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Selling PPC Services With Data


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Using numbers to effectively sell PPC services to potential clients.

You'll walk away with strategies on how to:

- Win better long term clients
- Shorten the sales cycle
- Stack up monthly recurring revenue

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Selling PPC Services With Data

  1. 1. LIVE WEBINAR © Copyright 2018 WordStream, Inc. All rights reserved. Selling PPC Services with Data
  2. 2. Logistics • Webinar will be recorded – check your inbox for materials • Submit your questions for Q&A
  3. 3. 4 Today’s Goals • Win Better Long Term Clients • Win More Clients • Shorten Sales Cycles • Stack Up Monthly Recurring Revenue
  4. 4. What’s So Special About This Guy?
  5. 5. In PPC since 2007 when I started Boston Photobooth Rental… • Over 1200 rentals • Learned the Difference between Profit & Revenue • Sold Business in January
  6. 6. 7 Since Joining the WordStream Team… • Working in Agency Sales for WordStream since February 2015 • 700+ Demos to date for agencies across the globe
  7. 7. Before Data, There Has to Be...
  8. 8. Context People don’t buy things because of proves a story.
  9. 9. • Willing to Spend Money • Long Term Outlook • Willing to make a Change • Give You Access To Their Account Are They Right For You?
  10. 10. GAP Analysis Current State vs. Desired State
  11. 11. • What is a conversion? • How much is an average customer worth (ASP v LTV)? • How many leads did you drive last month? • How many of those leads became customers? • Do different conversions have different values? Current State Questions
  12. 12. • How many more customers can you handle on a monthly basis? • What products or services are you looking to drive the most growth in? • What areas do you operate? • Are any areas more valuable to you? Desired State Questions
  13. 13. What other information do you like to gather from prospects before you make your pitch?
  14. 14. • Current Lead Flow & Desired Lead Flow (Gap) • Average Sale Price • Closing Percentage Now We Have...
  15. 15. The 10% Questions • What is your plan to get to (insert goal here)? • When do you need to fix this/kick this off? (timeline) • What happens if you do reach this goal? What happens if you don’t? (personal goals) • Why? Why not?
  16. 16. • Sean said if he gets 1 more sale per month, he can open a second location, which he has been trying to do for the last 2 years. • Sean needs 3 more leads per month to do that. • Sean is thinking of hiring someone new to manage the account for him What We Learned
  17. 17. Uncovering Opportunity
  18. 18. 19 New Business Center
  19. 19. • Identify/Quantify wasted spend, in terms of number of additional leads & revenue • Deliver a proposal that speaks directly to their goals and how you will help them get there Goal
  20. 20. • Graded over $8B in unique spend • Directly compares acct to similar industry & spend accounts • White label through WordStream’s New Business Center Step 1: Run Our Performance Grader
  21. 21. Step 2: Identify Key Areas of Opportunity
  22. 22. Wasted Spend: - Head to QueryStream - Use Target Keyword & Search Query to identify irrelevant spend - Identified $1900 Step 3: Dig Deep/Be Specific
  23. 23. Quality Score - Head to QueryStream - Use Target Keyword, Search Query & Ad Shown to identify irrelevant impressions and spend - Save $2084 by Improving QS 1 point Step 3: Dig Deep [Quality Score]
  24. 24. Quality Score - Head to QueryStream - Sort by Target Keyword - Mine for Long Tails that Show Relevance, or have already Converted (note cost) Step 3: Dig Deep [Keyword Research]
  25. 25. Tie It All Together
  26. 26. Special Offer
  27. 27. What other topics or business challenges would be helpful for us to cover in future webinars?