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Adwords Marketing Solution


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WordStream is an effective AdWords marketing solution that improves your relevance, Quality Score, and PPC rankings.

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Adwords Marketing Solution

  1. 1. AdWords Marketing Solution: Efficiently Connect with Customers Through AdWords PPC<br />WordStream is a AdWords marketing solution to effectively drive qualified traffic to your site, allowing you to see results instantly when you run your PPC ads. The process of growing an effective AdWords marketing campaign, while staying organized and prioritizing other PPC tasks, can become very involved. Sitting down and addressing all of the components of an AdWords marketing campaign for the first time can be daunting, and recognizing that each task requires constant revision and analysis can push search marketers to make poor choices about their data.<br />Using an adwords marketing solution like WordStream ensures that the money and time you spend on AdWords marketing is invested, not wasted. WordStream recognizes how many search marketing tasks you’re traditionally left to manage on your own, and it helps simplify and prioritize those tasks to make your data work for you.<br />AdWords is just one component in your overall search engine marketing plan, and WordStream provides an integrated solution that can help you manage everything in one place.<br />Basing Your AdWords Marketing Strategy On Real Site Data<br />As an effective adwords marketing solution, Wordstream integrates a keyword tool that aggregates data from actual search traffic and goal conversions. Unfortunately, most keyword tools take a completely different approach. A typical keyword suggestion tool:<br />Bases suggestions on global search estimates that may or may not be relevant to you<br />Doesn’t give you accurate, up-to-the-minute statistics<br />Doesn’t provide you with suggestions for negative keywords<br />Doesn’t help you manage your keywords once you’ve downloaded hundreds of them into an Excel spreadsheet<br />Can’t integrate directly with your AdWords marketing campaign<br />When researching keywords, your own existing and potential customers are your ideal source. With WordStream, this is where your keyword suggestions come from. Instead of estimates, you’re dealing with real data. WordStream “plugs in” to your site’s code, pulling keywords from your traffic logs to show you exactly what visitors are typing to find you.<br />This helps you to make real, informed decisions about your AdWords marketing campaign, and you can probably guess that those decisions are going to bring you better results than estimates and manual keyword management could provide.<br />Using AdWords as a Component In Your Overall Marketing Strategy<br />Now you know WordStream helps show you what keywords are bringing traffic to your site. But you can only improve and drive more traffic to your site if you’re taking the right action on your data. With AdWords, data is only part of the equation.<br />With WordStream’s “ HYPERLINK "" actalytics” approach, data and action are melded together. Not only does WordStream show you the data to use in your AdWords marketing campaign, it helps you make decisions about and take action on:<br />Prioritizing your content<br />Organizing your workflow<br />Grouping and segmenting your keywords<br />Setting your minimum AdWords bid<br />Creating text ads and monitoring AdWords campaigns<br />Avoiding irrelevant, negative keywords<br />With each new action you take, WordStream learns and refines to provide you with even more specific, helpful information as time goes on. Google AdWords is integrated right into WordStream’s dashboard, so all you have to do is click a tab and you’re instantly working directly in your AdWords account, pulling details from WordStream in seconds.<br />Managing Your AdWords Marketing Task List 24/7<br />You shouldn’t be left to attend to every last detail in your AdWords marketing task list alone. Worrying about the complexities of keyword discovery or organization can pull you away from setting the right bid on an ad; focusing too much on how you’re writing your ads can take time away from eliminating negative keywords, and so on.<br />WordStream’s keyword management solution minimizes the time you spend on repetitive, iterative tasks, presenting you with the data so you can take appropriate action. With workflow tools built right in, WordStream helps you prioritize tasks like segmenting keywords or associating landing pages, making it easy for you to take the next step and strengthen your AdWords marketing campaign.<br />Things like finding long-tail keywords, figuring out which keywords could be grouped together, and discovering negative keywords are covered for you, so you can focus on your AdWords marketing strategy and less on the dull details.<br />Manage your PPC Marketing Efforts with WordStream<br />Manage your site data 24/7 with WordStream's innovative keyword management software. You can try out WordStream's keyword discovery, keyword grouping and workflow tools right now by downloading a free trial of WordStream today!<br />