our professionals Sign up for our Search Marketing Webinar Subscribe to our Newsletter