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Wordstream's PPC Management tool optimizes and intelligently prioritizes workflow. Learn how WordStream’s PPC software leads to better PPC Management.

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PPC Management Tool

  1. 1. PPC Management Tool - Get More out of Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns<br />PPC management is an integral component of any paid search marketing effort. Being able to not only oversee, but also prioritize several crucial PPC tasks is vital to the success of any pay-per-click marketing campaign.<br />PPC advertising through search forces the marketer to coordinate several factors, and to triage and assign resources to those which will provide the most powerful business benefits.<br />We'll show you how you can utilize WordStream's PPC Managemetn Tool to provide you with time, labor, and cost-saving pay-per-click advertising management and workflow techniques.<br />ppc campaign management to-do list<br />As with anything else, there are a series of best practices that go hand in hand with PPC search success. The list of requisite PPC marketing tasks includes:<br />Keyword Research<br />Grouping Keywords<br />Ad Text Creation<br />Authoring Relevant, Compelling Landing Pages<br />These are all crucial elements of PPC advertising and successful AdWords campaign management, and one of WordStream's most powerful value-adds is the productivity the application offers: you can carry out all of these tasks remarkably quickly.<br />In addition to carrying out these tasks, you also need to create workflow priorities:<br />Which account deserves more of your attention?<br />Which task is the most important?<br />How do you determine what " workflow priority" looks like?<br />This is another thing WordStream does well. WordStream's PPC software will algorithmically generate suggestions that will tell you which of these things requires your immediate attention.<br />how ppc management tools can help<br />WordStream's Web analytics and it's keyword suggestion tool automate the process of PPC keyword research and keyword suggestion, so that you're provided with an extensive database that is highly relevant to your product or service.<br />Additionally, the software offers an extensive suite of tools (like our next generation keyword tool and Keyword Generator) which aid in every step of the PPC campaign management process (from grouping all the way through to the creation of high quality landing pages).<br />While automating and expediting these time-consuming pay per click marketing tasks is invaluable, it is markedly less powerful if the automation comes without direction.<br />better prioritizing your pay per click management<br />So, being able to access a workflow suggestion that displays to you the most profitable courses of action offers you and your company both time and cost savings. Let's take a look at how this works with WordStream's ppc management tool.<br />First, you'll begin segmenting your keyword database (to learn more about how this is populated, take a look at our keyword research and actalytics software pages). To do this, you'll simply need to highlight your " All Keywords" folder, then click " Segment Group," as pictured:<br />WordStream instantly queries your account's keyword database and returns a list of grouping suggestions.<br />In this instance, we'll imagine we run a site about politics that we're attempting to generate more exposure for. The keyword group segmentation may look something like this:<br />You'll note that the above suggestions offer:<br />% of Keywords - This metric refers to the percentage of your keyword database represented by a suggested segmentation.<br />% of Visits - This refers to the percentage of your account's visits represented by a given keyword group.<br />Relevance - This is a score WordStream assigns to each potential keyword grouping; the number takes into account the keywords in a potential group, and what portion of the traffic in your keyword database that grouping will drive.<br />These are fantastic indicators of the impact the creation of a keyword will have on your pay per click campaign. This way, you are aware of what sort of traffic and how big a grouping you can expect before you start to build out the group, create the ad text, assign a landing page, and so on.<br />perpetual Ppc: search engine management never ends<br />You can constantly break down keyword groups, creating new ads and landing pages, and better segmentations. The key to success is continually identifying the best use of your resources, and repeatedly shaving time and costs off of your efforts through the use of an effective pay per click tool.<br />After your initial segmentations, you can further group meta keywords to create a more granular (and more specific, effective, and Quality Score friendly) grouping:<br />By browsing to the " Workflow" tab, we see the " politics" group contains a large number of keywords. By again clicking the " Segment Keyword Group" button, we can repeat the grouping process to receive new suggestions. There's even a column that tracks which AdGroups have a landing page associated with them and prioritizes groups that don't to even better aid your workflow. <br />In a very short period of time, we'll be left with a hierarchy that looks something like this:<br />In the above, we see the final result of a series of workflow suggestions from WordStream. Because of the software's intuitive grouping tools, the most relevant, highest-traffic-driving terms in this account's keyword database have been grouped.<br />Now, you can start to identify negative keywords within your account, and can quickly create text ads and turn your Keyword Groups into Ad Groups.<br />try our ppc management tool<br />You can try WordStream's PPC management tool set for free. To learn more, you should:<br />Try WordStream Free Today<br />Request a Live Demonstration<br />Sign up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribe to our Newsletter<br />