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Erin Sagin's Pubcon LV 2015 Presentation


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Learn how to convert mobile searchers using these 3 PPC tips!

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Erin Sagin's Pubcon LV 2015 Presentation

  1. 1. #Pubcon @erinsagin Dominating Mobile PPC: 3 Tips To 3x Your Conversions By: Erin Sagin #Pubcon @erinsagin
  2. 2. #Pubcon @erinsagin Meet Erin • PPC Evangelist & Community Manager at WordStream • Has specialized in Paid Search for 4 Years • “From” Boston, MA
  3. 3. #Pubcon @erinsagin I’m a nomad!
  4. 4. #Pubcon @erinsagin Fun Fact! I moonlight as a bartender!
  5. 5. #Pubcon @erinsagin Brace Yourselves. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  6. 6. #Pubcon @erinsagin HEY GUYS – 2015 is the year of mobile!
  7. 7. #Pubcon @erinsagin The problem is, most of us suck at it. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  8. 8. #Pubcon @erinsagin Mobile Conversion Rates are CONSISTENTLY lower than their desktop/tablet counterparts!
  9. 9. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  10. 10. #Pubcon @erinsagin Erin’s Top Three Tips for Mobile PPC Domination #Pubcon @erinsagin
  11. 11. #Pubcon @erinsagin Mobile Problem #1: You’re Using A One Size Fits All Strategy #Pubcon @erinsagin
  12. 12. #Pubcon @erinsagin Did you shotgun your way into mobile PPC? #Pubcon @erinsagin
  13. 13. #Pubcon @erinsagin#Pubcon @erinsagin
  14. 14. #Pubcon @erinsagin Mobile is a different playing field. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  15. 15. #Pubcon @erinsagin Search Impression Share, By Device Wordstream study across 1,200 SMB accounts. It’s twice as hard to get your ad on the mobile SERP.
  16. 16. #Pubcon @erinsagin Mobile Competition is Fierce • Mobile ads are less likely to be shown even in position 1 • Below position 2, forget about it • No accounts had mobile position below 4
  17. 17. #Pubcon @erinsagin It’s Easy To Believe What You Want To Believe
  18. 18. #Pubcon @erinsagin Ok, Now Be Honest… POLL: How many of you don’t feel 100% confident measuring offline/cross-device conversions?
  19. 19. #Pubcon @erinsagin Are you playing a mobile guessing game? #Pubcon @erinsagin
  20. 20. #Pubcon @erinsagin Solution #1: Ditch Your Non-Converters #Pubcon @erinsagin
  21. 21. #Pubcon @erinsagin Let’s Do Math! Viewed Mobile Ads Visited Landing Page Captured Lead Cut out pricey, useless impressions/ clicks! Conversion Rate = (Captured Leads / Website Visitors) x 100%
  22. 22. #Pubcon @erinsagin Identify What’s Working Viewed Mobile Ads Visited Landing Page Captured Lead
  23. 23. #Pubcon @erinsagin High Purchase Intent Keywords Color! Style! Brand! Size! I have my wallet out! Emergency !
  24. 24. #Pubcon @erinsagin Identify What’s Working Viewed Mobile Ads Visited Landing Page Captured Lead High-Intent Terms – Organize in separate campaigns – Assign specific budgets/CPA goals – Use higher bid modifiers Low-Intent Terms – Reduce bids or eliminate altogether using -100% bid modifier
  25. 25. #Pubcon @erinsagin ...And Now You Have Extra Ca$h! Viewed Mobile Ads Visited Landing Page Captured Lead
  26. 26. #Pubcon @erinsagin Problem #2: Searchers Lose Focus Quickly #Pubcon @erinsagin
  27. 27. #Pubcon @erinsagin#Pubcon @erinsagin
  28. 28. #Pubcon @erinsagin Who Has A Longer Attention Span? A GOLDFISH MY BOSS, LARRY 8seconds 9seconds
