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Use Wordstream's Keyword Management Tool to group keywords, write more engaging copy, lower bids, grab more sales. WordStream's Keyword Management Tool does it all for you!

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Keyword Management Tool

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Keyword Management Tool - Software, Tools & Solutions for Managing Keywords for PPC/SEO<br />Keyword Management is an innovative and multifaceted approach to discovering, analyzing, grouping and organizing large numbers of keywords, with the objective of prioritizing, collaborating and acting on keyword data to build and optimize your PPC and/or SEO search marketing campaign.<br />Elements of Keyword Management<br />To fully grasp the concept of Keyword Management and how it impacts both paid and natural search marketing, let’s first examine its components.<br />Keyword Discovery – Engaging in ongoing efforts to determine which keywords people are searching on to find your website.<br />Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis – Reviewing newly discovered keyword opportunities, identifying which keywords are your most productive (keywords that are action-producing or trigger conversions) and applying negatives to those keywords that aren’t relevant.<br />Keyword Grouping and Keyword Organization – Segmenting similar keywords into narrow keyword groups based on relevance.<br />Keyword Action – Prioritizing the previous activities (discovering, researching and grouping of keywords), then taking action by authoring content (AdWords ad groups or website copy) around the most productive and highly relevant keyword groupings.<br />Why You Need a Keyword Management Tool<br />An effective Keyword Management Tool will foster more fruitful, data-driven search engine marketing efforts. By employing a concerted approach to keyword grouping and organization, discovery, analysis, and action, you will see higher productivity, greater relevancy in the search engines, and savings in both time and money.<br />Benefits for SEO<br />More relevant content<br />Higher natural search rankings (SERPs)<br />More qualified traffic<br />Benefits for PPC<br />Better targeting: more search-specific ads and more relevant landing pages<br />Higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR), better Quality Score = lower bid spend, higher ad placement<br />More conversions<br />How WordStream Trumps All Other Keyword Tools<br />Most keyword tools on the market today, like SpyFu and Keyword Spy, are one-dimensional and have limited utility. They generate lists of keywords that may or may not be relevant to your business and not much else, so they aren’t true Keyword Management tools.<br />In fact, WordStream includes a keyword suggestion tool that offers all the functionality of Google's keyword tool, so you can generate keywords based on a descriptive word or phrase or a website's URL. But WordStream goes way, way beyond that, featuring a full spectrum of Keyword Management Tools that will raise your search revenue and vastly improve your search marketing productivity.<br />WordStream’s Keyword Management Tool allows you to perform keyword discovery, research, grouping and actionable tasks in a centralized, private workbench that is designed exclusively for addressing the challenges of creating and optimizing effective SEO and PPC work. This makes your pay per click advertising management much more approachable and effective than alternative, labor-intensive methods available.<br />How Wordstream is Different from other Keyword Tools<br />Continuous – WordStream constantly mines your website traffic, searching for new keyword opportunities daily. You can perpetually expand your keyword and negative keyword lists to update your keyword research, and you can use WordStream's keyword grouping software to continuously filter your keywords. And it’s so easy because newly discovered keywords are automatically added to your existing keyword groups.<br />Private – With WordStream, you can construct your own private database of keywords specific to your website, rather than trolling third-party tools for broad, shared keyword lists. This level of keyword privatization allows you to keep your keyword lists “close to the vest,” creating a distinct advantage over your competitors.<br />Workbench – WordStream integrates web analytics with data manipulation, so you have the ability to group, organize, add and delete your keyword analytics data with one tool. Think Google Analytics meets Microsoft Excel, but way better than Excel for keyword grouping and management.<br />Actionable – WordStream seamlessly integrates with Google AdWords, so you can quickly switch from grouping and segmenting lengthy keyword lists to creating live ad groups.<br />Collaborative – WordStream enables team-based SEO and PPC efforts with prioritized task lists and workflows. That way, everyone in your group is on the same page. You thereby eliminate task duplication and confusion over who’s working on what.<br />No other search marketing software on the market today offers such a dynamic array of Keyword Management tools and features in one software package.<br />Whether you manage a natural or a paid search engine marketing campaign, WordStream enables you to maximize your productivity and lower your search costs.<br />Try the WordStream Keyword Management Tool FREE Today!<br />There are a lot of keyword tools out there, but there's only one best-in-class Keyword Management tool.<br />Sign up and Try WordStream Now.<br />In minutes, you’ll be analyzing, grouping and organizing lists of profitable keywords that you can turn queries into conversions.<br />Enjoy more traffic and more sales with WordStream.<br />Learn more about WordStream's Keyword Management Tool-set by:<br />Trying WordStream Free Today<br />Requesting a Live Demonstration<br />Signing up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribing to our Newsletter<br />