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Keyword research is a fundamental part of achieving pay-per-click and search engine optimization success. Learn more about Keyword research now!

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Keyword research

  1. 1. Keyword Research - How to Find ProfitDriving New Keywords Every DayKeyword research is a fundamental part of achieving pay-per-click and search engineoptimization success.Theres little debate among search marketing experts that identifying and optimizing for thespecific words that people are typing into search engines is a crucial element of a successfulsearch marketing campaign.But keyword research is a difficult process. In order to successfully market through search youneed to: Continuously discover quality and goal-producing new keyword opportunities to create a competitive advantage. Effectively and continuously turn your keyword research into action. Make keyword research a supporting piece of your overall search marketing efforts so that your researched keywords actually lead to profits for your business.So the question becomes: How do you, the search advertiser, go beyond a static list of keywordsto create a continuous stream of keyword phrases that improve your bottom line?Easy: Use WordStream.WordStreams keyword research tools provide customers with three core benefits not offered bytraditional search-based keyword products: Continual, Exclusive Keyword Research - WordStream offers you a living, breathing list of keywords that grows your traffic and lowers your costs per click and cost per action with time. And the keyword search tool creates its list from your own data, so you have exclusive access to it. Keyword Data You Can Act On - The software allows you to organize and put into action insights surrounding your keywords and your search queries. A Full-Featured Search Marketing Solution - WordStream integrates your researched keyword data with keyword grouping, workflow prioritization, and paid and natural search marketing tools.These will help you to automate the process of extensive, perpetual keyword research, creatingan environment of increased search marketing productivity and value for your company or client.Well discuss more about what, specifically, this advantage really is and how WordStreamprocures it for you in the coming paragraphs.First, we need to look at the traditional keyword research process.
  2. 2. The Old Way of Conducting Online Keyword ResearchTraditionally, keyword research is thought of as a process involving the following steps: Brainstorm - First, you come up with some keyword ideas you think relate to your business. Find the Best Keyword Research Tool - Next, you select any of a litany of keyword tools, some paid and some free, to generate new keyword suggestions. Conducting Keyword Research - Finally, you type in a word or phrase, and you get a static list of some variations of that word or phrase, maybe even some synonyms, and thats it.Next, you tweak and optimize for the keywords youre targeting: PPC Management - If youre managing a PPC account, you run this campaign and attempt to optimize bids and use different keyword matching types. SEO Management - If youre managing an SEO account, you monitor how those keywords are performing, whether theyre driving traffic, and what you can do to get them to rank higher.If youre going to bother using a basic keyword research tool, we see no reason to pay for asubcription or even use any other free tool when WordStreams Free Keyword Tool is the fastest,most accurate and most comprehensive free keyword suggestion tool available. Youll get farmore keyword suggestions, including long-tail variations, from more diverse sources, all at nocost. You can take those keywords further by using our Free Keyword Grouper to organize yoursuggestions. Or try the Free Keyword Niche Finder to get suggestions that are already structuredinto relevant keyword groups.But even with thousands of relevant keyword suggestions, there are a few important problemsand substantial challenges associated with this traditional method of keyword research: Stagnant Campaigns - The most-searched-for terms generally dont change very much month to month. As a result, when you utilize popularity-based keyword research tools, youre creating a static list of a few hundred keywords. Since this list doesnt change much, youre always targeting the same keywords. You never expand the reach of your message. No Differentiation - If you use a traditional tool for keyword research, everyone else who uses that tool is bidding on and attempting to rank for the same terms you are. A Disconnect Between Your Marketing Efforts - This list is generated with no real regard for your website, your customers, or your goals; its merely relevant to the term you typed in. Beyond that: what do actually do with the list of keywords when you get a hold of them?So how do you answer these challenges and overcome these shortcomings? Whats thealternative to the traditional way of finding keywords for websites?
  3. 3. The WordStream Keyword Research ToolWordStreams keyword research tool goes a step beyond traditional keyword research:WordStream offers keyword management software. This means aggregating actual keyword datafrom multiple sources, continually updating that data, allowing you to prioritize and organizeyour keywords, and providing you with tools to turn keyword research into highly profitablesearch marketing activity.Lets take a look at how WordStreams keyword software answers each of the problems listedabove.Researching Keywords Using WordStreamFirst, the software will analyze keyword data from various sources: Historical data (log files or Web analytic data through Google Analytics Integration) Suggestions from our free online keyword tool or our embedded keyword suggestion tool New search traffic to your siteFirst, the application will parse your websites logs and identify the keywords from your pay-per-click campaigns and from organic search that people have used to reach your site.You can supplement this private data with our keyword suggestion tool. This is the traditionalway of generating keyword suggestions based on a descriptive word or URL; we dontrecommend relying on the tool as the basis of your keyword research, but its useful if yourelooking for additional relevant keywords or if your site is new and you lack extensive log filedata.A voluminous list of keywords that have already driven visitors to your site (and aresubsequently relevant to your business) along with any other data you want to import will becaptured and stored for you.Thanks to our keyword source analysis feature, you can analyze all your keywords in aggregateor drill down to focus solely on actual keywords (paid and organic), paid keywords, organickeywords, or suggested keywords.
  4. 4. But the really powerful thing about the way WordStream handles keywords is that this list willthen become dynamic and actionable.By installing a snippet of JavaScript on your site, WordStream will continuously introduce newkeywords into your account. You can then determine whether or not to take action on thosekeywords in a variety of ways.Do More Than Just Research KeywordsIn addition to offering continuous, dynamic keyword research, WordStream also loads yourkeywords into an interface that is immediately actionable:
  5. 5. From here, the software can offer suggestions on keyword groups to create, ad groups tooptimize, or even content to create:In the above example, keyword groups are suggested based on traffic driven, the number ofkeywords in a potential segmentation, and goals you designate (like sales, leads, downloads,etc.). In this example, we can create a number of keyword groups with the click of a button, butwe could just as easily leverage the same technology to decide which ad groups to create, whichlanding pages to author, or which keyword groups to segment, making your researched keywordsa supporting piece of your overall keyword management and search marketing strategy.
  6. 6. When it comes time to create landing pages, blog posts and other content for your site, theWordStream SEO for Firefox plug-in helps you optimize that content with your best keywordsby connecting your research to your content management system or blogging platform. After all,your keyword research is worthless if you dont follow through and use it to author targetedcontent.By leveraging WordStreams keyword research tools, weve created a keyword list that is: Dynamic Actionable Part of Our Overall Keyword & Search StrategyEffectively addressing each of the shortcomings present in the traditional keyword researchmodel.Keyword Research Software for Your BusinessThis new, WordStream approach to keyword research leads to three key consequences for yourbusiness: Increased Productivity - WordStream allows you to discover and maintain exponentially more keywords than you could otherwise hope to have suggested to you, and fuses your keyword research with the tools youll need to turn that information into profitable action. Enhanced Relevance - Keyword suggestions generated by our keyword generator tool will pertain to your website, your offering, and your current PPC campaigns, and youll be able to prioritize your activities based on real data from real customers who interacted with your site. Added Value - By increasing your productivity and creating more relevant search campaigns with more accurate keyword targeting, youll see more conversions at a lower overall cost.Our Keyword Research ServiceYou can generate your own tailored list of exclusive key terms and watch as new keywords areresearched and suggested daily. Then act on the data in a meaningful, profitable way. For free.Learn more about WordStreams keyword research tool-set by: Trying WordStream Free Today Requesting a Live Demonstration Signing up for our Search Marketing Webinar Subscribing to our Newsletter