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Keyword research is the most crucial component of your PPC ad campaign, and in order to find the most relevant keywords possible, you need to use a keyword search tool that does more than guesswork. Learn more about keyword search tools here!

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Keyword search tool

  1. 1. Keyword Search Tool - Using KeywordSearch Tools is More Than GuessworkKeyword research is the most crucial component of your PPC ad campaign, and in order to findthe most relevant keywords possible, you need to use a keyword search tool that does more thanguesswork.WordStream finds keywords based on your actual site traffic and goal conversions, and suggestsnew ones to you continuously. This is much more reliable than the suggestions generated bytypical "keyword mashers." Negative keyword search is equally important. In finding words thataren’t useful to your campaign, WordStream continuously refines your keyword list to helpimprove your CTR, which in turn improves your Quality Score and positioning while saving youmoney by lowering your CPC.Let’s take a look at what makes WordStream an effective keyword research tool, and how youcould be losing money and qualified traffic by not using a keyword search tool.A Starting Point: The Free Keyword Tool by WordStreamIf youre new to keyword research, it can be helpful to seed your list using a free online keywordtool. These tools will always have limited value for search marketers because they simply spitout keywords and dont tell you what to do with them or help you actually optimize your site.Nonetheless, everybody has to start somewhere.WordStreams Free Keyword Tool is the best option on the market when it comes to fast, easykeyword suggestions. We index over 1 billion unique keywords from diverse sources to returnmore keywords faster. You get thousands of relevant, accurate suggestions, always 100% free.In addition, WordStream offers two free keyword grouping tools that go beyond basic keywordsuggestion tools, offering structured keywords ready to put to work in highly relevant andorganized search marketing campaigns:
  2. 2. The Free Keyword Niche Finder: Enter a keyword to discover your businesss most profitable keyword niches. Youll get back highly relevant keyword groups that easily translate into a well-organized PPC campaign structure and SEO-friendly website architecture. The Free Keyword Grouper: What if youve already done some initial research? This tool automatically groups a list of up to 10,000 keywords into clusters of related terms.The next step is to build on this data with a more personalized tool, and then organize and act onyour growing keyword database on an ongoing basis, so you can successfully turn keywords intolong-term results.WordStreams keyword search tool Means More EffectiveKeyword ResearchKeyword research is an ongoing, iterative process, and as such, a tool that automates it in a smartway is the ideal solution. Traditional keyword search tools treat keyword research as a one-timeactivity, relying on you, the search marketer, to provide them with new terms on which to buildother keywords that seem like they may be related. These tools don’t know your actual websitecontent or traffic patterns, so the results you get are not only limited, but they’re often off themark of what you really want to focus on.WordStream takes the smart approach by taking the guesswork out of building an expansivekeyword list that guarantees a broader audience of qualified visitors. By automating tasks like: searching through your site’s traffic logs to pinpoint long-tail keywords,
  3. 3. suggesting keyword group segmentations to help keep you organized,and helping you pinpoint which negative keywords to avoid,
  4. 4. WordStream makes a previously overwhelming and time-consuming process remarkably simple.WordStream not only helps you to grow your keyword list larger than you would ever be ableto on your own, but it also helps you to organize it and keep everything under control.How Not Using Keyword search Tools Restricts YourAudience And Loses You MoneyThe traditional approach to keyword research involves hours and hours of frustrating and tediouswork to attempt to wrangle a manageable an effective list of keywords to target for your PPCcampaigns. Not only is this an ineffective use of your time, it’s also impossible to keep up andstay organized in a way that’s helping your campaign to move forward instead of being heldback.When you manage your keyword research on your own or with a team, you are: working with a limited keyword list that’s not based on your actual site data expanding your keyword list only so far until it becomes unmanageable to expand it any further on your own expending a massive amount of inefficient effort with constant upkeep and revision, struggling to keep up with your data not reaching your broadest and most qualified audience losing money by bidding on the wrong keywordsYou need to find a way to free yourself from being tied to your keyword research, with theassurance that the keywords you’re using are the specific, long-tail terms that will bring the besttraffic for the least amount of monetary investment. Unfortunately, this is physically impossiblewhen managing a campaign by hand, but its readily within reach with a good keyword searchtool.A Keyword search tool That Goes Above And BeyondWordStream takes your keyword search to an entirely new level when compared with otherkeyword research solutions on the market. Tools like Google’s Keyword Tool help you out to anextent, because they can help you build a very small preliminary keyword list based on a handfulof terms you think might work. While this is okay as a bare bones starting point, it quicklybecomes clear that a more robust solution is in order.
  5. 5. Unlike Googles claims above, WordStream can provide assurance that the words youre givenwill help your campaign because WordStream pairs keyword analytics data with action, or,“actalytics,” to provide the best of both worlds of your keyword search. You benefit from theresearch and keyword analysis side that works with the data surrounding your site’s traffic, andthe appropriate actions to take on that data, like: suggesting new keywords, grouping them into a hierarchy, or turning them into text ads for your campaign.WordStream goes beyond sorting data, or making ill-informed suggestions based on globalsearch trends, and this, in turn, leaves you in the driver’s seat to manage your continuouslygrowing list of keywords with confidence.WordStream’s Keyword search Tool Works for YouContinuouslyAs mentioned, keyword research is the most crucial part of a successful pay per click campaign,and it’s never just a one-time thing. The WordStream keyword search tool works continuously tobuild and strengthen your keyword list. If you’d like to make use of WordStream’s robustkeyword management solutions, you can: Try WordStream free today Request a live demonstration from one of our professionals Sign up for our Search Marketing Webinar Subscribe to our Newsletter