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Building community


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Presentation on building online community by Cammy Chapel, owner of, a popular

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Building community

  1. 1. BUILDINGBLOG COMMUNITY WPMemphis Meetup January 2011
  2. 2. What is community? “Community is like pornography. I don’t know how to define it, but I sure as hell know it when I see it.” Attributed to a federal judge attending an FCC workshop on community
  3. 3. What is community? “It involves weaving together the passions, talents, insights, and experiences of a wide range of people who are committed to a common purpose.” Building Community Within by Steve Fortier, CommuniTeam Training and Consulting
  4. 4. Community: How do I get one? Define the purpose Identify the audience Know the desired type of interaction Set guidelines/policy
  5. 5. Community: How do I get one? Write “great content” Be authentic Be transparent Be consistent Be patient “1% of your population will create content, 9% will comment or engage with it, and 90% will just browse. Voyeurs rule the online world, so keep this in mind.” Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li , authors, Groundswell
  6. 6. Ideas for Building Community Show your audience you’re paying attention respond to blog comments show your appreciation with an email
  7. 7. Ideas for Building Community Share the love Link to other blogs or comments in your post or sidebar Displycommenters’ latest post in their comments
  8. 8. Ideas for Building Community Step away from your blog or company website leave on-topic comments on other blogs visit niche-specific forums join (or start!) carnivals, hops, and memes socialize  (Twitter, Facebook, youtube, etc.)
  9. 9. Ideas for Building Community Keep the readers involved and busy sk your readers/customers questions dedicate a post to their answers accept criticism ask for guest posts offer to guest post on other blogs create a forum or user group host a twitter chat get interactive with polls, quizzes, and contests host or sponsor giveaways (hello, FTC!)
  10. 10. More ideas… ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?