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AdWords keyword grouping is the most important and the most overlooked pay-per-click marketing activity. Grouping keywords for AdWords brings compounding benefits to your PPC activities, since tight, well-organized keyword groups make for high-performing AdWords ad groups with high click-through rates (CTR), more conversions, high Quality Scores and low cost per action (CPA)

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AdWords keyword grouping

  1. 1. AdWords Keyword Grouping – How Keyword Groups Lower AdWords CostsAdWords keyword grouping is the most important and the most overlooked pay-per-clickmarketing activity. Grouping keywords for AdWords brings compounding benefits to your PPCactivities, since tight, well-organized keyword groups make for high-performing AdWords adgroups with: High click-through rates (CTR) More conversions High Quality Scores Low cost per action (CPA)And these factors work together to maximize your search marketing ROI.Why is keyword grouping so crucial for successful PPC? Because your AdWords keywordgroups need to be closely knit and highly relevant. Users – and Google – are looking for ad textand landing pages that speak specifically to the search queries; relevance is rewarded with highAdWords click through rate and conversion rates from searchers and high Quality Scores fromGoogle. Its a win-win. And implementing a keyword grouper is the only scalable way to keepyour keyword and ad groups relevant over time, as your database grows toward the hundreds ofthousands.So you know AdWords semantic keyword grouping can take your search marketing campaignsto the next level. Easier said than done, right? Grouping keywords for ad groups can be adaunting task when youre working with clunky keyword spreadsheets that have no connection toyour AdWords account.How to Create High-Performance AdWords KeywordGroups with WordStreamAdWords keyword grouping doesnt have to be such an arduous process. WordStreams keywordgrouping software works as an AdWords keyword grouper by making it easy to: Organize and segment your keywords into small, semantically related keyword groups as you discover them. Convert keyword groups into AdWords ad groups with the click of a button.Your keyword groups wont just stagnate in a spreadsheet. WordStream makes them actionableso you can start capitalizing on your keyword groups in your AdWords marketing campaignsright away.The first step is to segment your keyword database into manageable subgroups. But manuallygrouping keywords is a dull, tedious task of sorting through lists of hundreds or thousands ofkeywords and looking for recognizable patterns.
  2. 2. WordStreams keyword grouping tool removes the headaches from the equation. When youselect a large keyword group, WordStream suggests strong candidates for keyword subgroupsbased on frequency and number of visits.Take this example from a keyword database for an online pet supplies store. The keywordgrouper suggests creating subgroups for the too-large “bird” keyword group around popularterms like “cage,” “food” and “house.” Highlight a suggested term to preview a keyword group.Below, you can see all the keywords in the potential “bird food” keyword group and how manyvisitors each keyword has pushed to your site so far. To create the group, just click a button andyoure set!
  3. 3. Additionally, as WordStream tracks new visitors to your site and pulls new, traffic-drivingkeywords into your database every day, the keywords relevant to this group will automaticallybe sorted into it – a huge improvement over the old way of grouping keywords for AdWords instatic spreadsheets.Another major improvement over the spreadsheet system is WordStreams actionable nature. Ifyoure doing things the old-fashioned way, even if you can manage to form decent keywordgroups without the help of a keyword grouping tool, translating those groups into AdWords is atotally separate process. Viable keyword groups probably sit around gathering dust for a goodwhile before someone on your marketing team takes action.With WordStream, its incredibly easy to put each group of keywords in an AdWords ad group,because your keyword database is seamlessly integrated with your Google AdWords account andPPC workbench. Just right-click the group and select the “Create Google AdWords Ad Group”option.
  4. 4. Now, you just need to monitor and maintain your AdWords keyword groups, continuallysegmenting them over time so the groups are appropriately sized and maximally relevant. Thisway, theyll always be ready to become high-performing, low-cost ad groups at the click of abutton.Why WordStream-Managed AdWords Keyword GroupsPerform Better Over TimeOnce youve segmented your keyword database into small, relevant subgroups, the only trick isto keep them tight and relevant as time passes and your database grows. WordStream offers ahost of maintenance features to ease you through the process of: Reviewing new keywords: Looking at the newly added keywords in your database is as easy as checking your email. Prioritizing workflow: WordStreams workflow tools make it simple to determine where your time and energy is best spent first for maximum return. Youll know at a glance which keyword groups need segmenting or other maintenance. Designating negative keywords: Our negative keyword tools keep your keyword groups “clean” and ensure youre not wasting your AdWords bidding budget by bidding on irrelevant keywords.With WordStream, your keyword groups will be primed for success when you convert them intoAdWords ad groups. Youll find it incredibly straightforward to write relevant text ads andlanding pages around your well-managed keyword groups, so you can watch your clicks,conversion rates and Quality Scores climb.Start Creating Better AdWords Keyword Groups Today!Proper keyword grouping and organization from the outset is the best way to group keywords forAdWords advertising. Sign up for a free trial of WordStream and see for yourself how much
  5. 5. value better organized and targeted keyword groups can add to your AdWords account – andhow easy it is to use.Learn more about WordStream: Try WordStreams AdWords keyword group tool free Request a live demo