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Adwords keywords


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Your AdWords keywords are the foundation of your AdWords pay-per-click campaign. Bid management and manipulation won't get you anywhere if you don't start with the right keywords.

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Adwords keywords

  1. 1. AdWords Keywords: Are Your KeywordResearch & Grouping Tools Holding YouBack?Your AdWords keywords are the foundation of your AdWords pay-per-click campaign. Bidmanagement and manipulation wont get you anywhere if you dont start with the right keywords.You can greatly improve your PPC marketing results with a two-pronged approach to GoogleAdWords keywords: Better keyword research Better keyword grouping and organizationChances are, even if your keyword research is solid and you have a system in place for keywordorganization, you could be doing better on both fronts. Why? Because the tools most searchmarketers use to find and sort AdWords keywords are limiting.For example, most Google & Yahoo Keyword Tools are built for one-time use. Theyre not goodfor ongoing keyword expansion or discovering a long tail of AdWords keywords. Moreover,they return the same data to everyone, so your keyword research isnt competitive.Keyword organization tools are no better—in fact, there are few tools on the market designedspecifically for organizing keywords. Likely, you resort to Microsoft Excel—an application builtfor accountants, not search engine marketers. AdWords keyword grouping in Excel is a messy,time-consuming task.The WordStream system was built to meet the unique needs of search marketers using GoogleAdWords. In the coming paragraphs, youll see how WordStreams Google AdWords Tool suitecan improve the quality of your keyword research and grouping processes and boost yourproductivity at the same time.Better AdWords Keyword Research: Personalized, Private,Data-DrivenWordStream offers a completely different way to discover keywords for AdWords advertising.Our product not only includes a keyword tool that offers better functionality than the GoogleAdWords keyword tool, WordStream goes beyond the basics of web-based tools to give youmore relevant keywords, and more of them—lots more.We believe that keywords should be private, personalized, and based on real data—as such,your AdWords keyword research becomes a powerful piece of competitive intelligence.WordStream enables this by mining your private website data for the real keywords that people
  2. 2. have used to find your site. Your competitors dont and will never have access to this body ofkeywords.Not only are these keywords more relevant to your business niche than the ones a third-party toolreturns, theyre a renewable resource. WordStream also enables continuous keyword research byaggregating new keywords from your website every day. So your Google AdWords keyworddatabase is always growing in size and value. Youll quickly amass many more keywords thanyou could obtain from typical keyword tools, while devoting less energy to finding andmaintaining them.Better AdWords Keywords Organization: SmartSegmentationHaving a sea of AdWords keywords at your disposal is important for long-term PPC success andgrowth, but its crucial that you have a process in place for organizing all those keywords. Letssay you have 100,000 keywords—you cant possibly craft a unique AdWords ad and landingpage for each and every one of them. At the same time, you cant write one ad or 10 ads or even100 ads that will speak to all those keywords.The most efficient way to approach your AdWords keywords is to segment them into small,manageable semantic keyword groups, so you can write strong, targeted ads for a number ofkeywords at once. For example, instead of trying to address all your keywords related to birdsupplies with one broad text ad, you can create an ad for the "bird cages" group and one for the"bird food" group and so on.Your results will be even better if you further segment those groups into subgroups, withindividual ads for "small bird cages," "decorative bird cages," "natural bird food," "bulk birdfood," and so on. These ads will be more likely to speak specifically to each searchers query,raising your click-through rate and increasing the chances those visitors will convert.
  3. 3. Of course, extensive and effective keyword grouping can be difficult to accomplish when youhave limited time and tools (like the Google Keyword Tool, for instance) that arent really builtfor the job. This is where WordStream comes in. We make AdWords keyword grouping quickand simple with a suite of tools that analyze your keywords and provide suggestions to maximizePPC effectiveness. Youll be able to whittle down your keywords into appropriate groups basedon frequency and the amount of traffic each segment is driving.You can preview a group before creating it, and when youre ready, just click a button andWordStream does the aggravating, time-consuming part for you, gathering all those keywordstogether instantly.
  4. 4. Stronger keywords and ad groups will increase relevance across your AdWords campaigns,leading to higher Quality Scores, which means Google rewards you with better ad positioningfor lower costs.With the right AdWords software, your search marketing team can become markedly moreproductive and get a lot more value out of your AdWords keywords, in one fell swoop.So Ive Got AdWords Keywords Down—Now What?To learn more about maximizing your profits from your AdWords account, download our freePPC best practices white paper and become a pay-per-click marketing expert.