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Pay-per-click marketing


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Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is complex, collaborative, and iterative. It attempts to satiate three distinct appetites: searchers, the search engines, and advertisers.
How can you appease all of these at once? It starts with keywords.

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Pay-per-click marketing

  1. 1. Pay-Per-Click Marketing - How RelevanceLeads to ResultsPay-per-click (PPC) marketing is complex, collaborative, and iterative. It attempts to satiatethree distinct appetites: Searchers - People click on paid search ads more often than any other form of digital advertising. They dont mind being advertised to, but they want to be offered products that answer their questions and fulfill their needs. Engines - The search engines are forced to cater to searchers and advertisers simultaneously. The searchers comprise their user-base, while the advertisers provide them with their revenue stream. The engines want to provide relevant results, first and foremost, while offering a highly targeted, revenue-driving advertising channel. Advertisers - Advertisers are offered a unique means of putting their message in front of an audience who is actively seeking their product.How can you appease all of these at once? It starts with keywords. Keyword research, grouping,and organization is the key to creating winning AdWords campaigns, and search engines rewardadvertisers who can use effective keywords to create well organized, intelligently targeted pay-per-click campaigns. So do searchers.So it only makes sense that those searchers, your potential customers, should be an integralsource for your keyword research. If you can shape your pay-per-click advertising efforts basedon actual keyword traffic and goal conversions instead of third-party estimates, you will not onlysave money by lowering your irrelevant traffic, but you’ll be leagues ahead of yourcompetition—competition that doesn’t have the integrated keyword management capabilitiesthat WordStream provides.By using WordStream and recognizing the importance of keyword taxonomy based on actualtraffic in your campaigns, you can expect to: Grow Your Customer Base - Connect with people deliberately seeking a product like yours, and make them happy by providing them with an offer relevant to their search query. Lower Costs - Enjoy an algorithmically generated discount from the search engines in exchange for making their users happy.The difficulty is in the execution. This page will explain how you can manage your PPC effortsmore efficiently and optimize the relevance of your campaigns.Maximizing Pay-Per-Click Marketing Efficiency
  2. 2. The good news for advertisers and Web marketers is that in giving the search engines what theywant (relevant pay-per-click ads) youre also delivering targeted advertisements to people whoare literally seeking out your product.In order to get the most out of your pay-per-click marketing or affiliate marketing campaign, youneed to follow a few best practices. WordStream’s keyword and AdWords management softwarehelps you accomplish all of these important steps, from keyword research to AdWords bidmanagement: Identify Numerous Traffic-Driving Keywords and Potential Traffic Sources Create Closely Related Keyword Groups Convert Keyword Groups into Ad Groups Designate Negative Keywords Delegate Your Budget with AdWords Bidding Strategies and AdWords Bid Management Create Ad Text that Relates to Your Ad Groups Keywords Create Landing Pages that are Relevant to Your Keywords and Ad Text Repeat the Process DailyCarrying out these processes will provide you with: Higher Quality Score - The above is the search-engine prescribed formula for raising your AdWords click-through rate and keyword Quality Scores. Lowered Costs - By increasing Quality Score, your account will see lower first-page bids, and youll be able to pay less for a better ad position in Googles sponsored links. Improved Traffic Quality - In continually creating more and more relevant ads and landing pages while finding new keyword opportunities and carefully constructing ad groupings, you are not only lowering your costs by way of pricing incentives from the engines: youre also creating a keyword portfolio that gets iteratively better targeted with time.Marketing Success With WordStream Pay-Per-ClickManagement SolutionsWordStream offers strategic automation in carrying out pay-per-click advertising managementtasks. PPC software will allow you to be more efficient in constructing and growing AdWordscampaigns because it recognizes the importance of keyword organization and continuous growth.Lets take a look at how WordStream answers each of the above pay-per-click marketingchallenges:Identifying Keywords for Your Pay-Per-Click Marketing CampaignBuilding a keyword list is a crucial part of pay-per-click business marketing, and organizing thatlist is equally important. You need to identify terms that will drive traffic while ensuring thatthose terms are relevant to your site.
  3. 3. You can accomplish this with the WordStream suite of pay-per-click tools by allowing thesoftwares Web analytics to create an extensive, relevant database for you:The above is a representation of a mature WordStream account for a niche product offering. Thequestion becomes: how does the keyword software find that many relevant keywords?When you sign up for WordStream, youll upload keywords into your database. You can do thiseither by allowing the softwares Web analytics tools to parse your historical log files, or byimporting a number of keywords. Then, WordStream offers a JavaScript analytic package whichenables you to have new keywords automatically introduced into your WordStream account.WordStream (and the search engines) default keywords to be set to broad match. By keeping thissetting or creating a phrase match setting, you are allowing the search engine to match yourkeyword choice to other keywords it deems related:Creating these more inclusive match types ensures that you will be continually expanding yourkeyword list, creating more and more specific keyword distinctions. This is powerfulfunctionality because: More Keywords Means More Impressions - Creating an expanded list of keywords means that your ad will show against a greater number of search queries The Impressions Are Relevant - You know that the impressions are relevant to your business, because they are derived from your websites log files and/or keywords you upload initially, then the keyword list expands based on real keywords that people have actually used to discover your site. The Traffic Improves with Time - WordStream is an iterative, learning machine. The PPC management software offers negative keyword tools so that you can constantly
