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Keyword Suggestion Tool from WordStream will unearth traffic-driving keywords and key phrases with high relevance. Try our Keyword Suggestion Tool FREE today!

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Keyword Suggestion Tool

  1. 1. Keyword Suggestion - Have Thousands of Relevant Keywords Suggested to You<br />Keyword suggestion is a pivotal factor in the success or failure of a search engine marketing campaign. Obviously, you need to be bidding on and targeting the right keywords. But there's more to it than that.<br />Simply conducting traditional keyword research isn't enough.<br />You need to establish a system that offers you a constant stream of keyword suggestions.<br />Having keywords perpetually generated for you by a keyword suggestion tool offers three core benefits:<br />Cost Savings<br />Resource (Labor) Savings<br />More Precise Targeting<br />In the coming paragraphs, you'll learn more about why this is the case, and about how to implement just such a system for keyword suggestion.<br />Perpetual keyword suggestion: why it matters<br />If I have one traffic source, I'm stuck.<br />Manipulating your bids can only get you so far. In raising and lowering bids, you're eventually put to a decision:<br />Raise Bids and Increase Conversion and Traffic Volume...Pay More for Your Conversions - First part sounds pretty good, right? But the problem is that in raising bids, you're paying more for every click. Conversions will also cost more. So you're not only paying more in terms of overall budget, you're paying more for every click.<br />Keep Bids and Costs Low...Keep Conversion Volume Low Too - In every keyword vertical there exists " low hanging fruit." Strong keyword research and low bids can keep your cost per acquisition low. The problem is, you can't expand and increase your conversions without raising your bids (and increasing the amount you pay for each conversion).<br />The conundrum is represented in the following graph:<br />So bid management allows you to have more conversions and a higher cost-per, or a lower cost-per and a cap on how many leads, sales, downloads, etc. you're able to acquire.<br />Keyword suggestion tools offers you a third option: Find more of the cheap conversions.<br />Keyword suggestion tools reveal new keyword verticals to you. Instead of trying to squeeze the most you can out of a single keyword vertical, you can now discover new verticals and pick their low hanging fruit.<br />Basically, instead of moving up the graph and continually paying more for additional conversions, you're just starting over with a new graph (and new low-cost conversion opportunities).<br />So, instead of increasing bids so that you are paying more per acquisition, you increase opportunities so that you are maintaining low conversion costs and increasing conversion numbers.<br />The Holes in the Theory<br />There are two main problems here:<br />Resources - Performing daily keyword research would become a definite time and resource suck for your company.<br />Relevance - When you did your initial round of keyword research, you exhausted every possibility. You turned over every rock. You certainly don't want to find or have suggested to you irrelevant keywords. How do you consistently introduce new, relevant keywords into your campaigns?<br />The Advantages of Our keyword suggestion tool<br />Keyword software from WordStream offers you an endless, fully automated stream of highly relevant, traffic-driving keyword suggestions. Because of the application's complementary Web analytics, keyword research, and keyword grouping tools, WordStream's keyword suggestion capabilities offer you:<br />Continual keyword suggestion - WordStream's Web actalytics tool funnels new keyword opportunities to your account daily. This provides you with an expanding list of keywords for search engines and an ever-growing circle of potential consumers; customers who will be highly interested in your offering.<br />Unique keyword suggestion - WordStream's keyword suggestions are mined from your own Web logs and your own traffic data; this gives you an exclusive list of keyword phrases to bid on which your competitors don't have.<br />Relevant, actionable suggestions - Since your site's content and your own pay-per-click campaigns are generating these keyword suggestions, they will all be highly relevant to your site. Additionally, WordStream's grouping tools offer intuitive inclusion of your keyword suggestions to your actionable WordStream Keyword Groups.<br />how WordStream's keyword suggestion service works<br />WordStream implements a unique means of generating keywords for your search marketing efforts.<br />Instead of offering you only the same easily accessible keyword ideas you (and all of your competitors) could get from a free keyword search tool, WordStream mines your own website's information to provide you with actionable insights that present you with a tangible advantage.<br />Pictured above are results from an actual WordStream customer account. WordStream's Web analytics tools have parsed this company's existing Web logs upon sign up for a WordStream account (this process is the same for anyone who signs up for a free trial). WordStream amassed this list of over a million and a half keywords by:<br />Parsing log files - The WordStream Parser will mine your logs and will record all of the terms people used to search for and subsequently reach your website.<br />JavaScript analytic tools - Additionally, by inserting a few lines of JavaScript on your website's pages, WordStream can track the searchers coming to your site daily. This provides you with a consistent stream of keyword suggestions that no one else is privy to.<br />The software offers continual keyword suggestions. Every day, new terms are entered into this account.<br />And the terms are always relevant, because they are generated using your own site's data.<br />Thus, the process of offering new keyword verticals and segmentations that are relevant to your business and your website content is completely automated.