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The most effective form of AdWords bid management isn't raising and lowering your maximum bid, but rather pushing down your minimum, or “first page” bid, which you do by strategically and effectively grouping and organizing your keywords. Learn more about AdWords bid management here.

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Ad words bid management

  1. 1. AdWords Bid Management: Using KeywordManagement to Lower CostsThe most effective form of AdWords bid management isnt raising and lowering your maximumbid, but rather pushing down your minimum, or “first page” bid, which you do by strategicallyand effectively grouping and organizing your keywords.Early in the process of learning AdWords, you may wonder, what is a minimum bid? Accordingto Google, “A minimum cost-per-click (CPC) bid is assigned to each keyword in your accountbased on its quality (or Quality Score). The minimum bid is usually the lowest amount you canpay per click in order for your keyword to show ads."So by raising your Quality Score, you can lower your minimum bid and CPC.Luckily, search engines like Google reward search marketers who group their keywords. Whenyour ad groups are closely related, your ads are more relevant to the keywords youre focusingyour AdWords bidding on, which in turn lowers your minimum first-page bid and CPC. Sinceyoure getting more qualified clicks, youre making the search engines more money, and theyreward you by increasing your Quality Score. Whats the most effective way to organize yourkeywords so you can reap this benefit from search engines?WordStreams keyword management solution makes achieving a lower minimum bid easy byorganizing your keyword groups in a hierarchical structure and integrating directly with GoogleAdWords. Organize keyword groups, ad groups, and text ads all from one interface inWordStream for easy AdWords bid management.How Higher Quality Scores Help AdWords BidManagementSo we know that grouping keywords can help boost your Quality Score. What other factorsimprove your Quality Score? A high AdWords click-through rate for your ads. This means that your text ads are correctly targeted for your site and are bringing qualified traffic. Ad text must reflect the keywords youre bidding on. Ads should direct someone to a highly relevant, optimized landing page. Repeat, repeat, repeat! PPC is never a “set it and forget it” scenario. You must constantly maintain your campaigns and refine your keyword list in order to stay at the top of the competition and reap the benefits of a low minimum bid in your bid management strategies.
  2. 2. Using Keyword Research as AdWords Bidding ResearchYou cant know which terms are best to bid on if you dont know which terms are drawing peopleto your site. You need real, personalized keyword data, not just an estimate of worldwide searchdata. You also cant know which terms are most cost-effective if you cant keep up with yoursnowballing list of keywords.PPC and SEO are iterative, labor-intensive, continuous processes. If you cant keep up in yourpay per click advertising management efforts by expanding and managing your keyword list intothe thousands of valuable keywords you need (which no one can do on their own), you end upsacrificing business opportunities. Without a keyword management solution like WordStream,you inevitably cost your business the time and money you could gain by targeting your mostqualified audience with the most expansive, highly qualified keyword list possible.How does keyword research impact AdWords bidding research? Because WordStream searchesyour sites log files for visitor keyword data, youre seeing the terms that are actually working tobring search traffic to your site. You know which terms are driving traffic, and you can use thisdata to help determine your AdWords account bids.How Keyword Taxonomy Impacts your AdWords BiddingStrategyYou may be pleasantly surprised to find that many of your most high-performing key terms arealso the least expensive. By segmenting your keyword hierarchy into groups, you can approachAdWords management in an organized way, creating ad groups from keyword groups, andwhittling down from there.Over time, youll continue to prove the effectiveness of your campaigns with the search enginesby showing AdWords that your terms are relevant. As a result, your costs will continue to godown as your Quality Score increases, and youll secure better ad positions in Googles sponsoredlinks. With WordStream, its a win-win.
  3. 3. The Ultimate Bid Management SolutionYouve seen how WordStream can help with your AdWords bid management strategies. Now itstime to take the next step in improving your Internet marketing campaign! From here, you can: Try WordStream Free Today Request a Live Demonstration Sign up for our Search Marketing Webinar Subscribe to our Newsletter