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Keyword Quality Score has a major impact on both the success and the costs of your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. High keyword Quality Scores mean you end up paying less for more ad exposure and higher conversion rates. Learn more about keyword quality score with WordStream.

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Keyword quality score

  1. 1. Keyword Quality Score – How to Increasethe Quality Score of Your KeywordsKeyword Quality Score has a major impact on both the success and the costs of your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. High keyword Quality Scores mean you end up paying lessfor more ad exposure and higher conversion rates.The following two best practices will raise your Quality Score at every level, from your entireAdWords campaign down to a single keyword: Practice ongoing keyword grouping: Effective organization of your keyword database is crucial for successful PPC and will greatly increase your chances of achieving high keyword Quality Scores. Write compelling, relevant ad text: Better ads mean better click-through rates, which raise your keyword QS and save you money.Lets take a closer look at how you can use WordStreams keyword management tools to startimproving your Quality Scores today.What Does Keyword Quality Score Mean to You?Keyword Quality Score is a dynamic figure, meaning AdWords calculates a Quality Score on thefly for each of your keywords whenever they match a users search query. Your keywordsQuality Score may vary based on location, search query and search network. In other words, ifyour keyword performs better on certain searches than others, in certain areas than others, or oncertain search network sites than others, its Quality Score will be higher under thosecircumstances. Thats a lot to keep track of! But one thing is always the same: The higher yourkeyword Quality Score, the better your ad positioning, and the lower your costs.Basically, Google uses Quality Score to ensure that users only see the sponsored links that aremost relevant to their queries. This system is good for you too, because more relevant ads getmore clicks and bring you more business.Aside from variable factors like location, your keywords Quality Score is determined by: The click-through rate (CTR) of the keyword and its matched ad. Relevance of the keyword to its Ad Group. Landing page quality. Relevance of your ad text. Historical account performance.These factors are closely related and reinforce each other. For example: Tight keyword groupings make it easier to write relevant (and compelling) ad text.
  2. 2. Compelling and relevant ad text translates to higher click-through rates.Creating small, focused keyword groups at the outset and then building self-reinforcingcampaigns gives you strong historical account performance and compounding pricing andpositioning benefits. But how exactly are you supposed to organize the thousands of keywords(or more) that you need to manage for successful search engine marketing? You cant possiblylook at every single keyword individually, hand-sort it into an appropriate group and then writethe perfect ad for it. Theres not enough time in the day.So how do you raise your keyword Quality Score so you can start increasing your visibility atlower costs?How WordStream Can Help You Increase Keyword QualityScoreThe WordStream keyword management system helps you create and maintain high QualityScore keywords and Ad Groups with two key functionalities: Keyword grouping tools that guide you in creating tight, relevant keyword groups, which you can easily convert into high-performing Ad Groups. Ad text creation tools that make it fast and easy to write relevant, compelling ads that get more clicks.Creating strong keyword groups is the single most important step you can take toward improvingyour Quality Scores and overall PPC performance. WordStreams sophisticated AdWordskeyword grouping tools make it easy to segment your proprietary keyword database intomanageable, closely knit groups on an iterative basis. These groups pass value down to eachindividual keyword, increasing the chances that your ad will show (at a low cost) for a relevantsearch.Lets say youre the owner of an online pet supplies store. You know the keyword group for"dog" is too large and too broad, but how do you begin to segment it down into narrower, moremanageable groups? If you manage your keyword database with a spreadsheet application, goingthrough all your keywords and trying to sort them into logical groups can be monstrously time-consuming and tedious. But in WordStream, you simply segment the keyword group you want tosubdivide with the click of a button:
  3. 3. This opens the Keyword Group Segmenter, which sorts through your many keyword phrases andprovides intelligent grouping suggestions in a fraction of a second:Now you can begin segmenting the “dog” keyword group. Highlight a suggested term to previewthe new, smaller keyword group. Start with those suggestions at the top of the list – these are thekeywords with the highest frequency and most visits, so they should be your first priority. This isone of the ways that WordStream helps you determine where to spend your time to get the mostreturn on your search marketing efforts. Learning to trust WordStreams suggestions will greatlyimprove your search marketing workflow.To create a keyword group, select the term in the Keyword Group Segmenter and click "CreateKeyword Group". Youll then see the group in WordStream Explorer on the left, under “dog.”
  4. 4. Now, rinse and repeat! Further segmenting your parent-level keyword groups into tightersubgroups will result in increased relevance and higher Quality Score for each keyword.WordStream Makes Writing Highly Relevant Ad Text EasyAnother way that WordStream increases keyword Quality Score is by helping you write morerelevant ad text, thereby increasing the click-through rate of your keywords and theircorresponding ads.Because WordStream is integrated with AdWords, its incredibly easy to convert the keywordgroups youve created into AdWords Ad Groups: Just right-click the keyword group and select“Create Google AdWords Group for Selected Group” from the pop-up menu. Then select theAdWords campaign you want the Ad Group to belong to. As soon as youve set the Ad Groupsproperties, youre ready to start crafting high-CTR text ads.After creating an Ad Group, click the Text Ads tab and then "Add New Text Ad". WordStreamwill automatically suggest text for your ads headline, description lines, display URL anddestination URL, based on the Ad Groups keywords and properties – a big timesaver.
  5. 5. You can (and should) adjust the ad text to your liking; the preview box on the right shows whatyour ad will look like when it appears in Google SERPs. Here are some factors to keep in mindwhen writing ads to ensure high click-through rate and Quality Score. Your ad text should be: Relevant to your product. Relevant to the keyword (and therefore the searchers intent). Relevant to your landing page.Be sure to include the keyword and variations of it in the headline and description lines, and thedisplay URL if possible. The ad should draw the user in and tell them what theyll gain byclicking. The destination URL should take the searcher to a landing page that corresponds totheir search query and intent (not something too broad or too narrow).Remember, your ads will be useless if they dont actually help people find what theyre lookingfor! Plus, when more people click on your ads, your AdWords Quality Score goes up and yourkeywords, Ad Groups and account all gain value – leading to more and more low-costimpressions as your campaign goes on. Thats more opportunities for conversions, all for lowercosts per ad!Try WordStream and Start Improving Your KeywordQuality Score TodayDont waste another day paying more than you have to for less than desirable ad positioning.Increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns, and save time and money while raising yourkeyword Quality Score. Try WordStreams keyword Quality Score tools free Request a live demo Sign up for a search marketing webinar Subscribe to our newsletter