PPC and Landing Pages: The One-Two Punch of Online Marketing


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A well-structured PPC campaign and optimized landing pages are the one-two punch of online marketing. But do you know what it takes to create a great landing page?

In our webinar, PPC & Landing Pages: The One-Two Punch of Online Marketing, WordStream's Larry Kim and Tyson Quick from InstaPage will show you:

- The best way to organize your PPC campaigns
- How to integrate your landing pages with your PPC ad groups
- The components of a successful landing page, from headline to button

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PPC and Landing Pages: The One-Two Punch of Online Marketing

  1. 1. PPC & Landing Pages:The One-Two Punch of OnlineMarketingDecember, 2012Larry Kim, WordStreamTyson Quick, Instapage CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Speaker introductions• What is Quality Score & Why should you care• How Google calculates Quality Score• How do I get better Quality Scores?• Integrating Landing Pages with your PPC Campaign.• The Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page• Q&A 2
  3. 3. Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+• Include the hashtag #ppclandingpages in your Google+ status updates,Twitter tweets,, etc. 3
  4. 4. Speaker Introductions• Larry Kim – Founder, CTO, WordStream, Inc. – Been doing PPC & SEO for 10 years – 3 years ago, started WordStream – Today we’re an industry-leading provider of a PPC Management Platform and Keyword Research Tools – WordStream helps people get their website found on the internet!• Tyson Quick – Founder & CEO of InstaPage – Been doing Landing Pages & PPC for 5 Years – Started InstaPage 2 years ago – Over 35,000 Landing Pages created on InstaPage so far with an average overall conversion increase of 18% 4
  5. 5. Let’s learn a little about you…. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 5
  6. 6. Quick PollHow long have you been involved with SearchMarketing?o Less than 1 yearo 1-3 yearso 3-5 yearso 5+ years 6
  7. 7. Quick PollHow would you describe your Search Marketingresults? o I’m new to Search Marketing o Who knows – I don’t measure my results o Disappointing – I expected so much more from PPC o Satisfactory – I’m seeing return on my investment into PPC o Stellar – PPC is my most successful lead/traffic generating channel 7
  8. 8. Why should you careabout Quality Score? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 8
  14. 14. Why Quality Score Matters• It directly affects your… – Ad rank (Ad Positioning) – minimum first page bid and actual CPC – Impression share – Ability to appear above the organic search results• It indirectly affects your.. – Conversion rate – Bidding / Reporting strategies• Improving your AdWords Quality Score is one of the most important campaign metrics to focus on improving! 14
  15. 15. Example Relationship Between CPC and QS CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 15
  16. 16. Example Relationship Between CPA & QS CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 16
  17. 17. How is Quality Score Calculated? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 17
  18. 18. Quality Score is Everything when it comes to PPC ranking• Google gives you a score from 1-10 for each keyword in your account• The factors that determine Quality Score (according to Google) are: – Click Through Rate – Ad Text Relevancy – Landing Page Relevancy – “Other Factors”• In a nutshell, a high-quality ad is one that – Is relevant to the search query – Accurately describes the product – Is relevant to it’s landing page 18
  19. 19. Historical Click-through Rate (CTR)• Click Through Rate is the most significant component of Quality Score – Relevant ads get more clicks – Google uses the “wisdom of the crowds” to infer relevancy – Google considers the CTR of your ads and keywords, as well as your campaign and account, and even other competitor accounts• Google normalizes Click Through Rate by ad position – Low relevancy ads can’t buy themselves a high CTR• So the key to Quality Score is getting high click-through rates! – There are published best-practices from Google that tend to produce higher CTR’s 19
  20. 20. Keyword, Ad Text & Landing Page Relevance Factors• The Relevance of the Keyword to the ads in it’s ad group – Keywords in your ad group must be relevant to your ads – Keywords in your ad group should be repeated in your ad text• Relevance of the keyword and matched ad to the search query – The search query that a customer searches for must be relevant to the keywords in your ad group and the ad itself• Landing Page Factors – Relevancy: The landing page should be relevant to the keywords and ad text – Content: The website should feature unique content relevant to your ad, have a privacy policy, avoid pop-ups, and load quickly.• “Other Factors” – Google’s black box - they don’t tell us anything about this… 20
