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10 Ways to Increase Your PPC Click-Through Rates Today [WordStream and Hanapin Marketing Webinar]


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The best account managers know that effective PPC is all about strategy. Long-term data and ad copy testing can take time and thoughtful examination. But here's a secret: There are more than a few things you can do RIGHT NOW to boost your click-through-rate.

In this webinar, WordStream's Larry Kim and Hanapin Marketing's Sean Quadlin discuss 10 simple things you can to increase your CTR right away, including:

- Negative keyword tips
- New strategies for device targeting
- Ideas for enhancing your sitelinks
- Space is limited, register today!

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10 Ways to Increase Your PPC Click-Through Rates Today [WordStream and Hanapin Marketing Webinar]

  1. 1. Presenters:Larry Kim | Founder, CTO of WordstreamSean Quadlin | Writer and account manager at PPC Hero & Hanapin Marketing10 Ways to Increase Your PPCClick-Through Rates Today&HOSTED BY:
  2. 2. Speaker Introductions2• Larry Kim– Founder, CTO, WordStream, Inc.– Been doing PPC & SEO for +10 Years!– 5 Years ago, started WordStream!– We’re the provider of the AdWords Grader and20 Minute PPC Work Week• Sean Quadlin– Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing andBlogger at PPC Hero– Manages clients in education, publishing,software as a service and more– Focuses primarily on lead generation– is the leading site for PPCStrategies, News and Information&
  3. 3. • Why Click Through Rate (CTR) Matters in Search• 10 Tips on Improving CTR!• Your QuestionsToday’s Agenda33&
  4. 4. Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+• Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets, Google+status updates, etc.44&
  5. 5. Why Should You Care about Click Through Rate (CTR)?55&Translation: Higher CTR = Higher Average Quality Score
  6. 6. Why Should You Care About Quality Score?66&Translation: Higher Quality = Lower Average CPA
  7. 7. Summary: CTR Matters Because You’ll Get on Average…• Higher Quality Score (Higher Ad Position and Lower CPC)• Lower CPA’sNote: This is on average. (There are always exceptions to an average!)77&
  8. 8. How To Raise Your Click Through Rate!• Presenting 10 ideas on how to raise your CTR!88&
  9. 9. 10) First, Measure Your Click Through Rate9• In order to optimize your CTR you need to know what your CTRlooks like vs. what CTR is expected.• Use AdWords Grader for Free:
  10. 10. Quit Complaining and Get Something Done10• More than half of accounts do nothing at all each week10&
  11. 11. 9) Put Low CTR Keywords Under the Microscope1111&Are you targetingthe right things?
  12. 12. 9) Put Low CTR Keywords Under the Microscope1212&Establish a baseline(Make sure it’s the right baseline)Look at what’s lower than the baseline(spend the most time on highest impression keywords)
  13. 13. 9) Put Low CTR Keywords Under the Microscope1313&Does the keyword makesense?Optimize Get rid of it
  14. 14. 8) Use All Applicable Ad Extensions14• In order to optimize your CTR you need to know what your CTRlooks like to get a sense of what is possible.• Use AdWords Grader for Free:
  15. 15. Many Ad Extensions to Choose From!1515&
  16. 16. 7) Stop Targeting Broad/Phrase Match (or at least stop targetingthem as much)1616&
  17. 17. 7) Stop Targeting Broad/Phrase Match (or at least stop targetingthem as much)1717&Two Tacticsto TryAd groups bymatch typeLabeling yourquestionablekeywords
  18. 18. 6) Bid on Branded Terms (including competitor brands)1818&
  19. 19. Higher Account CTR RaisesQS Across Account19
  20. 20. Live-Poll Question 3Question 3: What aspects of your ads do you test most frequently?#thinkppca) Headlinesb) Calls to Actionc) Specific Benefitsd) Display URLse) Other stuff (punctuation, title case, etc.)2020&
  21. 21. 2121&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  22. 22. 5) Use Different Ad Formats2222&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  23. 23. 5) Use Different Ad Formats2323&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  24. 24. 4) Frequency Cap Your Campaigns2424&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  25. 25. 4) Frequency Cap Your Campaigns2525&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  26. 26. 4) Frequency Cap Your Campaigns2626&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  27. 27. 4) Frequency Cap Your Campaigns2727&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  28. 28. 4) Frequency Cap Your Campaigns2828&Display Network Webinar-Inside-Another-Webinar
  29. 29. 3) Most Ads Suck. Create Emotional Ads.2929&
  30. 30. Creating “Emotional” Ads
  31. 31. Example
  32. 32. 2) Raise Your Bids3232&
  33. 33. 2) Raise Your Bids3333&Average positionmatters. Top vs. sidematters possiblyeven more.
  34. 34. 2) Raise Your Bids3434&Higher average position/top of page rategenerally means a higher CTRHOWEVER – Higher bidsgenerally mean higherCPCs. So be careful.
  35. 35. 2) Raise Your Bids3535&Be smart about it. Survive the blast.
  36. 36. 1) Use Negative Keywords3636&CTR = Clicks / Impressions• Fewer dumb impressions = higher CTR• How to find Negative Keywords?!!
  37. 37. Use Negative Keyword Tools3737&
  38. 38. 3838&Friendly Reminder• CTR is a hugely important metric, but it isn’tthe only metric• Think about profit/CPA/ROAS/time on site.– Make sure you’re also tracking what happens afterthe click
  39. 39. Your Questions39Thank you for attending WordStream & Hanapin Marketing’s PPCOptimization Clinic webinar. #ppcclinicDon’t forget to sign up for a Free Trial of WordStream: up for a Free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing contact us directly:Larry Kimlkim@wordstream.com Quadlinsean.quadlin@hanapinmarketing.com
  40. 40. Free AdWords Performance GraderHave you ever wondered how well your Google AdWords Campaignsare really doing? Now you can find out with WordStreams awardwinning AdWords Performance Grader.In just a minute, youll get a custom performance report that includes:• Expert Analysis in 8 critical PPC areas• Comparison to similar PPC advertisers• Recommendations to improve your PPC performanceGet your FREE report today!