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Keyword Research Tools by WordStream for researching, discovering, grouping and acting on keyword opportunities. Try our Keyword Research Tool FREE Today!

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Keyword Research Tools

  1. 1. Keyword Research Tools – Gain a Competitive Edge in the SERPs with Our Keyword Research Tool<br />Keyword research tools come in all shapes and sizes. But as they’re currently constituted, most keyword research tools have a host of serious flaws that could be costing you money.<br />Traditional keyword research tools offer:<br />No relevant data – The data and metrics you’re getting from most keyword research tools are available to everyone, including other businesses vying for the same market. Where’s the competitive advantage? Where's the relevancy to YOUR website?<br />No ability to act – Most if not all third party search marketing tools spit out data and then it’s up to you to collect it and incorporate it into your search marketing campaign. Nothing could be more tedious and time-consuming.<br />Given that keyword research is so vital to the success of your search marketing efforts, it only stands to reason that the keyword research tool you choose is of equal importance.<br />In the coming paragraphs, we'll show you how to make your keyword research specific to what you do, keep the research under your control, and make it actionable.<br />Want to start with a free keyword research tool?<br />If you're just getting started down the road of keyword research and you want to use a free online tool, there's no reason to look further than the Free Keyword Tool by WordStream. We believe that if you're going to use a tool that relies on public data, it should at least be as accurate and comprehensive as possible. WordStream's Free Keyword Tool indexes over 1 billion unique keywords from over a trillion search queries, enabling us to return far more keywords (and more relevant keywords) than any other free tool and even many paid, subscription-based tools. It's fast, full-featured and no matter how much you use it, it's always completely free.<br />the WordStream Keyword Research Tool: Make your keyword research count<br />If you’re determined to get the most of your keyword research, then you need to use the WordStream keyword management solution as your keyword research tool.<br />WordStream's suite of keyword tools were created for the professional search marketer who is looking for unmatched value, productivity and keyword intelligence.<br />Unlike other keyword research tools, WordStream offers four distinct benefits you won’t find in any other software product:<br />Infinite stream of personalized keywords – Everyday, WordStream delivers a list of newly-discovered keywords that are harvested from your own, private site logs. Since these keywords are from searches used to find your site, they are highly-relevant and personalized to your business, your product or service, and your bottom line.<br />Keyword data based on real metrics - WordStream " trues" your keyword research, basing it on real searches and actual outcomes on your website, rather than traffic and conversion estimates.<br />Actionable keyword data – WordStream’s keyword research tools go beyond static keyword research, by giving you the power to group keywords and organize massive lists of new keywords into tight, focused clusters. Being more query-specific will your exposure in the search engines and boost traffic and sales for both SEO and PPC.<br />Dynamic keyword management workbench – With WordStream, your keyword research data is fresh and integrated with a suite of keyword tools that let you manipulate keywords, prioritize workflow and author content--like optimized landing pages and AdWords ad text--around these newly-discovered keywords to better engage searchers.<br />By moving away from the glut of one-dimensional keyword research tools, you’ll be adding more productivity, exploring new search verticals, gaining higher relevance and generating greater profitability for your search marketing efforts.<br />Let’s now look at one of the most unique features of the WordStream keyword research tool: keyword discovery. <br />Special Delivery Keyword Research tool: Bringing New Keywords to Your Doorstep Each and Everyday<br />So how do you conduct your research to find new keywords? Do you:<br />Suggest keywords you THINK searchers might use to find your site?<br />Examine competitor sites for keyword clues?<br />Run queries in a third party keyword tool and rely on traffic guesstimates?<br />For many search marketers, this is the standard approach to keyword research. Unfortunately, these methods are at best inaccurate and unrelated to your website because they’re based on conjecture and speculation.<br />With WordStream, keyword research moves from guess work to certainty.<br />By using JavaScript Web Analytics to tap into your own, private server logs, WordStream feeds you the specific keywords that searchers have used to land on your website and take action.<br />Keywords that flow into your account are automatically organized into groups based on rules you set with the Keyword Grouper Tool.<br />With a daily flurry of fresh keyword research activity, you’re able to target new search verticals and explore more channels for additional revenue streams. With automated, intelligent grouping tools, you maximize your productivity and keyword relevancy.<br />Try the WordStream Keyword Research Tool FREE Today!<br />As a search marketing professional, you need a keyword research tool that will supply keywords that are the most relevant and profitable for your website. Our keyword research tool does this by discovering keywords for you that are site-specific, proven to generate traffic and based on REAL data from your own log files on a daily basis.<br />Sign up and try WordStream now.<br />You'll see more clicks and more conversions with WordStream.<br />Learn more about WordStream's keyword research tool by:<br />Trying WordStream Free Today<br />Requesting a Live Demonstration<br />Signing up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribing to our Newsletter<br />