  4. 4. strengthen and streamline your existing keyword database while you expand to new keyword opportunities.Creating Keyword Groups for Pay-Per-Click MarketingThe next step is grouping these keywords. Proper keyword grouping and organization is the keyto pay-per-click advertising success because it provides higher Quality Scores, better conversionrates, and better market segmentation. Additionally, as was explained above, search enginesencourage semantically related groupings.This task is one of the most arduous and time-consuming parts of maintaining a PPC campaign,and most search marketers currently do this by hand! With the kind of extensive keyword listassembled in the first screenshot, it is near-impossible (or at the very least cost and resourceprohibitive) to hope to have it be human maintained. This is where WordStreams grouping toolscome in to play.WordStream makes this process easy by suggesting keyword segmentations for you, and bycontinuously monitoring your actual site traffic to improve the relevancy of your keywordgrouping over time.As you can see, this "comparison shopping" website has been able to segment their database toreturn only queries with the terms "comparison shopping" By clicking the key phrase, users cangroup their keywords instantly with a single click:
  5. 5. You can create multiple groups from your segmentation instantly with one more click:There are a few important things to note that the screenshot is revealing: Segmentation - An even more segmented Keyword Group has been created. Speed - The group was created in just two clicks and a matter of seconds. Preservation - By clicking "Create Keyword Group" youll have preserved your grouping within WordStream.You can spend minutes creating tens of these groups, effectively building out extensive, verysophisticated ad campaigns.Additionally, WordStream offers powerful workflow tools which suggest to you the best meansof segmentation for your campaign:This interface shows you the keyword groupings that havent been created yet that you should beconcentrating on first.WordStream thus suggests workflow management for your campaign, allowing you to:
  6. 6. Visualize Pay-Per-Click Marketing Workflow - Quickly see where your effort and attention is best spent. Automate PPC Workflow Suggestion - Offer you algorithmically generated, intelligent suggestions as to what filters to set and what keywords to group together.You can then have these groups created with the click of a button. Additionally, this same datacan be leveraged in your search engine optimization efforts; learn more about implementing ourkeyword grouping tools with your SEO management.Authoring Relevant Pay-Per-Click Marketing Ad Text and Landing PagesThus far weve utilized WordStreams: Keyword Suggestion Tools - To create a customized keyword database founded in our own websites traffic history. Keyword Grouper Tools - To group these keywords into semantically related, Quality Score friendly keyword groups.The next step in AdWords campaign management is creating targeted ad text for GoogleAdWords pay-per-click campaigns and sending visitors to relevant AdWords landing pages,which is made markedly simpler due to the fact that weve been able to create well-structured AdGroups.The software makes learning AdWords easy and makes intelligent suggestions for Quality Scorefriendly, compelling ad text for each WordStream managed group:While youll want to create your own messaging and call to action, WordStreams text editortools offer automated suggestions which greatly reduce the amount of time needed to createmultiple text ads, while improving the efficiency, effectiveness and click-through-rate of theseads.These suggestions can also be used to intelligently format your campaigns landing pages. Byutilizing the same suggested text as both ad text and "header" and topic-suggestion for your sites
  7. 7. landing pages, you are providing users with an improved experience while taking advantage ofthe search engines pricing systems.Pay-Per-Click Marketing Automation: Better Productivity,Lower CostsEffective search engine marketing requires: Targeted, continuous keyword research. Intelligent keyword grouping. And the production of relevant messaging to searchers who will be interested in your product or service.WordStreams tool set is specifically designed to automate the more tedious, labor-intensivework associated with these best practices, while providing you with workflow solutions so thatyou can determine the best use of your resources. WordStream also recognizes that it’s notpossible or practical to automate every aspect of search marketing. It’s important for you toretain control as a marketer in order to use the suggestions WordStream has given you to makeintelligent decisions.The application will make your campaign more relevant, offering you: Improved Productivity Greater Value More RelevanceTry WordStream Pay-Per-Click Marketing Tools FreeToday!Find out just how much of an impact this suite of pay-per-click marketing tools can have on yourcampaigns by: Trying WordStream Free Today Requesting a Live Demonstration Signing up for our Search Marketing Webinar Subscribing to our Newsletter