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Keyword Discovery Tools improve search marketing efforts, but at a high cost. Learn how WordStream's tool improves efficiency and search campaign performance.

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Keyword Discovery Tool

  1. 1. Keyword Discovery Tool - Continuously Discover Keywords, Even as you Sleep<br />Keyword Discovery Tools can greatly improve your search marketing efforts, but they often come at a high cost, especially in terms of time and resources.<br />Finding new keywords for PPC and SEO provides a number of advantages, including:<br />Access to previously untapped markets<br />The ability to market to people who are in search of products and services like yours<br />Insight into the long tail of search to drive lower cost, more qualified traffic to your site.<br />WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool is the quickest way of providing all of these crucial benefits to your search engine marketing campaigns. It continuously uncovers relevant keywords for your website and business without your intervention, literally discovering fresh keywords as you sleep!<br />In this tutorial, you'll learn how WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool saves time and improves efficiency, all while producing tangible results.<br />What's so Great About WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool?<br />So, what makes WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool so unique, you ask? Very simply, WordStream is the best keyword tool for:<br />Finding More Qualified, Better Converting Traffic: Your WordStream account fills with long tail phrases that indicate searcher and keyword intent and are relevant to your business<br />Reducing Costs: WordStream finds relevant keywords for a better Quality Score as well as lesser known keywords. The lower the competition for a keyword, the lower the CPC tends to be. Let your competitors battle over the more popular keywords while you bid on more specific phrases with higher conversion rates and lower costs per click<br />Improving Efficiency: Instead of conducting periodic manual keyword research so you're always in touch with the marketplace, WordStream automates the process for you<br />Discovering Untapped Verticals: This consistent keyword discovery often uncovers valuable markets that you're not currently targeting, which helps to broaden your reach<br />WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool examines your own historical data to find keyword searches that people used to land on your specific website. Not only does this return real keywords and real results, including visit count, these relevant keywords are your own personal, private data that remain unseen by your competitors. These relevant keywords also work to improve Quality Score, a key factor in lowering cost per click (CPC).<br />Many of these keywords are long tail, specific phrases that have lower competition and therefore, lower CPC. Long tail keywords generally have a higher level of intent from the searcher, which results in higher conversion rates. Also, WordStream records visit count to help establish keyword popularity so you can easily prioritize workflow.<br />Perhaps the best aspect of WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool is that it automatically streams new keywords into your account on a daily basis, so your keyword list and visit count is dynamic and continuously growing. WordStream saves time by routinely expanding your keyword database with keywords relevant to your website and business, offering a complete keyword discovery solution that saves time and improves search performance!<br />Steps to Uncover Thousands of Relevant Keywords<br />Finally, you can take manual keyword discovery off your search marketing to-do list. Instead, just follow the steps below.<br />Sign up for a WordStream Account<br />The first step is to sign up for a Free Trial.<br />Let WordStream Find How People Are Reaching Your Site<br />Download the Keyword Discovery Tool here. This accesses your historic web files to populate your WordStream account with your own personal keyword list and visit count data.<br />You can also supplement your private keyword data using the embedded Google keyword suggestion tool.<br />Quickly Create a Search Friendly Structure<br />Once your keywords are entered into your WordStream account, your next step is to group and organize them, another simple task with WordStream's smart Keyword Grouping Tool. With a couple clicks of the mouse, thousands of keywords are segmented by relevance and easily visible. To even further reduce unnecessary spend from unqualified clicks, use WordStream's Negative Keyword Tool.<br />Let WordStream Take Over Your Keyword Discovery<br />WordStream's JavaScript Web Analytics package takes over from here and handles the arduous process of keyword discovery for you, unearthing loads of new keywords...while you sleep!<br />As keywords flow into your account, they're organized for you based on the rules you set with the Keyword Grouper Tool.<br />free keyword discovery<br />WordStream's Keyword Discovery tool provides a continuous flow of new keywords, so that your keyword list is always current and dynamic, helping you to:<br />Find relevant and specific keywords<br />Lower CPCs<br />Increase conversion rates and ROI<br />If you've been trying to accomplish any or all of these things and want to start uncovering the meaningful data that's been hiding in your website's log files, you can:<br />Try WordStream Free Today<br />Request a Live Demonstration<br />Sign up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribe to our Newsletter<br />