  29. 29. #Pubcon @erinsagin Larry’s Phone Is A Minefield In the time in took me to search for a local pizza joint, Larry’s phone got: – 4 Twitter notifications – 2 LinkedIn notifications – 6 emails – 1 Facetime call – 1 re-engagement notification (from WordStream’s BRAND NEW App)
  30. 30. #Pubcon @erinsagin Now Add In External Factors
  31. 31. #Pubcon @erinsagin How the heck has Larry ever completed a purchase on his iPhone?!
  32. 32. #Pubcon @erinsagin Solution #2: Engage Searchers Directly From the SERP #Pubcon @erinsagin
  33. 33. #Pubcon @erinsagin Use unique ad copy to encourage the searcher to take action. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  34. 34. #Pubcon @erinsagin Speak To A Mobile Audience • Keep language short & sweet • Common themes of the best mobile preferred ad copy included “Mobile” or “Phone” specific language
  35. 35. #Pubcon @erinsagin Utilize Ad Extensions
  36. 36. #Pubcon @erinsagin App Extensions
  37. 37. #Pubcon @erinsagin Call Extensions
  38. 38. #Pubcon @erinsagin Phone Calls = Hot Leads Calls worth 3x more than clicks to the landing page!
  39. 39. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  40. 40. #Pubcon @erinsagin Call-Only Campaigns *Pro-tip: Bypass your mobile landing pages altogether!
  41. 41. #Pubcon @erinsagin New! Mobile Ad Formats
  42. 42. #Pubcon @erinsagin Find A Hotel Room!
  43. 43. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  44. 44. #Pubcon @erinsagin#Pubcon @erinsagin
  45. 45. #Pubcon @erinsagin#Pubcon @erinsagin
  46. 46. #Pubcon @erinsagin The Buy Button
  47. 47. #Pubcon @erinsagin Mobile Problem #3: Your Landing Pages Suck #Pubcon @erinsagin
  48. 48. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  49. 49. #Pubcon @erinsagin We Built These Crappy Landing Pages ON PURPOSE?!?!
  50. 50. #Pubcon @erinsagin Because Mobile Is Slow
  51. 51. #Pubcon @erinsagin Because Mobile Screens Are Small
  52. 52. #Pubcon @erinsagin Because People Are Dumb
  53. 53. #Pubcon @erinsagin % Who Switched To Full Site
  54. 54. #Pubcon @erinsagin Conversions Rates: Mobile Site Vs. Full Site on Mobile
  55. 55. #Pubcon @erinsagin Solution #3: Shake Up Your Mobile Landing Pages #Pubcon @erinsagin
  56. 56. #Pubcon @erinsagin There’s No Recipe For the Perfect Mobile Landing Page
  57. 57. #Pubcon @erinsagin E-Commerce: ASOS
  58. 58. #Pubcon @erinsagin Long Sales Cycle: Blinds.Com
  59. 59. #Pubcon @erinsagin Lead Gen: Gruber Law
  60. 60. #Pubcon @erinsagin Test, test, test! #Pubcon @erinsagin
  61. 61. #Pubcon @erinsagin The User Is Drunk Test Watch Squareweave’s here:
  62. 62. #Pubcon @erinsagin Ok, Guys - Let’s Get Drunk
  63. 63. #Pubcon @erinsagin …And Order A Pizza
  64. 64. #Pubcon @erinsagin The User Is Drunk – Domino’s Pizza Test 1. Your attention to detail is… impaired 2. Your vision isn’t quite 20/20 3. You’re more apt to give up 4. You’re drunk, not dumb Verdict: Domino’s has done a pretty good job…but I’d still rather just text an emoji Reiterate words with pictures Ugh, another barrier. This does not feel seamless. Dom didn’t deny me my options!
  65. 65. #Pubcon @erinsagin Not All Phones Are Created Equal
  66. 66. #Pubcon @erinsagin Moral of the story? Get your friends drunk and break out your mobile landing pages. #Pubcon @erinsagin
  67. 67. #Pubcon @erinsagin Erin’s Tips for Mobile PPC Domination 1. Nix your non-converters 2. Engage your searcher from directly within the SERP 3. Revamp your mobile landing pages
  68. 68. #Pubcon @erinsagin#Pubcon @erinsagin THANK YOU!!