  21. 21. WordStream - Summary 21
  22. 22. Organization impacts Click Through Rate & Quality Score– Use specific keywords and negative keywords– Group together closely related keywords– Write relevant text ads and destination pages– Repeat! (But this is actually a lot of work…) 22
  23. 23. Ad Text & Landing Pages• Keyword Organization is the key: – By Breaking up your big keyword lists into smaller lists, your ad text and landing pages can better target the intent of the searcher 23
  24. 24. Google Quality Score Best Practice: Be Specific 24
  25. 25. Diagnosing Quality Score Issues• In General, Quality Score of.. – 0-3 = Bad – 4-6 = OK – 7-10 = Great 25
  26. 26. Landing Page Facts CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 26
  27. 27. PPC Trivia! 5 Quick Questions about Landing PagePerformance 1. How Many Landing Pages does a typical small business have? Answer: • On average, excluding the top and bottom 10%, the typical SMB has just 5.86 landing pages. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 27
  28. 28. PPC Trivia! (Continued) 2. How many active Ad text does the typical small business have? Answer: • On Average, excluding top and Bottom 10%, the typical SMB has 34.7 Ads CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 28
  29. 29. Grade Yourself! http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords• Baseline your performance• A free, instant PPC audit in under a minute!• Grades your AdWords account performance based on the 8 PPC metrics that really matter• Compares how you’re doing against other accounts of similar size (monthly spend) www.wordstream.com/google-adwords 29
  30. 30. Grade Your Landing Pages! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 30
  31. 31. Grade Your Quality Score! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 31
  32. 32. Integrating Landing Pages with your PPC Campaigns. (InstaPage) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 32
  33. 33. Message Match• When a customer clicks on your PPC ad, they’ll likely only spend 5 seconds on your page before deciding whether to stick around or not.• By providing a headline on your page that strongly matches your ad message you give people immediate confirmation that they made a good click.
  34. 34. Create a Unique Landing Page for Every AdGroup or Even Every Ad
  35. 35. #1 Landing Page BuilderQuickly Build Stunning LandingPages That Increase Sales. TryFreeInstaPage.com/Landing-Page-Builder
  36. 36. Ad > Landing Page Message MatchingEffect on Conversion Rate
  37. 37. The Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page (InstaPage) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 39
  38. 38. 1. Main Hammer Headline2. Supportive Sub Headline3. What’s in it for me? Benefits4. Credibility through Trust Symbols5. Verbal Call to Action6. Call to Action Form or Button7. NO Navigation Menu8. Complimentary Image or Video9. Always Above the Fold
  39. 39. 5 Tips to Own Your Headline• Go with the “How To” Option• Pose a Question• Mix in Humor• Provide Them with Reasons• Tell Them What They’re Dying to Hear Read More on the InstaPage Blog - http://goo.gl/RJlh2
  40. 40. Benefits – It’s all About ME!An old acronym often used to keep you thinkingbenefits instead of features is WIFM. (What’s in it forme?) In other words, don’t just describe something.Tell me (the reader) how it benefits me and why Ishould think it’s important.
  41. 41. 5 Ways to Gain Trust• Use Statistical Evidence• Featured Press• Customer Testimonials• Privacy Policy• Guarantees Read More on the InstaPage Blog http://goo.gl/LLRX2
  42. 42. Make the Conversion!
  43. 43. Summary • Setup Unique Landing Pages for Each Ad • Message Matching Matters (PPC Headline, Subheadline, & URL) • More Relevancy = Higher Conversion Rate • Anatomy of a Landing Page – Headlines – Benefits – Trust Symbols – Make the Conversion
  44. 44. Would you like one of these Special Offers?• WordStream – Free Account Assessment – Grade your account – Then get a free account assessment with one of our Search experts – http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords• InstaPage – 14 Day Free Trial – 50% off for 3 months – Coupon Code: WordStream – http://InstaPage.com/WordStream CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 48
  45. 45. Your Questions Thank you for attending Evaluate your landing pages today! http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords Learn more about Instapage http://InstaPage.com/WordStream Or contact us directly: Larry Kim lkim@wordstream.com Tyson Quick tyson@instapage.com 49