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Landing Page Optimization


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Landing Page Optimization with WordStream saves you time and money and helps generate better Landing Page results in your search marketing efforts.

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Landing Page Optimization

  1. 1. Landing Page Optimization: Generating Copy that Converts<br />Landing page optimization is the process of authoring specific page content around groups of relevant, narrowly focused keywords. The goal of landing page optimization is to create pages that better engage your target audience.<br />In a nutshell, better landing page optimization leads to more conversions, as the optimized content speaks the searcher’s language. The impact is felt in both SEO and PPC marketing campaigns.<br />Organic Search Benefits: Keyword-relevant content results in higher SERPs for the keywords you’re targeting. Higher search results mean more visibility and more traffic.<br />Pay-Per-Click Benefits: Keyword-specific AdWords landing pages are far more likely to achieve better Quality Scores and conversion rates, as the landing pages will be more aligned with the searcher’s intent. What’s more, higher Quality Scores result in lower ad spend.<br />It’s clear that landing page optimization is essential to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.<br />Optimizing landing pages for relevance is a complicated process that can yield uncertain results.<br />WordStream’s Landing Page Workflow: Build Better Optimized Landing Pages<br />The good news is WordStream takes the guesswork out of landing page generation, making optimization clearer and more consistent.<br />With a more reliable landing page optimization system in place, you’ll save time and money and generate better results in your search and Web marketing efforts.<br />WordStream’s unique Landing Page Workflow System helps you in three important ways:<br />Getting Specific – WordStream gives you the ability to segment large groups of keywords into smaller,  tightly-focused cluster groups, so you can by very targeted with your messaging.<br />Connecting the Dots – WordStream’s Workflow Tool let’s you prioritize and associate those groups with specific landing pages for more effective keyword-to-landing page relationships.<br />Copy Creation – WordStream’s Ad Text Generator Tool makes text suggestions for you, so your keywords are always in the copy.<br />Let’s now take a look at the steps involved to achieve better landing page optimization.<br />Optimizing Your Landing Pages with WordStream<br />Step One: Segmenting Keywords for Landing Pages<br />Trying to write targeted landing page copy for broad groups of keywords is difficult. If your copy is too general and you’re not “speaking the searcher’s language,” people won’t relate to your landing page copy and you’ll lose them. Therefore, it’s important to segment large groups of keywords into narrow groups.<br />With WordStream’s Keyword Grouping & Segmenting Tool, you can take large groups of keywords and split them into small, semantically-related groups.<br />Here, for example, we see the " cat litter" subgroup contains 106 keywords. Since, you may prefer smaller keyword groups, you would segment the " cat litter" group into niche subgroups with the words " box" and " scoop." <br />Once, this subgroup is created, you can now toggle over to WordStream's AdWords interface and create your new ad group and ad text for " cat litter box." <br />Careful keyword grouping is effective keyword grouping. You want your keywords to match the query for maximum landing page effectiveness.<br />Step Two: Landing Page Association<br />Once your keywords are segmented, WordStream Explorer identifies which keyword groups have landing pages (green check marks) and which one’s need pages (caution signs).<br />This allows you to see which keyword groups already have optimized landing pages in place, giving you a  great opportunity to organize your SEO and PPC content creation.<br />Step Three: Landing Page Copy Generator<br />One of the crucial elements of landing page optimization is crafting relevant copy that converts. WordStream's ad text editor suggests keywords to include in your ad text that are Quality Score friendly. What’s more, this data can be leveraged for landing page creation as well.<br />Here we see WordStream's Ad Text Creation Tool has generated ad copy recommendations based on the keywords within a " dog groomer" ad group.<br />WordStream rendered the above ad, including the headline and description lines with keyword from the " dog groomer" ad group. Obviously, this ad needs to be further developed, but the key thing to note is where these suggestions are derived from.<br />See how WordStream has pulled popular, traffic driving keywords from the Ad Group and suggested you use them when authoring ad text.<br />This same technique can be used to correlate your ad text with your landing page, which you can structure with confidence, as you know you’ll be incorporating keywords that are driving traffic.<br />Try the WordStream Landing Page Optimization Tool FREE Today!<br />Use WordStream to create more compelling and better optimized landing pages that will save you time and money, by increasing productivity and generating more sales and leads at a lower cost. <br />Sign up and Try WordStream Now.<br />Learn more about WordStream's Landing Page Optimization Tool by:<br />Trying WordStream Free Today<br />Requesting a Live Demonstration<br />Signing up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribing to our Newsletter<br />