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Adwords campaign management


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AdWords campaign management starts with your keywords: the most important part of your PPC campaign. But how can you achieve effective AdWords campaign management when your list of keywords and PPC ads grows beyond your ability to keep it organized? Learn how WordStream can help you manage your AdWords Campaigns.

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Adwords campaign management

  1. 1. AdWords Campaign Management: Keeping Up With Your Keyword List<br />AdWords campaign management starts with your keywords: the most important part of your PPC campaign. But how can you achieve effective AdWords campaign management when your list of keywords and PPC ads grows beyond your ability to keep it organized?<br />PPC and SEO are continuous and iterative. Once you’ve begun developing a keyword list, you need to be on top of managing and expanding that keyword list on a daily basis. The same goes for creating content. If left to sit without constant improvement and analysis, a keyword list will grow stale and actually hurt your chances of advancement while your competitors are moving forward.<br />This is why continuous keyword management, keyword grouping and organization are so crucial for effective AdWords pay per click advertising management. Fortunately, WordStream’s keyword management solution provides a robust suite of Search Engine Marketing tools that make AdWords campaign management a snap. Let’s have a look at how WordStream enables you to manage your AdWords accounts and campaigns effectively.<br />WordStream’s AdWords Campaign Management Capabilities are Iterative<br />Since PPC is an iterative process, it requires an iterative solution. But without the proper tools, maintaining a PPC campaign requires a pace that’s beyond what’s possible for any one person or group of people to achieve. This can be very overwhelming and frustrating for a search marketer. Thankfully, with the help of WordStream’s keyword management and keyword research capabilities, it’s not only possible, but simple.<br />Some iterative tasks that typical campaign management requires on a daily basis are:<br />Researching new long-tail keywords to build your keyword list into the thousands, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions<br />Refining the current keyword list and analyzing keyword data<br />Creating close-knit keyword groups<br />Creating and editing ad text for your PPC campaigns<br />Monitoring progress of your Google AdWords text ads<br />Try juggling all of that while also maintaining the other responsibilities of your job! WordStream brings all of these tasks within reach. But it works with you, not in place of you. You can maintain a very hands-on approach, but WordStream provides the power of informed decision making by strategically automating the more repetitive, labor-intensive campaign management tasks listed above.<br />The Importance of a Single Interface When Managing an AdWords Campaign<br />With WordStream, you get continuous keyword research, keyword grouping, negative keyword suggestions, and an AdWords interface to guide ad text creation and monitor ad progress, all encompassed within a central dashboard. This helps your team collaborate and boosts productivity to levels you’ve never experienced before.<br />The typical approach to AdWords campaign management involves using Google’s AdWords interface along with any number of other keyword research and analysis tools. You’re also attempting to wrangle an ever-growing, dizzying Excel spreadsheet loaded with assorted metrics that you have to try to make sense of and base decisions on.<br />Having all of the campaign management capabilities of WordStream in one interface promotes collaboration and vastly improves workflow efficiency. Everyone is able to strive toward a common goal using one collective tool to make it happen – so you can be a delegator and manager instead of getting buried in the trenches.<br />The Value of Continuous Keyword Management for AdWords Campaigns<br />For efficient AdWords ad campaign management, you want to be able to create your ads quickly and easily. The less time you spend worrying about what keywords to focus on and how to phrase your ad text, the better.<br />WordStream’s keyword grouping and keyword segmentation capabilities let you create AdWords ads in just a few clicks. First, you’re provided with suggestions on how to break up your keyword groups.<br />Then, you can create an ad group from your keyword group in just one click!<br />This not only helps with your AdWords campaign management, it also gives you insight about prioritizing content for landing pages, and boosts your integrity with search engines by proving that your keywords are targeted toward the right customers.<br />The Ultimate AdWords Campaign Management Solution<br />Stay organized in your AdWords campaign with WordStream's suite of keyword management capabilities. From one single interface, you can be enjoying more clicks and better results in no time. To learn more about using WordStream for your AdWords campaign management:<br />Try WordStream Free Today<br />Request a Live Demonstration<br />Sign up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribe to our Newsletter<br />