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Message Match: Make Money from PPC with Copy Continuity


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Are you seeing as much profit as you'd like to from your paid search campaigns? If not, we have some tricks up our sleeve that will help you achieve the success you're after.

We've partnered up with our friends at Unbounce, to provide you with a step-by-step process to boost your PPC profits through effective messaging efforts.

You'll learn:
- Tricks to crafting copy that will convert
- How to drive qualified traffic to your site
- Strategies to carrying consistent copy throughout the customer experience

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Message Match: Make Money from PPC with Copy Continuity

  1. 1. • Recorded version will be distributed later this afternoon, be sure to keep an eye out for an email! • Join the conversation on twitter: • @DuaneBrown • @AllenThomasFinn • Time for Q&A – don’t be shy! Logistics:
  2. 2. Allen Finn Content Marketing Specialist Wordstream Message Match: Make Money From PPC with Copy Continuity MEET THE PRESENTERS: Duane Brown Performance Marketer Unbounce
  3. 3. What Is….
  4. 4. What Is….
  5. 5. Agenda • Message Match & AdWords – what is important? • 3 Ways to Ensure Message Match: Ad Edition • 6 Components of Creating a Consistent Message on the Landing Page • SPECIAL OFFERS • Q & A
  6. 6. Message Match & AdWords
  7. 7. The Key To Maximizing Quality Score 50% of the factors that determine Quality Score are directly impacted by message match!
  8. 8. Why does this matter?
  9. 9. 3 Ways to Ensure Message Match: Ad Edition
  10. 10. Increase Targeted Traffic 01
  11. 11. Increasing Targeted Traffic is a 4-Step Process
  12. 12. #1 - Put the KIBOSH on Superfluous Traffic
  13. 13. #2 - Utilize Advanced Targeting Features
  14. 14. #3 - Build Granular Remarketing Lists
  15. 15. #4 - Reframe the Display Network
  16. 16. Align Account Structure & Funnel 02
  17. 17. … at the Campaign Level
  18. 18. … at the Ad Group Level ●Granularity = Better Message Match ●Use SKAGs
  19. 19. … at the Ad Level
  20. 20. … at the Keyword Level ●Align landing page & ad copy with keywords ●Consider intent before increasing bids
  21. 21. Avoid Frankenstein ETA 03
  22. 22. Standard Text Ads Are Dead
  23. 23. What really changed?
  24. 24. Anatomy of an ETA
  25. 25. Headline 1 Pro-Tip: Don’t feel obligated to use those extra characters
  26. 26. Headline 2 Pro-Tip: Don’t just move your old D1 up a line
  27. 27. Description Pro-Tip: Concretize your CTA
  28. 28. URL Paths Pro-Tip: Work Trademarked terms & competitor names into your copy.
  29. 29. **BONUS**
  30. 30. **BONUS** • As you update your ads, make sure you include: • More details to your offers within the body copy • Refresh your ad extensions with unique content to promote alongside your new, larger ads • This allows you to address your tertiary landing page offerings and brand’s USP, further enhancing Message Match!
  31. 31. ETA = Opportunity
  32. 32. Message Match
  33. 33. Message Match
  34. 34. Message Match - Display
  35. 35. Message Match - AdWords
  36. 36. 6 Point Landing Page
  37. 37. USP = Unique Selling Proposition 01
  38. 38. USP = Unique Selling Proposition
  39. 39. Hero Shot 02
  40. 40. 1.Visually represent your offer 2.Gets your customer to place themselves in your scenario 3.Can be a photo or video The Hero Shot The right picture is truly worth a thousand words. Make the right first impression.
  41. 41. FAB 03
  42. 42. The benefits describes the problem your course will solve. Features help you tell potential customers what this course will do for them. Features & Benefits Keep features to 3 - 5 bullet points. Don’t want to overwhelm your audience.
  43. 43. Social Proof 04
  44. 44. Social Proof ● Customer testimony ● Third party review ● Number of customers ● Industry awards ● Mentions on Twitter/FB ● Major brand partners
  45. 45. Attention Ratio 05
  46. 46. Don’t distract your customers from completing the one goal you really want them to do. Attention Ratio One Goal. One Action. One Goal To Rule Them All.
  47. 47. Think Mobile 06
  48. 48. In very rare cases... mobile does not make up the majority of traffic that a site receives. When it does... How do you capitalize on that? Mobile Is The Default Mobile isn’t an option. It’s a must in 2016. However, tablets should be less of a focus.
  49. 49. Indexing and taking preference on mobile pages in 2017 ● Desktop will still show if you don’t have mobile ● Make sure content is nearly identical between platforms ● Stay away from annoying popups ● Google console if .M site ● Start with key pages Google Mobile Indexing
  50. 50. • Keep a consistent message from keyword to ad/banner to landing page • Make sure you don’t just think about your title but what your entire landing page says • Don’t forget about mobile. It’s not the future. It’s the present. • Also ask yourself, would you or your partner want to read this ad/page? • Clicks are human. Don’t forget that. Summary
  51. 51. Summary • Make sure your ads are being served to the right people. • Align your account structure with your sales funnel: tailor copy & offering accordingly • Expanded Text Ads represent an incredible opportunity: don’t squander it by stitching a few old ads together
  52. 52. WordStream Special Offers 1. FREE Live demo of the WordStream Advisor to learn how to manage your PPC in 20 minutes a week 2. 1-1 AdWords Assessment with a Certified Google AdWords Consultant 3. Neither, I’m all set
  53. 53. Q&A
  54. 54. Thank you for joining us!