<br />But you don't have to rely entirely on your own site's data, if you're a new site with limited log file data or just want to supplement your private keywords with additional, relevant suggestions. WordStream provides the option of importing keywords with an embedded keyword suggestion tool based on Google's free AdWords keyword tool. While we don't recommend relying entirely on the tool, it's an easy way to get started with keyword suggestions or to supplement your personal keyword database.<br />This has some advantages over using a third-party keyword suggestion tool. First of all, you won't have to bother with exporting keywords from a separate tool to a spreadsheet and cutting and pasting a long list of terms. You can import your suggestions with one click. Even better, WordStream will automatically organize those keyword suggestions into your keyword group hierarchy, saving a ton of time and effort.<br />We also offer a free, online keyword suggestion tool: the Free Keyword Tool by WordStream. Compared to other free tools and even subcription-based keyword suggestion tools, we offer more keywords drawn from a larger database (over a billion unique keywords). It's also faster, more accurate and more relevant that typical third-party keyword suggestions. This tool is 100% free, and you can use it as much as you want.<br />But there's still a limit to the value of these suggestions, which is where WordStream's solutions come in.<br />the value of WordStream keyword Suggestions<br />So why is all this functionality valuable? WordStream's keyword suggestion capabilities help enhance your search marketing campaigns in three very important ways:<br />More and better qualified traffic - You see over a million and a half keywords being suggested in the account above. Many of those terms are unique or nearly unique long tail keywords. In addition to the fact that long tail keywords represent a majority of traffic, these are highly specific search terms, and represent a higher level of intent from the searcher.<br />Less expensive clicks - You can then identify each of this proliferation of seldom searched for terms in your pay-per-click Marketing campaign, providing you with a large collection of suggested keywords that are considerably less expensive than the more popular variations.<br />An Ever-Broadening Keyword Portfolio - You'll have new keyword suggestions grounded in actual user data presented to you daily.<br />Herein lies the really powerful advantage offered by WordStream's keyword suggestion capabilities: you can constantly expand your reach by adding new keywords (which then introduce other, new, related keywords).<br />You can then utilize our negative keyword tools to iteratively strengthen these new keyword verticals, allowing you to refine your existing keyword segmentations while you add new ones.<br />making keyword ideas actionable with WordStream keyword suggestion<br />The only way to have each of these specific keywords suggested to you is to allow WordStream to record and store this data for you, but you still need to manage and group this stock of suggested keywords, or it is of no value to you.<br />Having an enormous list of keyword suggestions is only useful to your business if that list is manageable.<br />WordStream's keyword suggestion tools seamlessly interface with the application's keyword grouping and campaign publishing tools to utilize this informational edge in educating your pay-per-click campaign.<br />Once you've set up your keyword groupings within your account, WordStream not only suggests keywords to bid on from your analytics, but actually funnels these keywords into appropriate Keyword Groups.<br />For instance, let's imagine we have a website for a car dealership in the Boston area. Based on their website's data, they would have created an extensive keyword list. They would then have created keyword groupings that look something like this:<br />Now, let's imagine we've had a new keyword suggested to us by our keyword analytics. Someone typed in " really cheap used cars in the Boston area" to reach our site. That new keyword is now automatically added to the cheap used cars folder.<br />What this means is that WordStream's keyword grouping tools enable you to do more than create a static list of keywords. You'll be able to:<br />Manage these terms - Have suggested keywords automatically introduced into your account, with the ability to set filters to ensure that only the keywords you want are being introduced into keyword groupings.<br />Optimize your Ad Groups - Create Ad Groups that will raise your Quality Score while lowering your minimum bids; minimum bids are applied to keywords no one else is bidding on.<br />Cash in on your keyword suggestion advantage - WordStream is (eventually) a long tail keyword tool, suggesting hundreds of thousands of long tail keywords for your business. Unique keywords none of your competitors are aware exist. Thus WordStream's keyword suggestion tools team with the application's grouping tools to continually offer you new keyword ideas, while providing you with more and more targeted traffic over time.<br />WordStream's free keyword suggestion tools<br />The best keyword suggestion tools will:<br />Give You an Edge: Amass and maintain a constantly growing list of exclusive keywords.<br />Lower Your Costs: Find inexpensive clicks, and pay the absolute minimum for them.<br />Increase and Improve Your Traffic: Generate a consistently increasing flow of traffic, and find clicks with specific intent that are late in the buying cycle to optimize conversion rates.<br />Discover New Keyword Verticals: Instead of raising bids on the keywords that convert, find new keywords at lower acquisition prices.<br />To take advantage of the actionable keyword suggestions provided by WordStream today, you can:<br />Try WordStream Free Today<br />Request a Live Demonstration<br />Sign up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribe to our Newsletter<br />